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Known Issues

Now that the game is released, people have already found issues we have missed. If you have any problem breaking the game while playing, please report them in the forums. We are very sorry about these problems and will try to make a new version to fix those.     After I restart the game, my saved game disappears   MMU needs to have write access.  You can either run it as Administrator, or put it in a folder that is not under Users\ or Program Files\   After using the Comet Dash, sometimes Megaman can't jump or shoot. Please download v1.1.0   When starting the game, you only get a white screen. Please download v1.1.0   If you don't have other weapons and you try to press left in the Pause Menu, the game freezes. Please download v1.1.0   When using XPadder or input-assigning software for your controller, the game will listen to more than 1 input at a time and your controls can get messed up (Sticky inputs issue) Please download v1.1.0