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MegaMan Unlimited

Videos of MegaMan Unlimited.

Videogames Speedruns

I play some games as fast as I can.

Top Music Lists:

I list some of my favorite music.

Tips & Tricks

I give you tips on how to beat challenges in videogames or using some software.


I play videogames and comment on them at the same time as I play/record.

Game Reviews:

I review videogames.

Stuff With Hands

I used only my hands to imitate shows or videogames.

Youtube Poops

I fool around with editing software and make fun of TV Shows or other media. Warning: Random, stupid and absurd stuff ahead! A YouTube Poop, or YTP, is a mix of media other (most commonly video) to generate a video that either stuns, annoys, or entertains its audience. Contrary to popular belief, YTP is not limited to Zelda and Mario cartoons, Over 9000, or Sonic cartoons, but it can be a mix of anything; material is unlimited. The definition of YouTube Poop and the style is always being altered, and viewers of it have different reactions. To some, YTP is an art, and to others, it is worthless and pointless, with no reason to exist. The first YouTube Poop, "I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL" by SuperYoshi, was created in 2004, using Super Mario Bros. 3, and since then, YTP has evolved into a community of more than 200 poopers.


Other random videos.