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Nice Comments from Players

I just wanted to create a page where I can put all the wonderful things people told us on the Facebook page or on megaphilx.com. Seriously guys, thank you for all the kind words. It is so satisfying after so much work on the game. You rock! Take down those Robot Masters!

Congrats you're game is amazing don't change a thing!!! wish you the best of luck!!!!, if read this message me i have a interesting thing to say CHEERS (don't listen to the detractors the difficulty is perfect)

Not gonna lie...this now surpasses Megaman 2 as my all time favorite Classic Megaman game. Literally this is sheer perfection. And to anyone that hasn't done it...if you think Rainbow Man's stage is hell...Yoku Man's stage will have you wanting to put your fist through your monitor!!!! But beating him is SO WORTH IT to get Yoku Attack!!!

After about 8 hours total, I've finally beaten Megaman Unlimited ( including Yoku Man stage ). It was quite possibly the most difficult Megaman game I have ever played and it was worth it! the ending was completely unexpected as well. Whether or not Capcom releases a brand new game anytime soon, it doesn't matter because as far as I'm concerned I just played through a game worthy of Megaman's 25th anniversary. Congratulations on the success of your amazing game! If Capcom does give up on Megaman one day I can take comfort knowing that the fans will still support him no matter what. Our little blue bomber is in great hands! :D

Hey, just wanted to send a personal thank you letter for Mega Man Unlimited. And I mean that, really. With Capcom pretty much sticking to ports of older games on the Virtual Console (which I'm happy about, don't get me wrong), it's comforting to know that we have indie devs like yourself and your team still trying to keep the series alive.

Mega Man Unlimited really did feel like a proper addition, and in my opinion conclusion, to the series, especially with the Zero twist (and Zero Virus allusions throughout the game as well) at the end. I know there's probably alot of people that disliked it, what with the inability to defeat Zero, but really, it's the only outcome the fight would have had, and it was nice to see you and your team stick to that.

The game really did feel like something would have, and should have, come from Capcom's own development team. You and your team should feel very proud for what you made, and I personally am very thankful for the time, effort, and preserverence you gave for making the game.

So again, Thank You for keeping the Mega Man series alive for fans like me that have grown up with the series, from playing the original game as a wee little youngster on his NES at the tender age of three, to the twenty-six year old that just sat down over the weekend and finished an amazing new title in the series.

I honestly think it is a top tier Mega Man game. It isn't unreasonable to say that MMU is the best Mega Man game ever.

I finally finished it. Won't say a word, except: Wonderful job, guys. Wonderful job.

thank you it works great .. you are Gods

Just finished it. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how good it was considering it was a fanmade project (and with such a small team)! The only Megaman game that is as good/better than it is Megaman X, and I consider them pretty much equal. You did a tremendous job on this, and if Capcom is smart they will hire you. The level design was genius at parts, and the castle at the end was the best of any NES Megaman without a doubt. I loved it! Congrats on the great work!

This game is absolutely fantastic! It is quite hard, even by Mega Man standards, but as a gamer who loves a good challenge, that’s what makes it so enjoyable for me. I managed to uncover the secret of Yoku Man, and I think his stage may very well be my favorite Mega Man stage ever made, including official releases! You guys should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am!

Oh god oh god O>O

Can you make a port of this game to PSP???

ມັກຫຼາຍ. Thank you very much.

Nicely done. That was very excellent gameplay ideas. I like the game so much. Good job, MegaphilX.

Man, I was eagerly awaiting this, and now that it's here, I am NOT disappointed in the least. I've only taken down Nail Man so far, and his shield is a godsend in Yo-yo Man's stage. I was slightly disappointed to not hear the old Tank Man theme in his stage, but to be fair, the final version of the theme is kickass.  This game is hard, but it's the good kind of hard. The classic Megaman Nintendo Hard. I genuinely feel that, if I mess up a jump, it's my OWN fault. Kudos on an amazing fangame, MegaPhilX, Jansim, Gabriel, Kevvviiinnn, and ThunderThouin!

Awesome! Super great game. Thanks for all the hard work !!

Personally I think the difficulty is great. People who thought it was too hard will probably come back one day, with an awesome challenge to test their honed skills.

one of the most badass and brutal game i ever played its awsome

As an avid Mega Man player I think the difficulty is just perfect. I get my ass kicked, this is a good thing, games should not be a walk in the park. I love the difficult jumps.

I normally never leave comments to things like this, but I really got to say this, I really love the game. I really love the music, the gameplay feels absolutely perfect, I jumped in and it just felt right. And it is hard as all heck, but I gotta tell you it is also really rewarding because it really does give you that bad assery of effortlessly going through a level once you've gotten the hang of it and really making you feel awesome as a result. And don't even get me started on the music. It is incredible. I could not get the Nail Man level music out of my freaking head while I was at work. I could not stop humming it. This game is great and I am incredibly impressed by the level of effort that has obviously gone into this.

In all these years the people forgot how a NES megaman game have to be, because they are accustomed with the old ones. But this game have a VERY similar difficulty. That's exactly the way for a NEW, unplayed mm game!

Hey MegaPhilX! I actually went to, (do not faint when you hear this number,) 50 Megaman websites, forums, and chatrooms to share Megaman Unlimited the night of release.

This fan game is amazing so far!! Its difficult as hell, but that's the way I like my Mega Man games. Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece, it turned out WAY more awesome than I had anticipated!!

Love the game man, keep up the good work Phil.

The difficulty of the game is spot on Phil no need to apologize, Megaman games were tend to be difficult and you did a good job in developing it.

Hey guys!  The game is great! It's the most difficult I have played... but I like It!  congratulations!!!!!!

What an awesome achievement. Glue Man's level by itself is amazing!

Phill, WE should thank you for making this AWESOME game for free, just for the love of doing it. THANK YOU!

Thank you so much

You did a great job in 5 years, and were/are a source of inspiration for other homebrew authors, so I thank you guys!

Started playing. Reached Yo-Yo Man but couldn't beat him. Reminds me of MM10 in terms of difficulty but the game itself is great. Congratulations guys !

Just to congratulate the MMU team, you've really blown my expectations of this game way past their limits. It gives me such hope for the MM series to see such talent from wonderful fans.

The difficulty is REALLY fine.

I will never get tired of repeating the same thing: Congratulations for the incredible game MMU turned to be. Thanks a lot!

I briefly played this game last night and I must say I am impressed and awed by what I have seen. Thank you so much for building this game. I am working on a fan game of my own, lesser known, but still viable: Megaman Revenge of the Fallen. I plan to release it later this year, hopefully you'll give it a shot just as much as I'm giving your game a shot. Its an amazing piece of work. Good job. May we both and any other fan game designer continue to keep Mega Man alive!

Megaphil you need to megachill. You're game is great

It's really hard, i'll give you that, but it honestly doesn't feel cheap or ridiculous. I'd rather have to practice a week before beating it than breezing through your 5-year-long gauntlet in an hour.

playing so much XD its hard, but thats what megaman its about!

The difficulty is perfect. Hard, but fair. Just like the classic MM games. You also have the shop where we can buy E tanks and extra guys. So that helps balance it.

It's hard but not too hard! People (like me) just need to learn how to play video games! This game is beginning to be my favourite Mega man game. Games nowadays are too easy, this should teach the kids how games SHOULD be.

Gone are the days of people learning from their mistakes to get better at a game. IF I CAN'T DO IT IN ONE TAKE ITS TOO HARD

Loving the difficulty as it is, it's an amazing challenge and feels good when you finally conquer it after trying so much.

If you're going to alter the difficulty, please leave an option so I can keep it hard. Otherwise there will be no fun.

Yeah, it's fine where its at in difficulty. Something like that needs to return in gaming.

I love this game. Rainbow man stage is hard as quick mans stage. And Must say you guys know how to make robot masters difficult. I got my ass kicked by some of them. They aren't pushovers like Sheep man top man plantman I could go on... wtf was capcom thinking. lol

Way to go Phil. A project like this really validates the phenomenon of fan games/fan fiction. Sometimes the real artists aren't those with the resume and paycheck, but the ones with a burning idea...and the will to act!

This game is brutally hard, yet just right! When I have to practice and make it past a difficult section I feel immensely satisfied. I'm glad I can't just breeze through it in a day and have to persist despite the challenge like Mega Man himself would do

Many of us have followed you all these years and are so glad to see a game this good! Thank you!

You guys did a wonderful job. Take a well deserved break.

Thank you so much for releasing this game, Phil. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be playing a real Mega Man game again. Any adjustments you make after the fact will be welcome, but for now enjoy your well-earned success!

Thank you all (again!) for your hard work. I have just spent the morning getting blown up repeatedly trying out the first eight Robot Master stages.Great stuff!

The difficulty is one of the best things about this game.

Just tested it and it's good. Once again, fans > capcom

Personally I think the difficulty is great. People who thought it was too hard will probably come back one day, with an awesome challenge to test their honed skills.

It took me 30 minutes to beat my first boss (by the way, it's Yo-yo Man) ! Just as hard as I like ! Perfect ! Congrats !

First let me congratulate you on one of the best Mega Man games ever made. I have been looking forward to the release ever since I first heard about it and as a long time Mega Man fan, I can only be pleased by how this turned out.

Great game, great stages great everything... even though YoYo is a bit too easy xD

Thank you guys so much for making this game. I really enjoyed the challenge literally every stage threw my way. But especially the letter collection reward. So good! Felt MM Unlimited was extremely well put together with great new mechanics, and tons of thoughtful content with a fantastic soundtrack. I just can't help but wonder if there's an alternate ending  I swear I tried every single thing I could think of on that last boss.. Excellent job, guys.

Thank you guys so much for this!!!!

Took down 3 robot masters . This game is amazing!

Just wanted to say you made a brilliant game. I love it so damn much. So creative, so many new stage ideas, yet it still feels like an authentic Mega Man game. You made me a very happy Mega Man fan.Oh, and thanks for making the game actually hard.

I may have complained about the game during my 5 and a half hour playthrough, but i keep going back to the game to figure out speedrunning strats. Great game guys.

Awesome soundtrack

this is the best Mega Man un the Clasic Series! Thank you guys, the game is amazing and i can stop playing it

congratulations! very good game!

Good lord the difficulty! But hey I just beat Comet Woman ^.^ (only 8 more to go lol)

This game is awesome! As a huge Megaman fan, I want to say thanks a ton! I love it!

After about two hours last night, and another two this evening, I finally took down my first Robot Master. The MMU crew have done something astounding here. Not only have they crafted a fantastic MegaMan fangame, I'd go so far as to say they've outdone IntiCreates' previous efforts. This is nothing short of amazing. Tough, well designed, non-stop action.

Just beat my first stage, i loved every single death that happened. This game is Justice for the 25th Anniversary of the Blue bomber. This game is awesome can't wait for the soundtrack to come out to!!

I'd say this is the best MM fan game I've ever played. The fact that I feel difficult is because using the keyboard....still have to use my PS controller...

Congratulations on the release! The game is amazing. I put together a video review of the game on my YT channel (spoilers: it's positive)!  http://youtu.be/icF8tm2dq6E


I just finished the game for the second time now. The game proved to be MUCH easier now that I knew what was expecting me. I managed to get through the 3 first Wily stages without dying once (albeit with a little help from Beat and the Shock Guard). Only got one game over through the entire game! :D While the game IS pretty hard, it's not NEARLY as hard as it seemed to be at first. While it took me nine hours to beat it on my first run, I managed to beat it in two and a half to three hours this time around. I'd say the difficulty is in between Mega Man 9's hero and superhero modes once you get used to it. That said, it is still a true test of one's Mega Man skills and a more than welcome addition to the series, official or not.

My friend and I played for 7 hours last night grinding through all 8 stages, have two of the yoku pieces too. This game is a masterpiece, hardest and most exhilarating megaman classic ever! Awesome job on this Phil!

I have played for about an hour now. I sampled most of the stages and beat Comet Woman so far. Amazing game!! It definitely has the essence of MM2 & MM3. I think the difficulty is on par with the early MM's...I just think people may have forgotten how challenging games used to be in comparison to today's standards. Great work!! Cannot wait to get through it!

Congratulations!!! Is difficult! but I love that! the challenge that has the game! :D

Awesome game , really felt like the classics

Happy 30th birthday, Famicom/NES! Megaman Unlimited is the best birthday gift for celebrating this legendary console.

I haven't played a Mega Man game this difficult since the first time I played Mega Man 4 >.< Thanks for the awesome game.

For a fan made game, this is a fantastic piece of work. There is lots of care and dedication put into the level designs and art work. Levels are challenging and exciting. I for one, have been waiting for this game for a while and it does not disappoint and brings back many memories from playing the original games on the NES. Well done indeed.

http://www.destructoid.com/review-mega-man-unlimited-258027.phtml  Congrats to MegaMan Unlimited for getting a 9.5!

So I've just beaten the game, and it was pretty amazing. So many original ideas and the boss fights were great fun. I would probably change the checkpoints slightly, but apart from that... I'm finding it hard to fault the game. Definitely going to replay to find the YOKU letters, and at some point do a playthrough on Youtube. P.S: That 5 year wait was definitely worth the best Mega Man fan game we've ever received too. :)

By the way, AWESOME game! you guys should be proud!

OH PLEASE MERCY! I have yet to beat a single stage. This is turning out harder than the Ghouls 'n' Ghosts games... Gah, I can't help but love it, it's all MY fault too, those cleverly designed stages...

I just got back from a tiring and stressful day at the hospital yesterday and then I downloaded your game. Thank you so much for making this! it truly made my day- NO it made my year. As a fan since I was a toddler I have been dying to get my Megaman fix and this is exactly what I needed. Official or not, this is unmistakingly Megaman. It feels so much more than a fan game. Kudos to you guys. Luckily I found a control scheme on my keyboard that feels natural to me and so far I have already beaten Glue man and Yo-yo man. Oh and thanks for making this game just the way I like it... Brutally difficult. :D

Its been a day since the release, i just got it downloaded, already beated Nail Man, man , this game is hard! hehe but i really appreciate your effort and you deserve more than the support of your fans. Thank you very much for bringing a smile to this Megaman Fan. Greetings from latin america.

It took me eight hours to beat this game. Eight AMAZING hours. I never took this long to beat a Mega Man game. Hard as hell, but I had a blast from start to finish. You did God's work, Phil. Thank you for your effort and dedication and congratulations on finishing what, I imagine, has been a very important personal project. And by the way, is that a Metal Gear reference at the end of the game or was it just me?

I'm near the end of the game. But now I'm at work, and I have to wait 8 hours to get back home and play MMU. This game's incredible.

Love your new game, I got to the last stage, and should beat it tomorrow I hope. I enjoy the challenge. Though I do wonder, why holding only 4 Energy Tank's is the limit? If I got to carry 9 like most of the games, I may have beaten it by now lol. Is it possible to beat Rainbow Man's stage with buster only, mainly without trial and error? It seems impossible without the help of certain weapons. The fortress stages were a little easier than I expected, especially stage 2, but all were still well designed, especially stage 3's gimmick, which Capcom should have expanded more from the game it comes from. Also, nice to add a cameo of a certain anime character you love to draw in the shop. :)

Epic installment of Mega Man. Thank you for making this game, and thank you for making the levels long and ridiculously hard! Much replay value!!!

Wee need the OST for Download please n.n

Congratulations :D this game is awesome!! Thank you and your team!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

Just managed to beat MMU. HOLY HECK, this game was tough to beat. But I also saw 4 1/2 years worth of work in every pixel throughout the game. I think Rainbow Man's stage was the toughest for me to beat. FORCE BEAMS EVERYWHERE!!! >_< But wow, seeing Wily 1 for the first time. o.O Biggest Wily 1 form EVER. I also loved the Wily Bosses as well! I got MM2 nostalgia when I beat the first Wily Boss. The 2nd one was also pretty darn fun & unique. Having a little stage revisit in the Robot Master revisit area was a nice touch & threw me on my toes. Unlike most Mega Man games, where there was always "that" weapon you never wanted to use, each weapon was useful in its own right. Only other game to pull that off was MM9. The stages are a bit longer than usual, but to me, it only made the challenge more rewarding. I DID notice one odd quirk. When you use a weapon that uses 1/2 energy per shot, the energy goes away on the FIRST shot, when it should be the LAST shot. But it's a minor complaint, really.

Destructoid gave you a 9.5/10. You earned it 100%! Mega Man would be SO proud of you right now. THIS is the 25th birthday present he's been waiting for!!!

i luv this game but in comet woman stage i fell like im gonna kill my laptop >:c

Insane game guys, it makes the classic ones easy by comparison. Love the dedication and time you must've put into this project. If you ever need help making another one, let me know.. I have tons of great ideas and resources =)

FINISHED. XDDD OMG I miss that feelings about angry for not pass a level of things like that. But seriously from I see the pilot trailer i said: "That game will be awesome". Terribly challenger. I hate the Rainbow Man Stage but that remember me the Quick Man Stage And the Megaman X5 Stage. Other things is the fabulous music. Really I love Yo-Yo Man Stage and CometWoman Stage. The bosses i like the powers. :D And the last bosses incredibly awesome. Thanks for this jewel! I'm really appreciate you do a game of my favorite Kid Hero. Thanks so much!

You did an awesome job on this game! To be honest, after hearing about it for over 5 years, I'd thought you were never going to actually finish it. I'd heard about problems with random crashes, but so far it hasn't happened to me. Also: Toughest stage? I thought Quick Man's stage was bad back in the day? Rainbow Man's stage is like fricking Quick Man 2.0!

Great game! I love it so far (though I admit it's tough for me so far, but that may be because I'm using the keyboard). I am jealous though, cause I've always wanted to make a mega man game but never knew how. So a big congratulations to you!

I don't know what to say, it is really an amazing game, let me give you my congratulations for a great game, in terms of environment, gameplay, music, everything was marvellous, if it didn't have your name I would say that is a capcom-megaman classic game. I must admit that its difficulty was very high, and especially yokuman and wily stages that gave me much stress (it took me 6 hours to finish it), but after finishing it I felt a big satisfaction, not only to end such a great game, but also for seen how there are people in the world who do that my favorite game serie of all time dont fall in oblivion. Capcom should really learn from the example of fans, so I hope that your work reaches to them (sf x mm was a good game but not enough in my opinion).

Un gran saludo desde Chile MegaPhilX, mis felicitaciones para ti y aquellos que participaron de este grandioso proyecto, 5 años de trabajo duro dieron frutos. Espero sigan con proyectos similares para el futuro, pero por el momento, gocen del presente.

all I got to say is this game is awesome its so great to have a new mega man game this is way better than street fighter vs mega man

Well... after all, I have my final opinion: Why complain about difficulty if this is the first day of the release? The game have save slots, why the player have (necessarily) to beat all the stuff in one day? Too much imediatism I think :-( Love this game and LOVE your difficulty (similiar to other megaman games, some of them). Thats a really fun and fair challange! PS: Sorry any bad english. I'm not native.

 Son los jodidos amos... Simplemente increíble. Esperaba algo bueno, pero jamás pensé q sería una entrega tan profesional q llegase a superar a algunas ediciones de la franquicia original. ESTO ES JODIDO ARTE. GRACIAS. You guys are the damn masters... Amazing. I was expecting something good, but just never though it would be something so pro, even better than some of the original games. THIS IS FUCKING ART. THANX

Amazing game, I must say. I have not played a megaman game in a while but i must say this is fun. You have some annoyingly place enemies that keep destroying my perfect run especially on yoyo man and tank man's stage!

 Great job on the game. I'm having a blast playing it.

Well, after 8 grueling hours I finished your game. Totally worth it, though. You really put your heart into it and I appreciated every minute of it. MMU is a man's game!

Badass game dood 9/10 it would have been 10 if u included the charged mega buster, overall its awesome i already finished it, and zomg wish capcom would consider this as the next in the series.

Thanks for making the best MegaMan game I've played in many years. Challenging, colorful, unique, smooth, supportive, interesting, clean, and FUN! That, is Megaman Unlimited, and I'll play it for oh so many years to come.

Godspeed, Phil. Thanks for everything! I haven't had the chance to play today, but it looks amazing. I'll play as soon as I can.

I just wanted to thank you guys... thank you for keeping a big part of my childhood alive :') Even though it is somehow challenging (Especially rainbowman´s stage) ... i still love it and i am confident that i will replay the game over and over again just like MM3. But i wonder if the towering mets are intended to stack in each other if they´re beein shot while they are stacking (it does change thier shot pattern)

¡Congratulations on your creation! Seems Unlimited is quite the success, ;)

Oh my god, this game is hard, but it's awesome

This game is really cool (and hard as holy hell)! We love us some Mega Man at Living in 8 Bits.

Congratulation, your game is just awesome,and full of nostalgia. The level design is great, with lot of fun stuff, boss fights are really cool, and the game is really challenging, like I expected. It just feel like a real megaman game. great job.

Thank you so much for the game, cannot wait to try this game out later tonight, this will beat out anything that Capcom could ever of done for it's fans etc...Imagine if they released Ducktales Remasted on pc for free?...But they don't give a damn about their fans....

Terrific game so far! Jet Man and Glue Man are my favorites at the moment!

Passed Rainbow Man stage and man, you are a great level designer. This game is just amazing for keeping me a kid. The music for each stage is amazing in there own right and hope to download the OST if possible. If I have money online, I will totally buy it off of you guys. This is better than going to EVO and getting my ass kicked at a game I am good at. With this skill and the same people who helped you with this work, you are looking for a great future ahead of you. I wish you guys a great day.

Great title so far. Yet to beat a single stage, but I'm in awe of the creativity of the enemies and stage layouts. Unlike so many other Mega Man fan games, this one actually feels worth finishing :D

First impressions of MegaMan Unlimited. Perfect controls, awesome level design and mechanics. A little skimpy on level checkpoints and extra-guys, though. Boss design is a little lacking, but stage enemies are very creative. Definitely feels like a legit title overall.

dose anybody have any tips for level order(and just tips in general) I have found the game to be very difficult infact one of the hardest m egamans I have ever played....I am loving it....but some advise would be nice....thanks..... and thanks again MEGAPHILX!

Great game, needs more checkpoints and some other design flaws but a great birthday gift nonetheless! Thanks for releasing it on my birthday. Been playing MM since I was five - Now I'm 28 and still at it!

I'm having a HUGE BLAST! thanks for releasing this GREAT game Phil!! D:

Hey Phil... this game is INCREDIBLE. Thanks man! i've been following your progress on this game for all the years! I can't speak a good english, so sorry for that, but I'm hard trying. I NEED to say that: I really think that Comet Woman song needs some improvement. This song is REALLY strange and doesn't fit with the others (but Rainbow Man is very cool!). Please please PLEASE, consider this. For me it's the only remaining step, because everything else is PERFECT. Thanks again!

Your trailers did not do this game justice it's better than I ever could have hoped for! It's so good my father (the man that got me into megaman) took my controller when I went to get a snack. You Phil are amazing!! I get to play megaman with my dad like I was a kid again with wonderment at how he goes through the game with such ease (teaching me how to time my attacks). So thank you I can't describe in words how happy I am to have this feeling again with my father.


This is got to be one of the if not HARDEST MEGA MAN games I've ever played in my 20 years of playing Mega Man, RAINBOW MAN'S stage is RIDICULOUSLY HARD. HARD, HARD, HARD. I can't even get to some of the robot masters lairs to face them. I have beaten Comet Woman, Jet Man, and Tank Man, others I am having trouble getting to. AWESOME GAME!!!

This is great! No it is awesome! I love this game! Thank you MegaPhil X and staff! These 5 years were worth it. Great job man! :)

Thank you for this! I have only gotten to Yoyo Man so far, but that stage took me three continues! Outstanding! Yoyo Man also is a challenge himself. Its about time I played a no compromise Mega Man again! Can't wait to beat it and write a full review!

Oh you brilliant designers, just beat Trinitro Man! SO imaginative...

Thanks for making this AWESOME game !

You guys did a great job with this game! It feels just like a proper original Megaman game! I really liked the intro, the music is nice and the controls and movements feel very good. I also liked that the game supports controllers because I suck at games like this when I use keyboards. :P

Still loving the game, I love the new Tank Man theme (rather wily-stageish but it's excellent) but am not a fan of the new Comet Woman theme. Rainbow Man's stage is just as good as I hoped it would be. I noticed something, though, the custom controls load after the intro cutscene, and you have to press Spacebar to skip it. Very minor detail, but I figure I may mention it after seeing the existing E-tank issue. The menu theme is really catchy and expressive, too! (Hats off to kevvviiinnn. ;) )

So far I've done Comet, Jet, and Tank (in that order). This game is freakin' awesome. :D Comet Dash is a saint too.

This game rocks! Authentic Megaman awesomeness! (I will have to purchase a controller for it, however!)


Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude this game is cool so far! Thanks so much!!! The intro story was super neat, and the way you stick to Glue Man's platforms, and the bullets stick to the enemy robot, is so cool! I am just like two minutes into it but it's a dream come true!!!

La espera esta por acabar!!! MegaMan Unlimited que se perfila a ser el mejor fan game de megaman esta por ser subido a la red!!! Gracias a PhilX y equipo de desarrollo!!! Felicidades por este gran día!!! :D



1. Roll Lover - July 16, 2013

I´m so proud this game wasn´t created with Capcom, it is terribe hard & really not for novice players, First I selected Comet Women I thought wow she would be horny. So I selected her. Her stage was terrible hard, I was Game Over but I wanted to reach her, to see her one time in my life but it was a struggle. I lost vs. her. Then I selected other stages but almost evry stage was insane hard the only stage that was still okay was Yoyo. I´m really disapointed with this game. Its a complete waste of time and I would not buy it until it get an easy mode.

2. ZeDragon - July 18, 2013

@Roll Lover
I like how you came to a section for nice comments and just whined about the difficulty. While I do agree that it can be frustrating in some regards, the way you’re talking about it really doesn’t help. Also, it’s not like you payed a lot of money for a game you couldn’t progress in; it’s free.

3. Soleph - July 19, 2013

Does anyone have difficulty grabbing onto ladders or performing slides when you press diagonals such as up+left, up+right, down+left, down+right?

For me I can only grab ladders and slide if I only press up or down. Do you guys plan on getting it fixed or is the problem on my end?

Other than that, this game is pretty good.

4. Some Guy - July 19, 2013


Are you playing on a keyboard? Some keyboards have problems with detecting multiple keystrokes at the same time and will act as though you never made some of them.

5. Soleph - July 19, 2013

@ Some Guy

No, I’m using a Logitech F310 controller.

6. DexterMike - July 21, 2013

Wow… I just beat the game, it’s AWESOME! Loved the music, the stage design is amazing and dat difficulty! I loved it! And what an ending. You sure know how to give fan service! Is there going to be a sequel sir? haha thank you for this amazing game!! Cheers from Mexico, keep up the good work!!

7. DexterMike - July 21, 2013

Have you considered making a 3DS port?

8. KOyaa - July 22, 2013

this game has such creative stages, enemies, bosses and overall level designs, has a completely awesome original soundtrack, the story events feel like they were made by inafune himself, it breaks the cliche of having an ice/fire/water themed stage like every other mm game, and it actually has the balls to make a connection to the x series, something that capcom and inafune didn’t do and it’s delivered in such a perfect manner, and most important of all, it’s so much FUN to play. for me this felt like a true sequel to mm 10, and not a fan game like mm x street fighter. loved this game so much. someone should show this to inafune-san, i bet he would be so proud of what was done with his creation

9. Soleph - July 24, 2013

Well I just finished the game and I gotta say Goddammn this game was amazing. From beginning to end this game kept me glued the whole time. Everything from the level design, music, visuals, difficulty and ending was outstanding. And that Yoku Man level? Effing awesome. Thank you so much for making this game.

I am kinda sad to hear that you guys are thinking of lowering the difficulty just to make those whiners happy. You should leave it the way it is. If you decide to do it, add a difficulty selection, that way we can play it the way it is now. Also, everyone that plays it on easy mode should be locked out of the Yoku Man stage and the ending. Make them earn it.

10. Soleph - July 24, 2013

Oh, and the control issue was on my end. Sorry about that.

11. Stargraph3 - August 22, 2013

If I can’t use the engine your using, is there a software I could use to make a Megaman game. I have the robot masters, I just need a software to make the game.

12. PKMNTrainerSanti - October 5, 2013

This game was awesome, hard, but worth it! :)

13. Alec J. Alger - December 11, 2013

MegaPhilX’s masterpice is evidence that sometimes the fans know what’s best for the franchise. Fan games like these are way better than recent entries (Mega Man ZX I didn’t care for). Please make a sequel!!!

14. Celestron - January 27, 2014

Crissement trop digne de Capcom!!

Bravo les gars, c’est comme si j’avais manqué un MegaMan quand j’était petit pis qu’aujourd’hui je tombais dessus après toutes ces années.

Tout est PARFAIT!! Les ennemis, les robot masters, leurs patterns d’attaque, la musique, les sons, les contrôles, chaque moindre détail. On voit que vous connaissez vraiment MegaMan et que vous avez voulu lui faire honneur.

J’sais pas si c’est moi qui a perdu la “touch” mais, ce MegaMan Unlimited est sans pitié, ouch!

Merci d’être aussi passionnés et de permettre à des adulescents comme moi de “revivre” ou plutôt de “poursuivre” une ÉNORME partie de mon enfance; j’ai pratiquement été élevé au NES.

BRAVO, c’est pas juste “correct” c’est EXTRAORDINAIREMENT PARFAIT!!! (En plus c’est Québécois, yé!!)

15. Duncan P. - March 27, 2014

9/10, would like a version with the Mega Buster that Dr. Light upgraded the blue bomber with back in MM4, but that aside, you have captured the very essence of Mega Man in a way that Capcom hasn’t been able to do since Keiji walked out on them. +1 internet to you and a cookie to be collected at your leisure.

16. xRePullse - March 30, 2014

Holy crap, where do I begin?
Phil, I sincerely hope that you realize how awesome of a game you made. Seriously, don’t think of it as just another contribution to the society of the internet. THIS GAME IS GODLIKE! Ever seen or played Mega Man Origins? It is a perfect example of what happens when you don’t put effort and love into your big projects. Mega Man Unlimited is a perfect example of what happens when you do put effort and love into them.
Honestly, I can’t think of words to describe how awesome of a game this is! The difficulty, no matter what people say, is brilliantly implemented into the game. It isn’t Ninja Gaiden bullcrap difficult. It is perfect, level design oriented difficulty that makes you feel good when you get something accomplished. The robot masters are unique and creative (I see what you did there with Rainbow Man’s design. Clever.) and the stages are all different and have their own challenge.
Oh, we can’t forget the other people. You, Kevin, and Thouin made an AMAZING soundtrack! In fact, as I’m typing this I’m listening to the Wily 3 battle theme. (AKA My favorite Mega Man song) About a week ago, I started working on a speedrun of this game. Every day for the past week I’ve spent at least an hour daily grinding the hell out of Yo-Yo Man stage, and I still love the music.
Without people like you on the internet, life would just be that much more boring, and I thank you for that.


17. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 14, 2014

Gracias por el juego.
Por cierto podrian hacer un remake de Megaman II (GB), please.
Aunque no lo parezca tienen los mejores temas.

18. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 14, 2014

Thanks for the game.
By the way could make a remake of Mega Man II (GB), please.
Believe it or not have the best songs.

19. PatrickRoido1 - August 21, 2014

I really like the plot of this game, highly consistent with the original series, intro scenes halftime and final.
Another thing is the end of the story, we all know that the Classic Series is more cheerful than the X Series, and here was very faithful. Brillant MegaPhilX!
But what I like most were the stories of the Master Robot and what happened to them at the end. I always like to see the stories of the Bosses in Games Megaman from Megaman and Bass. Undoubtedly MegaPhilX team made ​​a great effort for this … nice,,,
I just hope that the following Fan-Games do (does not have to be Phil) have a frame as optimistic as the one made by Inafune, makes us feel nostalgic and not necessary mind has to be a sequel, but a prequel this or some other MM.

20. Pierre-Marc Daoust - March 1, 2015

This is a great game! Far better than Capcom could made. This is the kind of Megaman game everyone should play!!! And I mean it! Thank you for the game!!! I had so much fun that I even want to start over again! I hope we will see more in the future!

21. כלים לפריצת מנעולים ברמת השרון - April 24, 2015

Can I simply say what a relief to find somebody who really knows what they are talking about online.
You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
More and more people ought to read this and understand this
side of your story. I was surprised that you are not more popular since you certainly possess the gift.