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The Rest of the Megaman Unlimited Soundtrack is Posted! July 19, 2013

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Uncategorized , trackback

I have added the rest of the songs to the list. Beware as songs contain spoilers for the game’s story! Also, keep in mind that if too many people try to access them at the same time, they will not longer be available for a while I think. So please, be patient, as we don’t have much bandwidth so I have to resort to using Google Drive. : P
- Phil

Megaman Unlimited Original Soundtrack Page


1. ZeDragon - July 19, 2013

So you currently have no other way to post them? Too bad.

2. Coolster - July 20, 2013

you could always try sendspace or mega to share your files, but oh well i downloaded most of the songs and i lack some of them, will try to download them later and upload the entire soundtrack for others in a nice zip file

3. Coolster - July 23, 2013


Managed to finally download all of them, enjoy :)