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The 9 Robot Masters

Note: To see pictures and screenshots of the game, refer to the MegaMan Unlimited Pictures Page.

JetMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Jet Missile JetMan commands Wily's Air Unit. He is built for speed both in the air and on the ground. He respects his adversaries and in return and has earned the respect of his troops. His Jet Missiles travel extremely fast and very few of their victims have managed to dodge them.
  • Good Point: Honorable
  • Bad Point: Impetuous
  • Likes: CometWoman
  • Dislikes: TankMan
"Target Destroyed! RTB!"

TankMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Tank Arsenal TankMan is built from a variety of parts Wily stole from different military organizations. He commands Wily's ground Assault unit. His body houses many kinds of weapons used to eliminate threats from all angles. He is a rigorous leader and treats all robots under his command like scrap metal.
  • Good Point: Disciplined
  • Bad Point: Grounded
  • Likes: Target Practice
  • Dislikes: Lazy Robots
"Alright! Drop down and give me 865 309 push-ups!"

NailMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Nail Shield NailMan is a construction robot created to work with HammerMan to build solid structures for Dr Wily. But both of them were constantly fighting each other. NailMan’s superior intelligence however earned him a higher position. He can create nails out of thin air and form Nail Shield which protects him from virtually any attack.
  • Good Point: Intelligent
  • Bad Point: Hardheaded
  • Likes: Solving Problems
  • Dislikes: HammerMan
“This will hold it.”

TrinitroMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Nitro Blast Built for destruction, TrinitroMan houses a special Nitroglycerine-based mix within his body. On Wily’s command, he would use it to pierce and blow up solid structures. He even likes to spray it in mid-air to create massive explosions.
  • Good Point: Gets the job done
  • Bad Point: Unstable
  • Likes: Explosions
  • Dislikes: Hyperactive People
“Have a blast, MegaMan!”

YokuMan – Designed by MegaPhilX - Concept by StarsimsUniverse

Weapon: Yoku Attack YokuMan is a master at controlling many illusions such as the infamous disappearing blocks that have plagued MegaMan during his battles with Dr Wily. Like his namesake platforms, he can also disappear and reappear at will. Because of his love for puzzles and games, he has been known for beating the greatest human minds at chess.
  • Good Point: Elusive
  • Bad Point: ----------
  • Likes: Puzzles
  • Dislikes: Rush
“Don’t trust your eyes, trust mine.”

GlueMan– Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Glue Shot GlueMan used to be a normal maintenance robot similar to OilMan. However, Dr Wily got creative and modified him to use special glue as a weapon. The glue he sprays around dries up and becomes solid almost instantly and will stop anyone caught in the blast. His favorite tactic is to immobilize his enemies and then ram them while they can’t move.
  • Good Point: Fast
  • Bad Point: Reckless
  • Likes: Papercraft
  • Dislikes: Repairing himself
“Come on! Stick around and play!”

RainbowMan– Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Rainbow Beam RainbowMan is a weather control robot. He can generate fog, create rain clouds and summon lightning. He loves to trick others by disappearing into clouds. His Rainbow Beam spreads over a wide angle.
  • Good Point: Perfectionist
  • Bad Point: Arrogant
  • Likes: Crystals
  • Dislikes: Mirrors
“A storm is coming...”

CometWoman– Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Comet Dash CometWoman has been created to research outer space. She can reach outstanding speed using her powerful propulsion, but she can’t fly as fast as she wants within the atmosphere, since she would overheat from the air friction. She likes to race against JetMan.
  • Good Point: Imaginative
  • Bad Point: Tomboy
  • Likes: Looking at the sky
  • Dislikes: Down-to-Earth robots
“Break the sound barrier!? Boring!”

Yo-yoMan – Designed by MegaPhilX

Weapon: Yo-yo Cutter In his quest to design even more powerful robots, Dr Wily invented a very advanced type of blade that could cut through anything. But he wanted his enemies to be caught off-guard, so he designed Yo-yoMan. His harmless appearance often makes him the subject of jokes but his Yo-yo Cutter is highly versatile and deadly. His whole body is designed to cut down anything in his path.
  • Good Point: Persistent
  • Bad Point: Irritable
  • Likes: Performing tricks
  • Dislikes: Kids
“Cut the Crap!”  


1. MeecesPieces - April 29, 2016

How is being a tomboy a bad thing?