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Version 1.3.0 of MMU coming soon! New Playable Character! April 19, 2015

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Feature, Games, Megaman, MegaMan Unlimited, Uncategorized, Update, Updates, Videos , trackback Me and Jansim are currently working on the next update to Mega Man Unlimited: version 1.3.0 which should come out soon. This version adds the Z-Prototype as a new playable character in the main game. Jansim started developing this character way back after we released the game for the first time, but we had abandoned the idea because it was a lot of work and we were tired. Now he gets his chance to shine! Stay tuned for more info. Check out our Facebook page in the meantime. What you can expect:


1. Garry - May 6, 2015

Now with this new update, there is one GLARING problem that I can see with this. The Z-Prototype, based on what I am seeing, has the ability to die, if the life count is any indication. Now how can the Z-Prototype die here if he can’t be killed by a FULLY POWERED UP MEGA MAN?! Now before you write me off as some mindless hater, I loved your game. Nail Man’s theme is my favorite and my favorite robot master is Yoku Man. But I will never understand why the final boss fight is an un-winable fight. I think the logic you are using is that “Zero’s specs outclasses Mega Man, so there is no way Mega Man can win.” By that logic, there is no way Mega Man should be able to defeat Bass as Proto Man has said that Bass is systematically better than Mega Man. However Mega Man is able to constantly beat Bass because of his will to fight for everyone’s future and overcome his limitations(I am not pulling this out of my ass. You can find this on the Mega Man wiki). Also to take into account is that Zero just awoken from his pod, and he somehow manages to fight off an opponent who has MUCH more combat experience under his belt? I don’t think so. Now before you say that I don’t like this because I hate Zero, I LOVE the X games. I played X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, and X8(can not find a copy of X6 or X7) and I have fun playing as Zero. But with the situation in this game, it makes no sense to have an unfinished prototype be superior to a robot who is constantly overcoming situations many would deem impossible. It also fails from a gameplay standpoint because it takes away any sense of accomplishment the player felt throughout the game. It will disappoint newcomers because they will not like their sense of accomplishment taken away, and it will disappoint people who know about the un-winable fight because the thought process goes “Alright, I know I can’t do anything, so I just have to do nothing while the game God-Modes me to death and take away my fun.”

If you ever do get around to changing it, a few suggestions:

1. If you still want it to be an un-winable, when the Z-Prototype breaks down, don’t have Dr. Wily immediately pick it up. Have the now defenseless Mega Man(which still doesn’t make sense because he has a buster on both arms), and halfway through the escape, have the Z-Prototype begin chasing you, and you escape just by the skin of your teeth, leaving the Z-Prototype to be picked up by Dr. Wily. It doesn’t take away the cheapness of the fight, but it still makes the player feel some form of accomplishment.

2. Make it a time based battle. Have Mega Man constantly dodge the un-damageable Z-Prototype for a certain amount of time. Then the Z-Prototype breaks down, both of Mega Man’ busters fry from overuse(make the player have to constantly fire at Zero) and the game resumes as normal.

3. (And the one I think would work out the best) Make it a fight like certain fights from the Tales of series. In those games there are certain fights that seem really hard and unbeatable, but are still winnable, and winning gives you advantages. Make it like that. Have the fight against Zero be really hard, but still an actual fight. Losing will result in the same outcome, but winning will allow Mega Man to go through the escape sequence but when he escapes, he breaks down from his circuits overheating from all the stress he had to endure.

Those are my suggestions to make for the ending. As for the update Z-Prototype play style, there is one attack that doesn’t make sense. You have Zero using his beam saber to attack, but he didn’t get that until X2, so there is no reason his beam saber should be here. Also, for future updates, might I recommend a hard mode. Your game doesn’t have much replay ability after completing normal mode(insta death mode is still normal mode but dying in one hit), so having a mode that changes the layout of the stages and make the boss fights harder(not on the levels of omega bosses), would really help add to this game.

Now this is definitely a long winded comment, but this is only because I really like this game, and I want it to keep getting better and better. As it is though, it is currently my third favorite Mega Man fan game, with number one going to Rock Force and number 2 going to Mega Pony. I would love to see this game tie Rock Force in terms of awesome, so I really hope you take my criticisms into account.