Welcome to megaphilx.com!

My name is Philippe Poulin (MegaPhilX to most people online). I am a senior game designer, level designer and hobbyist illustrator.
I have worked in the games industry for 12 years and I am currently still working in software and still developing game content in my spare time.

I am known on the internet mostly for developing the Mega Man fan-game Mega Man Unlimited and drawing pictures of Shampoo from Ranma 1/2.
I’m a gamer and fan of anything creative. I can hardly last a few days without creating something. I’m part of the Snupsters, a group of hardcore gamers taking part in crazy challenges on Youtube.

Megaphilx.com is made to be the source of all my content. Enjoy your stay!


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I love horror games and I'd like to play the Dead Space remake. But the thought of paying $90CAD for an EA game just seems absolutely unreal to me... Hell even that amount for any other company's game is requires some thinking...

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