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Mega Man Unlimited on Awesome Games Done Quick 2015! January 7, 2015

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Uncategorized , trackback Today at 6:22:22 PM (PST), Slurpeeninja (a great speedrunner) and fan of Megaman Unlimited will play the game on "Awesome Games Done Quick" 2015 benefitting prevent cancer foundation! Check it out, donate and downlad the game if you haven't played it yet! Have fun!  ^_^


1. ShaunOTD - January 8, 2015

Hey Phil!

Say the AGDQ stream last night, was about to go to bed and it came on, lets just say I didn’t go to bed like i wanted to. The final game is amazing man, such a killer game dude. Amazing to see the support from the fans and the love people have for this awesome game you’ve made!

2. Slurpeeninja - March 11, 2015

Thanks for watching the run!! Glad you enjoyed it!! Lets continue to support MMU!!!~

3. Tony215 - September 6, 2015

I was first introduced to this game from watching the AGDQ Speedrun a few months ago (7/15) becoming blown away and hooked instantly!! Gave me that MM2, MM3 feel all over again!! Great job Phil and Team for creating this Masterpiece!!

Big Shout Out to Slurpeeninja on the run! Your skill level is incredible bro!!