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A little preview of the Whirlpool Man Stage! October 5, 2013

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This stage and Robot Master are NOT in the game you currently have. They are only under development.

Whirlpool Man is a robot master idea I’ve had in mind for a quite a while now and his stage is directly inspired by Kevvviiinnn’s Stage 48 song. Unfortunately, that song is already used in Megaman: Rock Force so Kevvviiinnn composed a brand new song just for WhirlpoolMan. Thanks a LOT man! ^_^

So, in my free time since the release of Megaman Unlimited, I’ve been messing around with some new enemies for this stage. With help from Jansim to implement the whirlpool mechanic, the stage is completely designed at this point. Only thing is, the boss isn’t done yet. Megaman arrives at his lair and he just does nothing.

At some point, this stage might be added to the game in a future update along with a couple of other features Jansim is working on. As usual, I can’t tell exactly when this whole thing will be finished but I’ll keep you posted whenever interesting stuff happens.

In the meantime, you can download the game here.
And you can check out our Facebook page for updates here.


1. OKCNick - October 8, 2013

Why don’t you just put this in a potential sequel a few years down the road?

2. RainbowMan - October 9, 2013

That would be cool, but Megaphilx would also have to think of new and creative robot masters. None of the robot master weapon names, “Leaf Man” nononono. But that would be cool. Maybe you can put it in as a reward for beating the game.

3. OKCNick - October 12, 2013

Megaphil and the people that helped him in this have pretty much proven they can do that. I’m not going to say release it soon. Just however long it takes for him to finish such a future game. Could be years down the road.

4. RandomGuy - October 14, 2013

@RainbowMan well I would think some unique ideas might be:

Summoner Man – Summons familiars to fight in battle beside him. The Familiar power works the same way it does in SOTN. If Megaman uses it, a robot will appear beside him and will attack enemies. Picture a special blue telly floating beside Megaman and attacking other enemies.

Trap Man – Fires off fishing nets which land on Megaman and trap him while he attacks. This can be useful to Megaman to immobilize large swarms of enemies and escape.

Flat Man – Paper thin Robot Master with the ability to hide in cracks in the floors and walls and then spring up at Megaman with an attack. Utilizing this power, Megaman can now enter areas with extremely narrow openings where slide is of no use.

Golem Man – This Robot Master is unaffected by spikes. He can walk clear across the room with no damage making it hard for Megaman to hit him. If Megaman gets this power, he can walk across certain patches of spikes and can jump into certain patches of spikes no problem. Note: This will not work on circular spiked mines.

Whirlpool Man

Hyper Man – Hyper Man uses a Airfire Sword powered by a rocket jet. The force of the air and fire colliding into Megaman can be catastrophic. Though if obtained, this is very helpful to Megaman as with a Melee Weapon it is good for close combat.

Sonata Man – Basically this Robot Master has three different songs he sings. Tranquil which puts Megaman to sleep, Charm which draws Megaman in making him vulnerable to hits, and Zen which will put Fugue Man in a floating state where he becomes invincible. Megaman may use all 3 of these powers but the item power can diminish fast if abused. Attack + Up = Tranquil, Attack + Jump = Zen, Attack Alone = Charm.

Blitz Man – Blitz Man is fully armored up with football pads and lots of gear. He will charge at Megaman in different ways to catch and tackle him. When Megaman receives this power, he can dash not only at enemies but through breakable walls.

5. RandomGuy - October 14, 2013

I added in Whirlpool Man not as MY idea obviously but to show how a robot master roster in a new game may look with him in it.