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New MMU Update Coming Soon: Ω Challenges! February 12, 2015

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Feature, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Updates , trackback This little idea popped in my head and is actually not too much work to do so, despite my lack of spare time, I've decided to go ahead and do it since it is pretty fun to do and I know some of you guys will enjoy this feature. Version 1.2.2 will add the following features: Again, I have no ETA on this new version but it'll be pretty soon. I already have 5 ? robot masters done.


1. DiscoCokkroach - February 12, 2015

Omega bosses look fun, from the pictures I’ve seen on the Facebook page. I hope I can get some perfect victories against them. Also, THANK YOU for the short cutscenes option! This will cut off a few minutes from my speedrun attempts.

2. MetalSmasher86 - February 13, 2015

This looks awesome! I always liked the challenge mode in Mega Man 10, so thanks for adding it to MMU. As for the Omega Robot Masters, a fresh challenge is always a welcome addition, and it looks like it will be a pretty fun one from the pictures I’ve seen. I’m trying to imagine Omega Yoku Man now. Maybe when he summons the rows of blocks, the Omega version will turn all but one in each row into Yoku Spikes?

3. minip - March 1, 2015

I’m always excited whenever I see an update for this game.
Thank you for the preview! :-D