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The 9 Robot Masters

Note: To see pictures and screenshots of the game, refer to the MegaMan Unlimited Pictures Page.

JetMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Jet Missile JetMan commands Wily's Air Unit. He is built for speed both in the air and on the ground. He respects his adversaries and in return and has earned the respect of his troops. His Jet Missiles travel extremely fast and very few of their victims have managed to dodge them.
  • Good Point: Honorable
  • Bad Point: Impetuous
  • Likes: CometWoman
  • Dislikes: TankMan
"Target Destroyed! RTB!"

TankMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Tank Arsenal TankMan is built from a variety of parts Wily stole from different military organizations. He commands Wily's ground Assault unit. His body houses many kinds of weapons used to eliminate threats from all angles. He is a rigorous leader and treats all robots under his command like scrap metal.
  • Good Point: Disciplined
  • Bad Point: Grounded
  • Likes: Target Practice
  • Dislikes: Lazy Robots
"Alright! Drop down and give me 865 309 push-ups!"

NailMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Nail Shield NailMan is a construction robot created to work with HammerMan to build solid structures for Dr Wily. But both of them were constantly fighting each other. NailMan’s superior intelligence however earned him a higher position. He can create nails out of thin air and form Nail Shield which protects him from virtually any attack.
  • Good Point: Intelligent
  • Bad Point: Hardheaded
  • Likes: Solving Problems
  • Dislikes: HammerMan
“This will hold it.”

TrinitroMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Nitro Blast Built for destruction, TrinitroMan houses a special Nitroglycerine-based mix within his body. On Wily’s command, he would use it to pierce and blow up solid structures. He even likes to spray it in mid-air to create massive explosions.
  • Good Point: Gets the job done
  • Bad Point: Unstable
  • Likes: Explosions
  • Dislikes: Hyperactive People
“Have a blast, MegaMan!”

YokuMan – Designed by MegaPhilX - Concept by StarsimsUniverse

Weapon: Yoku Attack YokuMan is a master at controlling many illusions such as the infamous disappearing blocks that have plagued MegaMan during his battles with Dr Wily. Like his namesake platforms, he can also disappear and reappear at will. Because of his love for puzzles and games, he has been known for beating the greatest human minds at chess.
  • Good Point: Elusive
  • Bad Point: ----------
  • Likes: Puzzles
  • Dislikes: Rush
“Don’t trust your eyes, trust mine.”

GlueMan– Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Glue Shot GlueMan used to be a normal maintenance robot similar to OilMan. However, Dr Wily got creative and modified him to use special glue as a weapon. The glue he sprays around dries up and becomes solid almost instantly and will stop anyone caught in the blast. His favorite tactic is to immobilize his enemies and then ram them while they can’t move.
  • Good Point: Fast
  • Bad Point: Reckless
  • Likes: Papercraft
  • Dislikes: Repairing himself
“Come on! Stick around and play!”

RainbowMan– Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Rainbow Beam RainbowMan is a weather control robot. He can generate fog, create rain clouds and summon lightning. He loves to trick others by disappearing into clouds. His Rainbow Beam spreads over a wide angle.
  • Good Point: Perfectionist
  • Bad Point: Arrogant
  • Likes: Crystals
  • Dislikes: Mirrors
“A storm is coming...”

CometWoman– Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Comet Dash CometWoman has been created to research outer space. She can reach outstanding speed using her powerful propulsion, but she can’t fly as fast as she wants within the atmosphere, since she would overheat from the air friction. She likes to race against JetMan.
  • Good Point: Imaginative
  • Bad Point: Tomboy
  • Likes: Looking at the sky
  • Dislikes: Down-to-Earth robots
“Break the sound barrier!? Boring!”

Yo-yoMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Yo-yo Cutter In his quest to design even more powerful robots, Dr Wily invented a very advanced type of blade that could cut through anything. But he wanted his enemies to be caught off-guard, so he designed Yo-yoMan. His harmless appearance often makes him the subject of jokes but his Yo-yo Cutter is highly versatile and deadly. His whole body is designed to cut down anything in his path.
  • Good Point: Persistent
  • Bad Point: Irritable
  • Likes: Performing tricks
  • Dislikes: Kids
“Cut the Crap!”  


1. payson - January 19, 2010

to megaphilx

hay where is hammer man? megaphilx you didn’t put hammer man as a robot master i saw him in the select stage and google images.

2. MarcoRossi101 - January 19, 2010

LOL megaman and Bass like info nice.

3. payson - January 22, 2010

atention evreyone i had fired megaphilx i’am going to take over his project. he didn’t put hammer man as a robot master with the other robot masters. and also we are geting 3 new robot masters that we saw on the fake megaman 10 that they are cool and we are create a new robot master called jello man and 4 more robot masters that we saw on youtube are Amazing man, newt man, chain man, and mummy man. that 8 new robot masters. and we are going to make hammer man a robot master again then after megaman 10 and 11 we will change megaman unlimited to megaman 12 also i’am put it going to be on the wii, xbox 360, and play station 2 and 3 and also pc-cd game and we can play it what ever we want and it’s going to cost 170$ dollars and 99 cents and you can save a game in your profile. and i am going to put them in each case like xbox 360 and now this game will be in HISTORY!!!

to evreyone in ths website

4. payson - January 23, 2010

to everyone in this website

who wants to create and design jello man like he is green!? he is going to be a robot master for megaman 12 like in unlimited!

5. payson - January 23, 2010

to everyone in this website

and don’t forget we got to get hammer man a hammer wepon so you can bet nail man easy undersand people : ) and we ned to make a stage for hammer man that i saw in select stage and the other 9 new robot masters : )

6. payson - January 23, 2010

and everyone megaman 12 will be in stores

7. StormOwl - January 24, 2010

you can Kiss my ass

8. payson - January 24, 2010

to storm owl

stop that nonsens please! we are createing megaman 12

9. RockMan64 - January 26, 2010

If I may, I have a suggestion about renaming Nitro Man.
Here are some ideas:
1. Blast Man
2. Ruin Man
3. Impact Man
4. Wreck Man
Also, I have a question. What is this game going to be, a ROM for an emulator or a stand-alone game?
PS: I am the YouTube user hisworldSA2 and fellow user Notyu1459 is making a MegaMan Battle Network spin-off with me. If you could help with custom sprites, please contact both of us.

10. payson - January 31, 2010

i will go with blast man

11. payson - February 1, 2010

i vote for blast man.

12. payson - February 1, 2010

well these are the robot masters are

jet man

tank man

nail man

blast man/nitro man

yoku man

glue man

rainbow man

comet woman

yo-yo man

but one robot master is missing is hammer man we need him back as a robot master so thier can be 10 robot masters.

13. payson - February 1, 2010

evreyone you know hammer man is not a sub-boss he is a robot master that’sway megaphilx is doing it wrong.

14. payson - February 1, 2010

and we shall make a robot tank from megaman x1 from vile. we should put a head on the robot tank and 2 cannons 1 cannon from vile’s sholder on the robot tank’s sholder than we put one more cannon on the robot tank’s other sholder i think that’s a good idea instaed of hammer man being a sub-boss in nail man stage the robot tank will be a sub-boss for nail man stage would that be a good idea evreyone? : )

15. Jmanfan213 - February 12, 2010

I would love to play Tank Man’s Stage!

16. omega ZX - February 13, 2010

(sob sob sob)T.T

17. ZeroFan42 - February 27, 2010

MegaPhil X has really outdone himself this time! these robot masters are so original! man he’s good!

18. Danny Hopkins - March 11, 2010

I vote Unlimited’s NitroMan be renamed to Blast Man or even Turraing Man (Turraing = Shock or Boom in Gaelic)

19. Omega zx - March 13, 2010

Sorry MegaphilX for that mean comment I posted for PAYSON.
I’m starting a game of my own but need help can i have some help please.

20. Omega zx - March 13, 2010

after megaman unlimited

21. hugo - March 16, 2010

que onda me llamo hugo, la berdad es que no se muy bien que sea eso del mega phil x pero me llama la atencion de sus canciones, ¿creen o crees que me puedas pasar ese progarama para editar las mias??

22. omega ZX - March 20, 2010


23. R5h - March 22, 2010

I heard it was going to be Trinitro Man. From Trinitrotoluene, better known to you as TNT. Still cool and explosive. And it fits because he has three main containers of explosive.

24. Marshmallo - August 3, 2010

So basically, Trinitro Man is TNT Man… WHERE IS HIS FUSE?!?
I’m just kidding. He looks cool enough! A fuse would totally ruin his picture.

25. payson - August 15, 2010

@everyone at this website: well everyone i’ve designed the hammer man stage and i am going to mail it or come to his house to make it. i have 4 mini-boss’s in hammer man stage and hammer man will be free from being a mid-boss and joining the other robot masters. is everyone ok with that. : )

26. Bas1996 - September 3, 2010


Are you the one named “Marshmellow” in this fanfiction…..?


Cuz the way you talk seems to be similar to her/him……

27. Bas1996 - September 3, 2010

Oh, and payson, didn’t you got banned from this place?

28. MegaPhilX - September 13, 2010

@ Bas1996
Actually, yes, all of Payson’s messages are blocked and held for moderation. But he keeps posting on every page of the site. : P He doesn’t seem to realize his messages don’t appear on the site. That last message you saw was accidentally approve for displaying.

29. todd mashall corwin - September 13, 2010

infuking is a basterd …….. he stole nitro man from phil ………………… shove mega man 10 up your ass infuking ……… i like the real mega man 10 …at least rainbow man dosent get hi on pill and has robo aids

30. todd mashall corwin - September 13, 2010

i mean pills.sorry

31. todd mashall corwin - September 13, 2010

IM sorry i was a ass hole . i just want to play the game realy bad and now i dont know if i ever will have the chance to . the game is a master peace im tired of the rumors . just bring it out as mega man 11 or unlimided. but i think it shoud be mega man 11

32. todd mashall corwin - September 13, 2010

as to you payrol you can go fuck youself for what you said about phil…you said,,, i had fired megaphilx i’am going to take over his project. mother fucker, i dont like you any more payson .. some one needs to kick your ass , . you better watch yourself . ill put CCC coricidin in your mix drink bitch and your heart will explod mega man unlimided is phil work and dream and you know that ………. so hell no fuck no .. you whant to fight me my number is 1.304 .. 530 5057… go fuck your self PAYROL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

33. Anon - October 30, 2010

Nitro man under copyright = small setback. rename for such a robot master is pretty simple tho

34. MegaPhilX - November 9, 2010

Payson, I appreciate you’re dedication toward my project but you will have to understand that making a game isn’t simple.
You can’t really help me just like that because adding a robot master is a lot of work.
Hammer man is not going to become a robot master because it is how things are.
I already decided to make him a sub boss a long time for people like you that liked his design, he was not even supposed to be in the game before that, so you should appreciate the fact that he is in the game at all…
MegaMan Unlimited is not an official game from CAPCOM so the name is going to remain as it is.
This is also the reason why MMUnlimited is not going to be released on XBox360, PS3 or Wii.
Because it would be violating copyright laws. Just be grateful CAPCOM is letting us release the game at all.
Not to mention it’s already a lot of work just to release the game on 1 platform.
So please, stop spamming the comment sections with requests.
Your messages are blocked until you stop spamming about hammer man or other changes for the game and you behave in a mature way.

35. GERCOLD - November 12, 2010

Congratulations for all the good work. Capcom needs people like you. Keep it up.

36. YYB - November 22, 2010

I have a bad point for Yokuman

He seems like the cold calculating type who doesn’t care about others at all. Completely emotionless, unlike other robots who can be hotheaded.

37. OVA1 - November 23, 2010

I kinda like the name Nitro Man, you should keep it.

38. devilman337 - December 22, 2010

This first part is for Payson:

First of all, MegaPhilX is the creator of this project. He can do whatever he damn well pleases with this project, including deciding to just abandon it because people like you freak out over the omission of an unofficial Robot Master. You should be thankful he is dedicating the time he ISN’T spending working or being with his family to make a game that you won’t be spending a dime on. Be happy with what you get, even if it isn’t to your exacting demands.

The rest is for MegaPhilX:

I am definitely looking forward to your kick-ass looking game! The roster in this game is imaginative, original, & fresh. You deserve every bit of praise for the lineup that you have created. My personal favorite is Comet Woman. Not only is she a much welcomed female boss, but she also diversifies the roster more than Hammer Man would have. If you think about it, hammers & nails are meant to work together, not individually. It must have been a tough decision on your part to replace Hammer Man, but I think Comet Woman is way cooler than Hammer Man by far!

Also, as for the renaming of the boss formerly known as Nitro Man, I think either Blast Man or Chemical Man would be an excellent new name for him. Chemical Man is probably the best choice IMO, because the name hasn’t been used & many chemicals can explode under the right conditions. Trinitro Man does sound a tad unoriginal, derivative & confusing to the average gamer.

Keep up the good work, & don’t let some obsessive jackass ruin it for everybody else!

39. devilman337 - December 25, 2010

This part is for Payson:

MegaPhilX is the creator of this game. He can do whatever he damn well pleases with it, including deciding to just abandon it outright because of people like you. What time he ISN’T spending working or being with his family, he’s spending creating a game that won’t cost you a dime. Be thankful for what you get when the game is released, even if it isn’t perfect by your standards.

The rest is for MegaPhilX:

I can’t wait to play your game! The Robot Master roster is fresh, imaginative & well designed. You deserve every bit of praise you receive. My personal favorite is Comet Woman. Not only is she a much needed female boss, she also diversifies the roster more than Hammer Man did.

As for the renaming of your Nitro Man, I think either Blast Man or Chemical Man would be excellent choices. Chemical Man is probably the better of the two IMO because the name hasn’t been used yet & many chemicals explode under the right conditions.

40. devilman337 - December 25, 2010

ah shoot, sorry about the duplicate thread. When I returned to this page, my 1st thread didn’t show up

41. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 15, 2014

The robot masters are great, design, weapons, etc..
But I have a question: For the next Megaman … could I ask fans to design the bosses MMU next?
You know .. the style of Capcom ..
They asked the children their designs and they, no experience, sent their drawings were ugly or not.
It became popular Rockman.
PS: They should, in the MMU, making a special stage where QUINT appears. And if I did not went crazy, is a very mysterious and enigmatic … character. He lacks in megaman 10.

42. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 15, 2014

First of all say that the master robot I liked most was Glue Man
Second: This is my idea for a robot master
a fast robot like Quick Man, but has the ability to jump Spring Man, would not be so bad combination. Boost Man.
  And as for the plot … well I do not know, make it a robot Wily to beat megaman, but his personality was so agradabler understandable that Dr. Wily refused, even so is very strong, its speed and jump. Not very intimidating appearance as a junior. His special weapon could be a Ray Slower to return to Megaman.
Good Point: Nice and understanding.
Bad Point: He can not speak well.
Like: Day well spent/support
Unlike: Do nothing
“Calm down and cheer up.”

43. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 16, 2014

My ideas for a few robot masters:
Heavy man (big robot like frost man, generating tremors, and the more damage they receive becomes faster, more a shot that does not allow the player can not attack or press the Start button).
Armed Man (intelligent robot, and has many weapons,. By examples portector shield, lightning tracker, a mini bombs and fast and light dart in small and medium appearance, by itself, does not generate a lot of damage)
Boost Man (the smallest of the three and the quieter, faster, so that I could run through the walls of the rooms, and a good jumper, just like Spring Man Your body is your weapon a shot that slows)

44. Niikorri - August 8, 2014

Hmm… I love the Robot Master designs, and the weapons are neat. :3

But now I’ve got a question of intrigue… how would one explain/hint at the weakness chain of the Robot Masters, ala MM: Rock Force? :O

(Spoiler Alert!)
Jet Man, for all his speed, cannot exceed atmospheric propulsion, and would burn from the friction of the atmosphere if he attempted to outrace such an opponent.
Comet Woman’s frame is built lightweight and of particular materials to handle the zero-gravity weightlessness of space, leaving her weakened defensively.
Trinitro Man’s glycerin fuel is unstable and volatile, and having it dispersed by an energy field of sufficient intensity could cause internal explosions.
Tank Man’s barrels are maintained for maximum firing accuracy and velocity of his ammunition. They could be infiltrated by smaller metal fragments, though, which would disrupt and even cause misfires in his cannons.
Glue Man’s adhesive is quick to dry on exposure with the open air, and is meant to be contained in an airtight shell until fired. A sufficient tear in the container could prematurely harden his weaponry.
Nail Man’s weapons are largely meant more for construction purposes than actual combat, and while a sturdy and steely frame allows him to store his sharp, steel-penetrative rounds, sufficient shocks to his body could rattle and jar those nails into his inner workings.
Rainbow Man has powerful prismatic weaponry and can control the weather to form illusions and high-intensity energy attacks. But for all his high tech arsenal, he has to be able to generate light unimpeded to use his beam weaponry.
Yoyo Man is deceptively deadly, with a cutting weapon of unparalleled sharpness and a frenetic, multi-angle attacking style. It would take a pinpoint strike from a high-accuracy barrage to get around his speed and slicing projectiles.

45. Matthew in teh parteh - August 10, 2014

Glue man hating Rush was hilarious and also clever.
But honestly, I was so hooked up with jumping I didn’t even realize Rush Coil or Jet could be useful in that point.

46. MilesTheProGaming - August 13, 2014

if every1 is 1dering, hammerman is a dr.wily subboss now.

47. MilesTheProGaming - August 13, 2014

i mean nailmans. srry if i offended 20 people

48. Sarto529 - December 8, 2014

Very great game, I’m actually in Wily Fortress 3, but I’m not able to kick all RobotMaster’s asses whit only 4 E-Tanks xD… well, later I’m trying this again.
It’s a very difficult and (I think) it’s the best MegaMan game I’ve played :) good job MegaPhilX!

P.S. Sorry if my english isn’t too great… I’m a italian boy .-.

49. Creepershark77 - January 7, 2015

I think The Great Clement needs to play this game!

50. Erick-Bueno - April 24, 2016

please add zero Whirlpool Man arm