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New MMU Update Coming Soon: Ω Challenges! February 12, 2015

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Feature, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Updates , 3comments This little idea popped in my head and is actually not too much work to do so, despite my lack of spare time, I've decided to go ahead and do it since it is pretty fun to do and I know some of you guys will enjoy this feature. Version 1.2.2 will add the following features: Again, I have no ETA on this new version but it'll be pretty soon. I already have 5 ? robot masters done.

The Megaman Unlimited Sprites Bank is Now Up! October 1, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Art, Assets, Download, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Sprites, Uncategorized , add a comment I have finished adding all the sprites to this new page for your viewing pleasure. This page contains all the sprites of the heroes, enemies, bosses and objects. It even has a section with unused sprites. Let me know arthritis what you think! If you plan to use some of these sprites, please ask me first. EDIT: I have just added WhirlpoolMan's Stage Map to the Stage Maps & Hints page

Megaman Unlimited Version 1.2.1 is Up for Download! August 16, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Download, Feature, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Uncategorized, Update, Updates , 2comments A new version of Megaman Unlimited is now available. Thank you everyone who voted on the last poll! Version 1.2.1 introduces the ability for Megaman to use the Charge Shot. This option can be activated when starting a new game or through the main menu from the stage select screen or after completing a stage or after a game over. WhirlpoolMan also has a new attack to make him more difficult. (Since I did have birth control some feedback from people who thought he was too easy.) A few other things have been added, such as particle effects for JetMan and TrinitroMan and various other bug fixes. So head to the download page to charge up your buster!  ^_^   Important:  Save files (savedgame.mmu) and options files (options.xopts) from versions before 1.2.0 are not supported in version 1.2.1. Have fun! ^_^ Check out our Facebook page if you like the game!

Version 1.2.0 is up for download! August 1, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Download, Feature, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Updates, Videos , 4comments After about 6 months of work in my spare time, here is the version 1.2.0 of Megaman Unlimited. Besides the Easy and Insta-Death Modes that are still available from 1.1.0, version 1.2.0 adds quite a lot of new content outside the main game. The main game has a few small tweaks and bug fixes, but the meat of version 1.2.0 is in the SPECIAL menu added to the main menu when you start the game. Happy (late) 1st Anniversary, Megaman Unlimited! ^_^ EDIT:  I have updated the soundtrack page with the new songs. Enjoy! (And many thanks to Kevvviiinnn for his usual badassery.)^_^ Watch the trailer for version 1.2.0:   The main features are:

Endless Attack mode (Accessible from Special Menu)

Endless Boss Attack mode (Accessible from Special Menu)

WhirlpoolMan Stage and new enemies (Accessible from Special Menu)

Important:  Save files (savedgame.mmu) and options files (options.xopts) from older versions of the game are not supported in version 1.2.0. Have fun! ^_^ Check out our Facebook page if you like the game!

A New Weapon! July 28, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Feature, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Weapon , 5comments Alright I have 1 good news and 1 "bad" news. With that being said, all that is left to do is test this out all over the game. So unless we find a major problem that I can't fix, the 1.2.0 update should be ready soon and should contain this new weapon as well. If no problem is found and this ends up in the game, here is how it will work: The endless stages will work the same way:

Megaman using the Water Cannon

Happy 1st Anniversary Megaman Unlimited! July 14, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Download, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Updates, Wallpaper , add a comment Today marks the first anniversary of the release of Megaman Unlimited! 1 year already! ^_^ Thank you everyone for playing the game! That is what it's all about: Having fun!! :) I wish I could have had the 1.2.0 update ready for today but it is not quite ready yet. Until then, please enjoy a wallpaper featuring the entire cast of the game! (This is the page for Goodies and Extra Downloads. You can find all the extra stuff such as wallpapers there. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the download links for the latest one. ^_^) Wallpaper "1st Anniversary Cast"

Update on Megaman Unlimited v1.2.0 May 2, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Updates , 1 comment so far This is just because I want to clarify what is going on with the next update of Megaman Unlimited. Main game: New Features: WhirlpoolMan will be exclusive to the Special modes. He won't show up in the main game. WhirlpoolMan, like FakeMan in Megaman 9, won't reward you with a weapon. We still have about 10 sections left to add to Endless Attack Mode. I'm working on this in my spare time so there is no release date for this version yet. I will post updates once I know when the new version will be ready. Visit our Facebook page for updates or visit the Megaman Unlimited Forums to submit level designs for Endless Attack.

Wanna help design the Endless Attack Stage in Megaman Unlimited? March 6, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Uncategorized, Updates , 3comments I have started working on an endless stage similar to Megaman 9 and 10 in Megaman Unlimited. Since it involves a lot of level design and I don't have a lot of free time, you can help by providing your level design ideas. Check out this forum topic where I explain the whole thing in more details and how you can help.

Megaman Unlimited Now Available July 14, 2013

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Download, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Updates , 34comments It is time! Now head over to the Megaman Unlimited Download Page to download the game!
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You can check out our Facebook page and drop us a line there too.

Happy 25th Anniversary Megaman! December 17, 2012

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited , add a comment I noticed while I visited Capcom-Unity to download Street Fighter X Megaman (Which is free by the way so, go right ahead and download it), that my last blog post on Capcom-Unity was about Keiji Inafune leaving Capcom... Yeah, not much has happened to the iconic blue robot since then. And it's a real shame. It's nice however to see Capcom Unity releasing a Megaman fan-game for this special occasion.  It would be nice to see Capcom take a look at other fan-games too, since there are alot of fans showing their love for the blue bomber. Of course I'm not only talking about Megaman Unlimited (Check out our epic Megaman Unlimited Facebook page) but also about MegaMan X Corrupted and more recently, Megaman 25th Anniversary. Developing a game and seeing it through to the end is a big deal for 2-3 people antidepressants and I sincerely hope we'll be able to get Megaman Unlimited done very soon. We are almost content-complete (Alpha)! But we still have QA and debug after that so, in our free time, there is no telling exactly when it will be ready. In the meantime all of the fans' support is what keeps us going so it is truly powered by Megaman fans. Stay tuned for more updates from the Facebook page soon! Oh and Capcom, this goes for you too! Check out our stuff! You'll see it is worth it! ^_^ Anyway, here's to you Megaman/Rockman! Happy 25th birthday! Your fans will always support you. ^_^ Here a little piece of artwork I made for the occasion:
 Happy 25th Anniversary Megaman!