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Well, after 5 years of working on this almost every day, here it is. So many things have happened over the course of 5 years. My life has changed a lot since then and it’s kinda hard to believe the project is done. If you would have asked me 6 months ago, I’m not sure I’d have really believed it was going to be finished.

Now Megaman, you’re the reason I got into drawing and game-making. For your 25 years anniversary, here is what I give you: A game powered by sheer dedication and five long years of my life — 5 long years of our lives.

I along with Jansim, Gab and Kevvviiinnn; sincerely hope you guys will enjoy the result of our hard work.
– Phil


Download Link #1 (Version 1.1.0)

Download Link #2 (Version 1.1.0)

File Type: Compressed .zip
File Size: 75 MBs
Required HDD space once uncompressed: 300MBs
Platform: PC – Windows only


For speed runners only (if unsure, don’t get this version) :  
Download Link for Speed Runner Version (Version 1.1.0SR)





Change log:

1.1.0(SR)  (Speed Runner Version)

Reverted Glue block zip fix
Reverted bug fix for JetMan and RainbowMan entrances in Wily 4
Added an in-game timer
Short version of cutscenes for Wily 3 and 4 play by default


Added Easy and Insta-Kill modes
Misc level modifications based on feedback
Added checkpoints before Castle bosses in all difficulty
Any button can now skip cutscenes
Added possibility to exit from completed stage
Fixed gamepads relying on the ‘hat’ for DPad (Xbox360, others)
Fixed glitch allowing megaman to zip through walls using certain platforms (Glue, others)
Fixed JetMan staying stuck in the ground occasionally
Fixed issue when pausing during a sceen transition
Allow the player to save after completing the game


Fixed a bug where some users would not be able to see the game but could still hear the sounds
Fixed a problem preventing MegaMan from jumping after using CometDash
Potential fix for double KO glitch (dying at the same time as a boss)


Fixed a crash when going into the E-Tank section from the pause menu


1. AgentAPM - July 14, 2013

Do links work?

2. Litdude32 - July 14, 2013


3. HAL - July 14, 2013

Can’t download…

4. paolafos - July 14, 2013


5. Litdude32 - July 14, 2013

Wait, v1.0? does he goes to updating something?

6. Centaurman.exe - July 14, 2013

OMG This is awesome! It FEELS very Famicom / NES classic!

7. kujakiller - July 14, 2013

Why do I get nothing but a white screen every time i try to open it ??

I can hear music and sound, but that’s all.. the screen is always pure white..

I already have the micorost 2008 redistrubutable thing, and i tried opening the config file in notepad, and changed the window size to 1x, but still the same…


8. Kkj - July 14, 2013

Hey , me too !

9. Bullahan - July 14, 2013

So much love!

Where’s your PayPal button when we want to throw money at you after beating the game?

10. Bravehunter - July 14, 2013

Same here! White screen with sounds.

11. Threxx - July 14, 2013

None of the links work… any more mirrors? :(

12. Nekro - July 14, 2013

Can’t download :( too much traffic. Wouldn’t be helpful a link in some kind of server like mediafire or something alike?

13. Zieldak - July 14, 2013

There are too many attempts to download the game right now! Try out all links before posting because you can’t download the game, huh!

14. Zieldak - July 14, 2013

If I’ll be able to download the game, I’ll try to share the untouched .ZIP file on MediaFire, if I get permission from Phil or from the others if anyone needs it. If they let me do that I’ll post a link here.

15. Philipp - July 14, 2013

Congratulations, the last time I was that excited was probably the day I downloaded Mega Man 9 :-)

16. Dragon Master Fangar says - July 14, 2013


17. Johnny - July 14, 2013

Don’t take this the wrong way but I LOVE YOU so much for making this. The game is great.

18. WynterLegend - July 14, 2013

I can’t wait until the download finishes. MegaphilX, I’ve been following MMU since I found a post on the Sprites-inc forum some year or more ago. I’m so very happy that this came to fruition.

Rock on, MegaphilX.

19. Philipp - July 14, 2013

Woah, so far I only played into a few stages (Nail Man, Jet Man and Yo-Yo Man) but I am already REALLY impressed. Everything so far just seems right, the level design is wonderful and challenging (so far I didn’t make it to a Robot Master), the music really fits the style of the traditional Mega Man games and I really like the variety of stage enemies I have seen so far.
Very impressive indeed so far, can’t wait to see more :-)

20. Zieldak - July 14, 2013

Glue Man’s pattern reminds me of that Tiny Toons Adventures boss, that skateboard doctor, huh… Too similar…

21. Gregory Titus - July 14, 2013

I can’t seem to download it due to server overload…

22. allucardster - July 14, 2013

I downloaded the file in 5 times and always I have problem when try decompress. Someone have a personal mirror or a torrent?

23. 七色ゆう - July 14, 2013



24. Skaaven - July 14, 2013

Thankyou very much for this game!! :__)

25. MegaPhilX - July 14, 2013

For white screen problems check out the info at the bottom of the download page. We made a exe to fix that. It needs to be tested more before being released officially.

26. RegardlessDolan - July 14, 2013

Sweet damn, it’s actually finished! I can’t give you enough credit for making this happen man; between this and Mega Man X Corrupted, the fans are doing more with this series than Crapcom has done in years!

27. Splashman - July 14, 2013

Damn, that difficulty! I’m a veteran player, and I just got my ass handed without reaching one boss room!

A few more check points would be nice, please? I know when I’ve made a mistake, but I don’t like being punished by replaying the whole thing over again.

But else, I’m loving the design! Very nice work!

28. OmegaZxA - July 14, 2013

I hate you guys, the game is awfully hard. It means you nailed what Rockman is even better than Capcom did with the 9 and 10 games.

I still can’t get to the Robot Masters, but it is cool, because I now feel as frustrated as when I first played Rockman 3.

I hate you guys with all my guts, which means I love you and the result of your hard work.

29. Gespenst - July 14, 2013

Holy crap this game is hard! I am frustrated and impressed good sirs.

30. David - July 14, 2013

the white screen update works thank you.

31. UBWICOS@gmail.com - July 14, 2013

Steven Green

32. Steven - July 14, 2013

Linux version please!

33. Aqua - July 14, 2013

releasing more the fantastic game !

very much fun when walking to a boss to beat, but there is much a profound sadness when a death is happen at pit fallings

it is a difficult game to be enjoyable. thank you of much

34. 20-100 - July 14, 2013

thank you it works great .. you are Gods

35. bug - July 15, 2013

If you’ll change your weapon through weapon select screen while standing on one of those Yoyoplatforms in YoYoMan stage, there is a chance this platform will freeze.

36. hendrix - July 15, 2013

Just finished it. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how good it was considering it was a fanmade project (and with such a small team)! The only Megaman game that is as good/better than it is Megaman X, and I consider them pretty much equal. You did a tremendous job on this, and if Capcom is smart they will hire you. The level design was genius at parts, and the castle at the end was the best of any NES Megaman without a doubt. I loved it! Congrats on the great work!

37. MetalSmasher86 - July 15, 2013

This game is absolutely fantastic! It is quite hard, even by Mega Man standards, but as a gamer who loves a good challenge, that’s what makes it so enjoyable for me. I managed to uncover the secret of Yoku Man, and I think his stage may very well be my favorite Mega Man stage ever made, including official releases! You guys should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am!

38. Cocoapuffs - July 15, 2013

…How do I use the E-Tanks?

39. PsLawX - July 15, 2013

Oh god oh god O>O

Can you make a port of this game to PSP???

40. Cifuoco87 - July 15, 2013

Levels are too long and punishing. If you make em that long, they should have more checkpoints. I understand that while you were developing the game, you were asking the fans what they wanted in the game and this is the result. I like the story, design, music but most of the all, the ambition. While I love Mega Man, I really tried not to get discouraged but it happened all too often. All I ask for is additional checkpoints.

41. Vince - July 15, 2013

I am doing a let’s play on this! Tell me if I am doing it right.

42. yankeetacos19024@aol.com - July 16, 2013


43. efiacco@aol.com - July 16, 2013

The game is great and challenging but the shooting is unresponsive. There are times where I am finding myself needing precise shooting (which I love) but the shooting only works 60% of the time, mostly when I jump and shoot. I was pretty frustrated but damn you guys did a great job!

44. tino_mk4 - July 16, 2013


Thank you very much.

45. Alex - July 17, 2013

Dafuq?!When i try to download the alternate exe,when i click “Download”,it redirects me to a page where there is just:”Moved temporarily”,and a weird link.When i click it,it redirects me back to that page!Upload it on mediafire or dropbox,but not THERE!

46. Xerneas - July 17, 2013

@MegaphilX Do you plan on making any more megaman fan games in the future?

47. ethicks@gmail.com - July 17, 2013


Sounds like you are using a membrane keyboard that mis-inputs. It is not the games fault, it is the low end keyboards fault. Buy a mechanical keyboard with nrollover or get a controller and you will be set.

48. Inferno - July 17, 2013

@MegaphilX I’ve encountered a problem when using a controller. sometimes the game will lock me in the direction I pressed and won’t let me correct my jump/movement and cause me to fall into a pit/spike. I love this game but you need to fix this game breaking bug.

49. Cyberxion@gmail.com - July 17, 2013

Yeah, I’ve had the exact same problem, Inferno. Great game, but the little control issues frustrate for sure.

50. Vinicius - July 18, 2013

Convert for Android too @.@

51. Zieldak - July 18, 2013

It would be useless to port the game on Android devices. You would need a really strong device to play this game. And it would be much harder to play this game on a phone, except if You’d have a controller for your smartphone. Using the touchscreen would be hard on smartphones, but not that much on tablet PCs. And you have a computer or laptop at home don’t you? There’s no need for any ports to any platforms.

52. DDD - July 19, 2013

Do this game has a Checkpoints?
I die in Mid boss and i back to the first stage again…

53. Alex - July 19, 2013

This is amazing! Kudos!

If you provide the source code I will port it to a mac compatible version. :)

54. Bullahan - July 19, 2013

This game’s difficulty is perfectly unforgiving, don’t change a thing, I love it the way it is! :)

55. animegamingdude - July 19, 2013

One problem I have with the game is the control. It’s delayed by a split-second. Every time I try to do something, it feels like it takes a bit for Mega Man to respond to my control input.

56. Someone - July 20, 2013

This game is EXTREMLY hard. I can’t seem to find any checkpoints, and some of the enemy placements make it even harder. I wouldn’t recommend playing this game until you can beat Mega Man 2.

57. Wyatt - July 21, 2013

Just played this for an hour, it’s really good! Best MM fangame I’ve played, assuming it doesn’t dip in quality later on. The graphics feel authentic, and all the new enemies and objects feel more fresh than the new stuff in even MM9 and MM10. A couple critiques:

-Stage difficulty is too dependant on instant death obstacles. This was especially bad in glue man’s stage. That damage-the-whole-screen guy does 2 damage! There’s no way I’d ever run out of health in that stage. I felt the same way about rainbow man’s stage, though I feel like it was at least intentional there.

-The shop trivializes the game. The player can buy 4 E-tanks after a pretty short amount of time, making it more or less impossible to die on a boss unless they wait too long to heal. The game just becomes about grinding screws to buy E-tanks. I know that the shop was the same in MM10 but it was stupid there too. I feel this issue could be fixed pretty easily by just upping the price of items (e-tanks proportionally more than other things), but I heard you guys might make an easy mode, in which case I kinda feel normal mode shouldn’t have a shop at all.

58. DDD - July 21, 2013

Agree with him.
The stage are too bit long, too many instant death(Spikes, Fall down area) and it has a only 1 check point.
When you die on middle boss in Nail man, you have to go back start again.
When you touch one instant death and dead, you go back start again(if you haven’t get the check point).
If only we have a difficulty change option…

59. Atom - July 22, 2013

Link 1: Virus/Hacked
link 2: Loading, Loading, Loading.

60. Wyatt - July 22, 2013

Finished the game: it’s completely amazing! I seriously think this might be my favourite classic MM game ever. I found the difficulty to be spot-on for the most part, and I thought it was pretty ballsy and awesome to have the best stage in the game also be the hardest to access. You’re a damn good game designer, and I hope you can find time to continue making games.

61. Johnny - July 23, 2013

Well beat it 3 times. 2 times by myself and once with my bro. I think this is one of the best mm games I’ve ever played. Thx again for the hard work and I look forward to any new projects you work on. You got a fan for life.

62. saint_raikoh@hotmail.com - July 25, 2013


first congratulate you for your great work in this game, excellent level design, great music, is a big challenge, you can not ask more of a fan than finishing all megaman, thank you in advance for such a jewel that now remain in the memory to like megaman 2, 3 and X, for me the more I enjoyed megaman that along with his, waiting hopefully in the future may give us another gem of this caliber, thanks.

63. omartelo69 - July 29, 2013


64. omartelo69 - July 29, 2013

hey its ansowme i really apreciate this game

thank you for your great work!!!

65. Korean site 'naver' id : NeroZH - July 31, 2013

i love rockman and meagaman

this game is very funny

thank you.

you gave me gorgeous game

have a nice day!!!!

66. Purefire - July 31, 2013

Great game, I’m a huge Mega Man fan and I’m glad to see this one right in the difficulty range I was hoping for! MMvsSF was too easy, MM9 and 10 were interesting but also a walk in the park. this one is just what I’m looking for to help school the modern ‘gamers’ in proper gaming technique!

67. JoshU - August 7, 2013

No more Glue Zipping?
Boo, I say. #bringbackgluezipping

68. emulation - August 8, 2013

Excellent, but can you put this game on Ouya in the future?

69. Ultimatemegamanfan69 - August 9, 2013

If I were to say something, I think that this game is pretty much Kaizo Megaman. …AND I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT! The bosses are creative, the level design is BALL-BUSSTINGLY HARD, and it has a good plot. WHAT MORE DO I WANT FROM A MEGAMAN GAME?! THIS IS GENIUS! 10/10! 5 STARS! AMAZING!

70. Roll Lover - August 10, 2013

This you call an Easy Mode -.- this is not Easy this is Normal, I guess it´s a waste of space to download your game. I refuse to download this shit again, until you create a real Easy Mode and not this crap.

71. AgentAPM - August 11, 2013

I want make a sequel

72. castle - August 18, 2013

wow. thank you so much for this. i’m long-time megaman fan–back as a kid i was given MM3 for christmas the year that it was released, and it’s been one of my favorite games ever since.

because i started with MM3 (and quickly borrowed MM2 from a friend), your game is _exactly_ what i want from a megaman game, and probably the most satisfying one that i’ve played since i started with those two–although i do like a lot of the others.

i love how true this game is to its roots. it completely feels like a capcom-made game that was released back in the early 90s. that’s an amazing accomplishment, and we’re clearly all not just grateful for the experience, but also very impressed.

i want to address a couple of the criticisms in other comments:

@ #57: you might feel like being able to buy 4 energy tanks trivializes the game, but you could carry up to NINE in most of the earlier games. you couldn’t buy them in the store, but you could replay levels and collect them repeatedly until you had nine of them. sure it makes the bosses easier, but it’s always been this way. getting to the bosses is still plenty hard…as evidenced by all the people complaining about my second point

@ #40, 56, 58 etc.: it’s megaman. there’s one checkpoint in the middle of the level. that’s how it’s always been, and the developer kept it that way. you’re going to have to play through the levels a few times to really get the hang of them. yeah, you’re not going to beat the level the first time you try, or the second. if you’re having trouble, try playing the level through several times to figure out how to deal with each obstacle. save your bolts while you’re doing this. when you think you’ve got the hang of it, buy a few extra lives and some e-tanks, and try to make it to the boss. hopefully you’ll have a couple lives left to figure out his pattern–once you can take out a substantial amount of his bar with one life, use your e-tanks and go for it.

@ #70: don’t be a hater. if difficult retro gaming isn’t your thing, don’t play difficult retro games.

73. Tanner - August 25, 2013

Just wondering could u get in trouble for using megaman
(capcom’s idea) in your own game? what if you put it on the market place for phones? Ive been wondering because i want to remake all the megaman battle networks and put it in one game, i want to also make it available for phones and computer but idk if i would be stealing there ideas. please email me at wrestleingman88@gmail.com with the topic as megaman and i know i spelled wrestling wrong on purpose when i made it.

74. rand0mprinny25 - August 26, 2013

HolY…..what for it no Hold on…..SHIT that’s awsome! Hats of to you phil

75. Hot Bullet 8 - September 6, 2013

I know that as a gamer I must feel ashamed for asking this but…… are you going to make a Mac OS X version?

76. Roboman - September 12, 2013

This is so nice. This is a good work Phil, it preserves the MM originality, I like it so much. All including the manual are perfect.

77. darkmanx_429 - October 2, 2013

Can we get a ROM version for emulation?

78. bauer - October 14, 2013

This game is so incredibly good I’m almost crying from the sheer joy I’m having while constantly dying. It’s definitely up there with MM 2/3/9 as my all time favorite MM games. Extremely well done, thank you so much for letting me play this! 11/10 busters.

79. jairando12 - November 28, 2013

Thanks for this, project like this ratifies my faith in humanity and the capacity of people to do amazing things fueled by love. My highest respects

80. Karbon Dyeoxide - December 10, 2013

Hey when are you planning to release this on the Mac?

81. jus' wonderin' - December 11, 2013

What was used to make this? Do you use an already made megaman game and hack it or do you start from scratch and if you do either what program is needed?

82. 223 - December 25, 2013

I saw Keeeevvvvviiiiiinnnn at the end
He makes good chiptunes, so now I know what music to expect!
Also Merry Christmas

83. ekolis - January 15, 2014

Love the vintage style manual in v1.1.0!

84. epicdude811@icloud.com - March 2, 2014

Is this game compatible with apple?


85. Sangus - March 7, 2014

Long Live MegaMan(Rockman)

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95. treos - June 21, 2014

tried it and heres my first thought after trying and failing at 2 different bosses.

great, another fan game thats made harder than the original mega man games only this time the difficulty lies in bosses having insta-death attacks. wtf? nail man can detach his body and if it smashes you its insta-death. jet man, insta-death due to being caught between him and a wall during his landing (this actually happened with a few normal enemies too when i honestly don’t think that should happen).

i’ll just keep following the progress of and waiting for mega man x: corrupted since i doubt jkb is planning on adding artificial difficulty such as giving bosses insta-death moves like that. thats just Fed up man.

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