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Happy New Year! January 13, 2011

Posted by MegaPhilX in : Art, MegaMan Unlimited, Updates, Videos , trackback Hi everyone! I wish all of you guys a happy new year and take this opportunity to give a few updates on the status of MegaMan Unlimited. But, first and foremost, I have updated the website a lot. I've put all the pictures I wanted to add here in the "Pictures" section. Take a look! I've posted a few pictures that DeviantArt removed from my account because there was nudity in them. : P  There is also a special MMU pictures section in the MegaMan Unlimited area. I'm also adding all of my main videos from Youtube in the Videos section (Still under construction). So basically, it means that this website will slowly start to be my main update area. I suggest you visit from time to time. I'll make new posts here everytime there is new stuff added. I'll probably also keep my DeviantArt updated too but I'll be spending more time on this website. Now, on to the meat: MegaMan Unlimited. These days, I'm not going on Youtube or DeviantArt much because, I'm working on making the game. Gab has been back into programming enemies, bosses and features and we got a lot done since the beginning of January. Whenever Gab adds objects, it takes a lot less time than we expected and very quickly I can get to work on placing those enemies in the levels and tweak stuff. So right now, we've got Yo-yoMan and RainbowMan's stages completed. (Enemies + Robot adhd Masters), TankMan's stage is completed for the enemies, all that remains is the Mid-boss and Robot Master for that stage. Work on JetMan's stage has begone and we have 1 enemy done in it so far. So pretty soon, we should have 4 stages done. ^_^ Of course I'm constantly updating the placement of objects in the stage to make them fun to play so things change all the time. Music is implemented in all those stages along with the majority of sound effects (A few are still not assigned to their events). We've got most of the core mechanics of MegaMan done and many of the issues are fixed or being fixed at this time. So, whenever we've got time, a lot of tweaking and implemeting is done. I'm trying to make the game challenging but still fair. When the 8 robot masters stages will be done, I will edit an awesome trailer and release it on Youtube. Again, please be patient. We're definitely working hard... So now that all the assets (Sprites, Backgrounds, Sound Effects, etc.) are done, what I'm doing its playing the game a lot, tweak what we have and report bugs to Gab and Jocelyn. StarsimsUniverse is supposed to have YokuMan's stage and boss behaviour done next week so we should be building that stage soon. I'm also working on making a new cover art for the game. So, stay tuned. ^_^


1. devilman337 - January 14, 2011

Keep up the good work & happy new year?

BTW; what were the results of the youtube poll for Trinitro Man?

2. devilman337 - January 14, 2011

The first question mark should’ve been an exclamation point. Sorry about that

3. MegaPhilX - January 17, 2011

I haven’t been on Youtube for a while but I think I’ll stick with TrinitroMan, unless there is some better name somewhere…

4. devilman337 - January 21, 2011

How about Ignition Man? Or Volatile Man? Many explosive materials are volatile, & need to be ignited in order to explode. This suggestion came to me when I watching the Apollo launches on the History Channel.

I’ll admit, Nitro Man WAS the perfect name for your robot master. Nitroglycerine is, by far, the most well known liquid explosive.