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Mega Man Unlimited T-Shirt Campaing Launched on Teespring! September 25, 2016

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Anime, Apparel, Art, Art, Games, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Merch , add a comment Get equipped with your very own t-shirt featuring all 10 Robot Masters from Mega Man Unlimited! This shirt design features artwork I made on the 3rd anniversary of the release of the game. It's also a good way to remember and tell your friends the weakness order of the bosses in the game! Characters featured are MegaPhilX's original designs: Yo-yoMan, GlueMan, RainbowMan, TrinitroMan, NailMan, TankMan, CometWoman, YokuMan, WhirlpoolMan and JetMan. Take a look at the shirt on teespring Mega Man Unlimited Robot Masters Shirt! mmushirt01

New Epic Mega Man Unlimited 3rd Anniversary Cover Art! July 25, 2016

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Anime, Art, Art, Download, Games, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Uncategorized , 1 comment so far   My cover art to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the release of Mega Man Unlimited is finally out! I wanted to do a style that is reminiscent of Street Fighter IV's hand-drawn and brush strokes-heavy style. I think it turned out great! It was certainly very fun to do. I find it way more fun to draw without trying to make perfect lines like the usual Mega Man drawings. Jump to the Pictures section to get it! Enjoy! Here is a video of me drawing CometWoman from that picture as well! I'm planning to make a T-Shirt design out of this so stay tuned! ^_^

Happy 3rd Anniversary Mega Man Unlimited! July 14, 2016

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Art, Download, Feature, Games, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Updates, Wallpaper , add a comment Yes, that's right! Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of the release of Mega Man Unlimited! Wow! 3 years already and so many awesome moments with the community! I have a few things planned to celebrate this event. Unfortunately I couldn't get them all ready for today so I will let you know as they happen. Here is what I have in mind: - Available right now:  Mod #002: Slow Buster!  See if you can handle the game with Buster shots that move at 33% of their original speed! - Available right now:  Mod #003: 2nd Generation Sound Effects!  You always preferred sound effects from Mega Man 3, 4, 5 & 6? Like the ridiculously ambien loud and long explosion sounds from Mega Man 4 and 6? Then this mod is for you! The game otherwise remains the same. - Coming soon-ish: I want to release a new illustration for the game featuring Mega Man and all 10 Robot Masters. - Coming soon-ish: I also want to make at least 2 T-Shirt designs on TeeSpring and have them available for you to order. We will see if enough people are interested so that this can actually happen. Again, thank you so much for playing the game and let me know what you think!

Mega Man Unlimited is Now 2 Years Old! July 14, 2015

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Art, Download, Feature, MegaMan Unlimited, Wallpaper , 1 comment so far Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of Mega Man Unlimited! Two years ago at this time, we released the game for everybody to play. The reaction was overwhelming and the game had its share of problems when released, but since then, a lot of updates were made. Just to give you an idea: We have fixed crashes, glitches, reverted some bugs to make a speed run version of the game, added the option to exit a stage (Yes, it wasn't in there at first o_O), added checkpoints, added Easy Mode, Insta-Death Mode, tweaked the stages, added Endless Attack, Endless Boss Attack and Challenge modes, Ω Robot Masters, a tenth Robot Master (WhirlpoolMan), a new special weapon (Water Cannon), the charge shot, changed some of the stage music and we even added an entirely new playable character complete with his own set of abilities gained from  beating the Robot Masters. And this is just a small list. There's been a lot of things going on in this game and the reason is because people love the game and play it. If no one was interested in Mega Man Unlimited, I certainly would have not spent all that time updating it and tweaking it. It's all because you guys play the game that I care so much. ^_^ To celebrate this 2 year anniversary, you can download a new wallpaper from the Goodies & Extra Download page. Go to the page and scroll down to pick your preferred resolution to download it:   So thank you for playing and for your feedback/criticism and happy 2nd Anniversary Mega Man Unlimited!!! More stuff coming soon... ^_^

The Megaman Unlimited Sprites Bank is Now Up! October 1, 2014

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Art, Assets, Download, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Sprites, Uncategorized , add a comment I have finished adding all the sprites to this new page for your viewing pleasure. This page contains all the sprites of the heroes, enemies, bosses and objects. It even has a section with unused sprites. Let me know arthritis what you think! If you plan to use some of these sprites, please ask me first. EDIT: I have just added WhirlpoolMan's Stage Map to the Stage Maps & Hints page

Happy 25th Anniversary Megaman! December 17, 2012

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited , add a comment I noticed while I visited Capcom-Unity to download Street Fighter X Megaman (Which is free by the way so, go right ahead and download it), that my last blog post on Capcom-Unity was about Keiji Inafune leaving Capcom... Yeah, not much has happened to the iconic blue robot since then. And it's a real shame. It's nice however to see Capcom Unity releasing a Megaman fan-game for this special occasion.  It would be nice to see Capcom take a look at other fan-games too, since there are alot of fans showing their love for the blue bomber. Of course I'm not only talking about Megaman Unlimited (Check out our epic Megaman Unlimited Facebook page) but also about MegaMan X Corrupted and more recently, Megaman 25th Anniversary. Developing a game and seeing it through to the end is a big deal for 2-3 people antidepressants and I sincerely hope we'll be able to get Megaman Unlimited done very soon. We are almost content-complete (Alpha)! But we still have QA and debug after that so, in our free time, there is no telling exactly when it will be ready. In the meantime all of the fans' support is what keeps us going so it is truly powered by Megaman fans. Stay tuned for more updates from the Facebook page soon! Oh and Capcom, this goes for you too! Check out our stuff! You'll see it is worth it! ^_^ Anyway, here's to you Megaman/Rockman! Happy 25th birthday! Your fans will always support you. ^_^ Here a little piece of artwork I made for the occasion:
 Happy 25th Anniversary Megaman!

4 out of 8 Robot Masters Stages Done! March 10, 2011

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, MegaMan Unlimited, Updates , 8comments Hi everyone! Just a quick update just so you guys don't think I'm dead or something like that. Since my last update, many things have happened both to the MegaMan Unlimited project and in real life.  : P There has been a ton of progress on MMU itself. As of right now, we have 4 stages functional (Enemies, platforms and Robot Masters for those stages are done, tweaked and placed). The completed stages are: Yo-yoMan, RainbowMan, TankMan and CometWoman. (They still have few bugs but are mostly functional.) So far, my favorite robot master is CometWoman. I mean all 4 of them are fun to fight but I think CometWoman is my favorite. There are 2 other stages in progress with just a few enemies and platforms done so far: JetMan and GlueMan. Huge thanks to Gabriel and Jocelyn for their hard work. Especially Gab who programmed many enemies and bosses in a very short time. ^_^ Awesome! Now, events at our real job kinda slowed down production these days so there hasn't been much progress. But I did a lot of work on improving the tilesets of a few of the stages: NailMan, premier-pharmacy.com TankMan, GlueMan, TrinitroMan and Yo-yoMan. (TrinitroMan's stage background has been redone completely.) I also re-drew illustrations of all 8 Robot Masters in normal poses (Not the action poses you've seen around). Those will be released when the game will be more finalized. I wanted to have up-to-date versions of the Robot Masters. This will probably be the last time I draw them all.  : P One last thing, we don't know if we will be able to include YokuMan in the game yet. For a variety of reasons, among them that we want to finish the project as soon as possible and that we are tired. Also, StarsimsUniverse is nowhere to be found. I mean I have designed a new YokuMan Stage but still we'll have to cut a few enemies from the game in the regular stages so adding another robot master to the list will be a lot of work. Anyway, we'll see. Don't worry though, we'll have plenty of enemies to make the game fun as it is. So... that's pretty much it... 4 robot masters out of 8 done! I like those odds!  ( :

Happy New Year! January 13, 2011

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, MegaMan Unlimited, Updates, Videos , 4comments Hi everyone! I wish all of you guys a happy new year and take this opportunity to give a few updates on the status of MegaMan Unlimited. But, first and foremost, I have updated the website a lot. I've put all the pictures I wanted to add here in the "Pictures" section. Take a look! I've posted a few pictures that DeviantArt removed from my account because there was nudity in them. : P  There is also a special MMU pictures section in the MegaMan Unlimited area. I'm also adding all of my main videos from Youtube in the Videos section (Still under construction). So basically, it means that this website will slowly start to be my main update area. I suggest you visit from time to time. I'll make new posts here everytime there is new stuff added. I'll probably also keep my DeviantArt updated too but I'll be spending more time on this website. Now, on to the meat: MegaMan Unlimited. These days, I'm not going on Youtube or DeviantArt much because, I'm working on making the game. Gab has been back into programming enemies, bosses and features and we got a lot done since the beginning of January. Whenever Gab adds objects, it takes a lot less time than we expected and very quickly I can get to work on placing those enemies in the levels and tweak stuff. So right now, we've got Yo-yoMan and RainbowMan's stages completed. (Enemies + Robot adhd Masters), TankMan's stage is completed for the enemies, all that remains is the Mid-boss and Robot Master for that stage. Work on JetMan's stage has begone and we have 1 enemy done in it so far. So pretty soon, we should have 4 stages done. ^_^ Of course I'm constantly updating the placement of objects in the stage to make them fun to play so things change all the time. Music is implemented in all those stages along with the majority of sound effects (A few are still not assigned to their events). We've got most of the core mechanics of MegaMan done and many of the issues are fixed or being fixed at this time. So, whenever we've got time, a lot of tweaking and implemeting is done. I'm trying to make the game challenging but still fair. When the 8 robot masters stages will be done, I will edit an awesome trailer and release it on Youtube. Again, please be patient. We're definitely working hard... So now that all the assets (Sprites, Backgrounds, Sound Effects, etc.) are done, what I'm doing its playing the game a lot, tweak what we have and report bugs to Gab and Jocelyn. StarsimsUniverse is supposed to have YokuMan's stage and boss behaviour done next week so we should be building that stage soon. I'm also working on making a new cover art for the game. So, stay tuned. ^_^