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This is the page where I'll post all the pictures I create. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy! ^_^ NOTE: To see pictures from MegaMan Unlimited, please refer to the MegaMan Unlimited Pictures Page. NOTE: You can also visit my DeviantArt to see my pictures.

MegaMan Unlimited Illustrations

All the official Illustration I made for my MegaMan Unlimited project.

MegaMan Unlimited Screenshots

Screenshots of the game.

MegaMan Unlimited Archive

Old obsolete MegaMan Unlimited Pictures.

My MegaMan X Pictures

A gallery of my recent and old Megaman X pictures.

My MegaMan Pictures

A gallery of my recent and old Megaman pictures that are not related to MegaMan Unlimited.

My Axyz Project Pictures

Pictures I made of a game project I've worked on my free time.

My Black Blood Project Pictures

Pictures I made of a horror game project I've worked on my free time.

My Shampoo (Ranma 1/2) Pictures

My pictures of Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 Shampoo has her own page with extra stuff. (WARNING! May contain nudity!)

My Other Pictures

Other pictures I made that can't be sorted in a gallery yet.


1. jack - February 4, 2010

cool game

2. Erin - February 23, 2010

♫♪ Love is in the air ♪♫

3. Mike - March 7, 2010

I would love to see some sprite sheets for this game. Please make them available after the release, MegaPhilX! Looking forward to the game.

4. ace maker - June 30, 2010

inafune looks like a monkey.but your all right philx.say hi to U.S.A. look’n fowad to da gaym?

5. ace maker - June 30, 2010

sorry bout that

6. MegaPhilX - November 9, 2010

Payson, I appreciate you’re dedication toward my project but you will have to understand that making a game isn’t simple.
You can’t really help me just like that because adding a robot master is a lot of work.
Hammer man is not going to become a robot master because it is how things are.
I already decided to make him a sub boss a long time for people like you that liked his design, he was not even supposed to be in the game before that, so you should appreciate the fact that he is in the game at all…
MegaMan Unlimited is not an official game from CAPCOM so the name is going to remain as it is.
This is also the reason why MMUnlimited is not going to be released on XBox360, PS3 or Wii.
Because it would be violating copyright laws. Just be grateful CAPCOM is letting us release the game at all.
Not to mention it’s already a lot of work just to release the game on 1 platform.
So please, stop spamming the comment sections with requests.
Your messages are blocked until you stop spamming about hammer man or other changes for the game and you behave in a mature way.

7. Cyberguy64 - July 17, 2013

Phil, Phil, Phil…

Kids play Megaman. Why on earth do you think it’s okay to have freaking HENTAI (Ecchi, whatever you want to call it.) of all things up on a page of artwork consisting mostly of promotional materials for your big Megaman project? Heck, there’s not even a mature content warning!

Please, for your own good, put those on your DA where they belong before too many people see it and lose respect for you.

8. MegaPhilX - July 17, 2013

@ Cyberguy64 –
You see, I posted my pictures on DeviantArt and they got removed, even though they are far from being hentai and far from being as bad as most of the other content on DA. Most people consider them tasteful and again, far from being as hardcore and bad as some of the stuff seen on DA. So, not being able to post my pictures on DA. I guess my own website is the best place to do so.
Besides, the pictures I have here that contain nudity are from an anime/manga that was meant for children back in the day.
I can post a text warning about the pictures but I don’t consider it to be dangerous, as there is no explicit content.

9. James - December 15, 2013


We have seen several attempts at new MegaMan X games, but none of them have seemed to follow through. MegaMan X needs a breath of life and your success with MegaMan Unlimited shows that you are one person who could see it through. Could you please consider bringing your fans a MegaMan X game if your time allows you?