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Megaman Unlimited Version 1.2.2 is Up for Download! March 4, 2015

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Download, Feature, Games, MegaMan Unlimited, Update, Updates , trackback You can now download Mega Man Unlimited version 1.2.2 from the MMU download page. Download version 1.2.2 to battle the Ω versions of each Robot Master of the game. Ω Robot Masters are very hard to defeat. If you defeat them,each of their weapons will consume half the energy in the main game! You can also try to defeat every normal Robot Master without taking damage. A bunch of other smaller updates such as new songs for RainbowMan and CometWoman stages have been added too! (Thanks to Spriter Gors!) So, what are you waiting for!? Get downloadin'! ^_^Comet-Woman-Ω Version 1.2.2 features the following additions:


1. MetalSmasher86 - March 4, 2015

Bug report: If you have the options set to play the Wily Stage Boss theme for the Omega challenges, the music will change to the regular robot master boss theme when Yoku Man Omega starts doing his fake-death animation.

2. MegaPhilX - March 4, 2015

I have applied a hotfix. So if you re-download it, the issue has been fixed. Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

3. FelixRodriguez - March 5, 2015

Enjoying the Omega bosses so far but I have a couple bug reports. First, randomly it seems that the challenge menu will crash the game while just scrolling through it. This only seems to happen when “Back” is highlighted and the player attempts to scroll through the Challenge menu. Also, I’m not sure if this is because of the earlier hotfix or not, but Yoku Man doesn’t seem to EVER do his fake-death animation in battle anymore. (At least not in the Challenge mode matches).

4. FelixRodriguez - March 6, 2015

A little update. I didn’t realize Yoku Man only did his fake-death animation after his health was down halfway now….I didn’t know when that got changed. But Omega Yoku Man did not do the fake-death animation at all during several fights with him. The other bug I pointed out is still present. Thank you so much MegaPhilX!

5. DavMan16 - March 8, 2015

I really loved the Omega bosses, but I have a quick suggestion that I think could make the whole challenge menu a bit more fun. It would be really cool if, after you earn an S on any challenge, you woud be allowed to use weapons in that chellenge. This way people could get revenge on specific bosses that were extremely challenging to perfect. Personally, I would love to get some revenge on Nail Man Omega.

6. minip - March 9, 2015

Thank you for this update.

Being able to choose which Perfect Robot Master I’m going to face is great practice, it’s like having a save state.

I love the challenge of buster-only, but I would also like to be able to practice with other weapons as well.

Keep up the wonderful work! :-)

7. minip - March 9, 2015

One question: I just noticed that Omega Comet Woman’s stage doesn’t include the reduced gravity; was this intentional?

8. minip - March 9, 2015

I think not having the reduced gravity on Omega Comet Woman’s stage might actually be very fitting, considering some of the other Omega stages were altered as well.

This version is a lot of fun!

9. minip - March 9, 2015

Other things I noticed: Omega Trinitro Man’s sprite colors don’t seem to have been altered like the rest of the Omega Robot Masters; the hump in the middle of his stage has also been lowered towards the floor.

10. Slurpeeninja - March 11, 2015

Thanks for this update Phil!! the Omega Robots were really fun and challenging to fight!!
I beat them all, but as a heads up, I think (but correct me if I’m wrong) Jet Man’s multiple missile drop flyover attack seems impossible to dodge! Not sure if this was intentional, but it makes trying to do omega Jet Man without taking damage maybe impossible!!

Also Omega whirlpool man was such a challenge!! Super fun though!!!

Will try playing through the game with all omega weapons soon!!! should be interesting!!

11. MegaPhilX - March 16, 2015

@ minip
I would have to test and do more work on the Omega Bosses to make sure using the weapons on some of them doesn’t break them.
Yes, the normal gravity in CometWoman Omega was intentional. More difficult.
Yeah I had trouble with TNTMan’s colors so I just left if as is when he flashes.

@ Slurpeeninja
Yeah I thought you’d have fun with more weapon energy in your runs ;)
You can dodge the JetMan bombing run by positioning yourself correctly (Use the floor pattern as mark.) I’ve also heard you can dodge it by going to the side JetMan is coming from, hugging the wall and then jumping at the moment the first bomb hits the ground.

I’m very glad you guys enjoy the challenges in this version. ^_^

12. Munchy - March 20, 2015

Thanks for continuing to support this game!

Just found a bug with the Omega bosses – if you press Select and choose the “Exit Game” option, then “No” and continue playing, the boss will switch to their normal non-Omega AI.

13. Some Guy - March 31, 2015

How about fixing Tankman’s stance so he salutes with the proper hand? Please? Oh, and thank you so much for replacing some of the music. It was one of biggest complaints about the game and I’m happy that you have been replacing it. Only a few more songs and I’ll say that this game will become pretty much perfect in my eyes.

14. MaximZhur - April 8, 2015

The alternate music tracks sound REALLY nice!
I loved it how you fixed Rainbow Man Stage’s music. Now it sounds SO much positive!!!
The thing is I can’t find that alternate OST separately from the game, so it’s still not possible to listen to it as long as needed without leaving the game running in the system. XD
What do you think about it?