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MegaMan Unlimited


Megaman Unlimited is now available for download on the MMU-Download page

Megaman Unlimited Release Cover Art



Megaman Unlimited is a Megaman fan-game in the classic 8-Bit NES style both in sound and visuals. It is similar to Megaman 3 and Megaman 9-10 in design philosophy. MMU is made by fans for fun. It is not related to the official series’ canon. We are not making money with this project, as the Megaman brand is the property of Capcom.

This project has been under development for roughly 5 years, working in our free time after work nearly every day.

While in the NES 8-Bit style, Megaman Unlimited is made using currently existing technology and thus won’t work on an NES or on an old computer. Our goal was to have fun making this game and not necessarily following every technical limitations of the NES.

Check the Megaman Unlimited FAQ for more information.

Megaman Unlimited Japanese-Style trailer

Megaman Unlimited has reached Alpha at this point so I made a Japanese/Anime-style trailer to give a preview of the game to the fans.

The Official MegaMan Unlimited First Trailer

Made before the Special Weapons were implemented. At that point we had just finished adding all the small enemies in the game. After that, we were working on the special weapons, the Wily Bosses and other smaller features such as Status Screen and collectibles. Still, a lot of work.


8 robots have gone on a rampage and are wreaking havoc on the city and throughout the world! The robots are Dr. Wily’s creations! However, Dr. Wily claimed that the robots are not under his control and has vowed to help fix the problem along with Dr. Light…

But just as they both start to work on their investigation of the mysterious force that took control of Wily’s robots, a shadowy figure breaks into the lab and kidnaps Dr. Wily!

Dr. Wily: “Help!!!”

Dr. Light: “Mega Man! Go after Wily’s kidnapper! It might be the key to this mystery!

Mega Man: “Right! I’m on it!”

Mega Man runs off into action once again with his trusty companion Rush.

Meanwhile, standing on top of a damaged building, Proto Man also looks on as the city goes up in flames. He then disappears in the shadows, hoping to find out some answers himself…

The Game

Battle your way through a mad onslaught of crazed machinery. The Robot Masters pour on more insane weapons than you can believe! They clank, buzz, crawl, shoot and blast from every direction. Explore every corner. Climb every ladder. Dodge, slide, leap and fire to blast your attackers or at least get away in one piece!

You start the round with 3 chances to make it through. Keep an eye on your Energy Meter at the top left corner of the screen. Your energy drains away as you take the crushing blows your foes dish out.

Keep going! Destroy all the robot fiends in the level, and you’ll get to face the diabolical Robot Master. His Energy Meter appears to the right of yours, so you can keep an eye on who’s winning!

If you lose all your chances, the game ends. But if you destroy the Robot Master, you gain his weapons. Then you can take on the next maniac!

Controlling Megaman

Default Keyboard Controls:




Megaman is the property of CAPCOM


1. a pretty cool guy - November 10, 2009

yes you have your own website :D

2. TobenaiSakana - November 12, 2009

is megaman 10 going to be an actual downloadable game?

3. megaphilx - November 12, 2009

When it will be ready for release is another story. The title might not be the same though.

4. aprettycoolguy - November 12, 2009

will you include the DWN Model Numbers in the ending?

5. MexicanSunflower - November 14, 2009

Now this is a pretty cool website I’m in

6. megafan X - November 14, 2009

I cannot wait for the game to be ready!
I’m hoping for a demo right now, but no pressure man. I mean, have you seen Card Sagas Wars? http://cardgallery.tales-tra.com/main.htm
Those guys have been workin’ on that for at least 4 years now, and still not even a beta. still, both of these things look AMAZING.

7. » Updating - November 18, 2009

[…] MegaMan 10 jump to navigation […]

8. The Posh - November 21, 2009

So excited :D

9. omega ZX - November 22, 2009

MegaphilX I am your biggest FAN! I am going to love this game so much once it’s done

10. omega ZX - November 22, 2009

I hope it’s a BIG success!

11. Hmm... - November 22, 2009


12. djv12xd - November 24, 2009

JETMAN, the best

13. payson - November 28, 2009

so when is hammer man going in megaman 10? & when is megaman 10 coming out onthe game consoles like xbox 360 or xbox live arcade.

14. RealAnime1995 - December 1, 2009

To payson
Em…you stupid,or sth?Create a PC game to XBOX-831U09874307U?
To MegaPhilX
After the game will released, you will make other contents?? For Example…Proto man like playable person, or playing on the internet?

15. payson - December 1, 2009

megaphilx are you going to put hammer man in?

16. payson - December 1, 2009

megaphilx i’am excited about the game i can’t wait for the release

17. payson - December 1, 2009

is it going to be on xbox 360?

18. payson - December 1, 2009

i have a collection of megaman for the xbox

19. payson - December 1, 2009

i ‘am going on xbox live when im 17

20. payson - December 3, 2009

is it going to be on the xbox 360 , the wii , and ps3?

21. payson - December 3, 2009

to megaphilx

i’am so ready for the megaman 10 i hope it’s going to be on the wii , xbox 360 and plystation 3 is it?

22. SceptileVince - December 3, 2009

Megaphil x, hi, I am from Ecuador, so, maybe I can write english very well…but, Some of my friends that are”megafans” and I want this game for the “wiiware”, please can you make this game for the wiiware.
I believe you can do this game for wiiware, and I think that you are the best and you are so cool to resist bad opinions…
Thank you for give me a little of your time…see ya!

23. djv12xd - December 4, 2009

there is a lot of spam here

24. Yumei19 - December 6, 2009


Just thought I’d pop in and thank you for coming up with a good megaman game (especially since Capcom loves trying to force Starforce down our throats -_-) That being said you might remember me from your Rainbow Man related vids (I.e. bugging you for the original stage theme’s Mp3) and for that i’m really sorry, but i’m really not that big a fan of the updated versions (but I guess that still doesn’t entitle me to pester you does it? *insert nervous laughter here*) I just figured I’d say “great job” and I’m looking forward to the game (and any kind of a soundtrack that might come out) Keep up the awesome work! ^_^

25. Ham Masta - December 8, 2009

This is a very interesting project that I await eagerly. However, be prepared for the inevitable “cease and desist” letters from Capcom. The promising Chrono Trigger Ressurection project a while back died because Squaresoft threatened to sue, and I’d hate to see this go the same way. As long as it remains completely free, they can’t touch you legally, so don’t back down.

26. payson - December 9, 2009

to megaphilx

where did hammer man go?

27. payson - December 9, 2009

to megaphilx

we need hammer man to complete the project

28. payson - December 9, 2009

to megaphilx

maybe we should keep it to megaman 10

29. payson - December 9, 2009

to megaphilx

when i saw the poster it was still megaman 10 so let’s keep it megaman 10.

30. payson - December 9, 2009

you know i love xbox 360 that megaman 10 will be great for the xbox 360.

31. payson - December 9, 2009

to megaphilx

can you put hammer man back to the megaman 10 please.

32. John706 - December 11, 2009

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40. Yumei19 - December 11, 2009

to Payson,

No..we really don’t need HammerMan seeing as Glueman and NailMan keep up the toolbased theme just fine case in point HammerMan had to go.

As for the name of this wonderful fangame, it SHOULDN’T stay Mega Man 10. That would give Capcom free reign to shut Phil down and put this project outta comission, so instead of whining about Hammer Man and the like let’s pool our creative juices together to create a new title, one so epic that Capcom wished they’d thought of it first.

41. Jamal - December 12, 2009

We can all agree with yumei19….we don’t want Phil here getting canceled…

So I’ve got an idea for a title, it can still be ten just in a different way.
The Roman numeral for 5 is V…so why not put use two V’s, one inside of the other. I am sure Capcom will be unable to do anything about that.

42. payson - December 13, 2009

to megaphilx

why not? you should keep hammer man in megaman 10

43. payson - December 13, 2009

to megaphilx

if you put hammer man back to megaman 10 please for give me.

44. payson - December 15, 2009

to capcom, megaphilx, and anybody else who cares:

I will be really happy if HammerMan does make it in to MegaMan 10 (or whatever it may be called) because the pics of him on the google images “poster” were pretty cool looking. However….I want this game to be really good, so if he doesn’t make it in I will understand (I’ll be disappointed…but I’ll be fine with the choice as long as the game is creative & fun to play). The series needs to be completed.

I would rather be playing Mega Man instead of finishing my 8th grade homework:)

45. RealAnime1995 - December 17, 2009

Megaman:New ememies,Old battle?

46. RealAnime1995 - December 18, 2009

Megaman Infinity(or symbol Infinity)?

47. RealAnime1995 - December 18, 2009

Phil….maybe I know,why they stole your art

First-You don’t put this (с) symbol under your arts
Second-I don’t own the MegaMan series. It belongs to CAPCOM. -That is yours…Capcom thought,that arts belongs to them too.

48. MegaPhilX - December 19, 2009

Deviantart automatically puts (C) on all things people post.
It’s true that MegaMan doesn’t belong to me. The art is mine but the MegaMan series isn’t. ( :

49. payson - December 19, 2009

you know the new megaman 10 is coming soon

50. payson - December 19, 2009

and whay did they put an x mark on thegreen 10?

51. payson - December 19, 2009

i think they are going to call it megaman 11…

52. payson - December 19, 2009

looks like it’s goong to be fun

53. payson - December 19, 2009

ilike hammer man he’s cool

54. payson - December 19, 2009

megaman 10 is going to be on xbox 360 that i saw

55. RealAnime1995 - December 20, 2009

Well…that means Capcom-thieves

Maybe you rename-Megaman Infinity?

56. payson - December 20, 2009

to megaphilx

maybe you should have a contest for fans to have them come up with a new name that capcom would be jealous of

57. overlordmega - December 21, 2009

Hey, at about 2:23 you can see a vertical version of your old pause screen!
Capcom even took that!?
Dude, they are total theives.

58. payson - December 22, 2009

to megaphilx

i fought you were going to call it megaman 11

59. RealAnime1995 - December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas,MegaphilX)

60. Loxagon - December 25, 2009


When is the Releae?^^

61. Yumei19 - December 25, 2009

Phil, did you know that Megaman Unlimited has its own page in the Megaman Knowledge Base? Way to go! And here’s some good news for you Payson: HammerMan’s STILL in the game! http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Mega_Man_Unlimited

Merry Christmas everyone!

62. bas1996 - December 27, 2009

hmmmm….megaman unlimited….why dose that name sounds familiar…..

63. bas1996 - December 28, 2009

How about putting in Ra Thor from Mega Man Adventure for a fortress boss?

64. RetroWarbird - December 28, 2009

I like Yoku Man. I know his name’s a play on the Yoku Blocks, so it’s likely you’ll leave it untranslated, but if you were hunting for an English equivalent, “Phase Man” would be pretty cool.

I would categorize him as a Mega Man Killer robot, rather than a standard Robot Master.

Looking forward to watching your MMU project progress. Think the whole thing with Capcom is interesting, too. Whether it’s just a graphic designer Googling “Mega Man 10″ and getting your stuff – it’s testament to how good your project looks that it’s easily seen as a professional quality, how well Mega Man suits fan-games, and of course, the possibility that Capcom is aware of Mega Man fan-games, and within the realm of free-ware, is down with it.

Bookmarking this page to go right next to Rockman 8 FC and the various in-progress Metroid fan-games!

65. Autobotproductions12 - December 29, 2009

Not Bad Phil but i think that Jet Man’s Weapon Should be Jet Blast…
but that’s my opinion.

66. BombArrows - December 30, 2009

The animations and robot master ideas look really sweet. Any chance of a playable demo being released soon?

67. payson - January 3, 2010

to megaphilx

thank you megaphilx for puting hammer man back in the game

68. payson - January 3, 2010

to megaphilx

i hope hammer man is going to be a robot master

69. Danny Hopkins - January 3, 2010

Capcom should be happy their American and European fans like Dojin Games…and want to keep the classic and fun series alive. I have been a Rockman/Megaman fan since 1991 when I received Megaman 1 and 2 for NES. That sold me on the style and charm of the series…..Im very glad your doing your game and I hope you finish it before uppity jerks from American-Big-Corps decide to send you a cease and desist letter like they did to those guys who were making the fan-sequel to Chrono Trigger.

70. figix25 - January 4, 2010

when will it be released am dieing to play it =D

71. Shadow - January 7, 2010

Mec il a l’air de casser la baraque ton jeu ! Je suis en plein megaman rush et je suis impatient de pouvoir jouer au tien qui à l’air fantastique !! A quand une démo technique ???
Bonne continuation à toi !

72. Shad-ish Robot - January 7, 2010

Look: http://www.capcom.co.jp/rockman/10/index.html
This is the japanese official MM10 web site, and I didn’t saw anything from your game.
I hope that helps

73. payson - January 7, 2010

to megaphilx

i saw hammer man but he’s a mini boss he’s supposed to be a robot master.

74. payson - January 7, 2010

to megaphilx

you shoud make a stage for hammer man. or did you made it already?

75. payson - January 7, 2010

to megaphilx

after megaman 10 maybe you shoud change megaman Unlimited to megaman 11. woud that be a good idea megaphilx?

76. david - January 9, 2010

my faviorit megaman character is going to be on that game and he the one who kiddnape willy his name is bass

77. Vestras - January 13, 2010

Can’t wait to see the finished game!
But a danger, apparently, MM10 is also going to feature a Nitro Man :( I’d suggest Chemical, or Volatile Man maybe as new names, if that’s in the cards

78. payson - January 13, 2010

i’am not talking to you people i’am talking to megaphilx

79. payson - January 13, 2010

to megaphilx

megaphilx i seen your hammer man that he’s a robot master in youtube and google images in your project. you should make a music theme for hammer man. or did you made it already? i hope megaman 11 or megaman unlimited is coming soon. it would be better if you call it megaman 11 after megaman 10 is complete and just what for a couple of months. and on the fake megaman 10 saw 3 robot masters was hunt man,mask man and dark knight man in youtube i know dark knight man on his skull horse but he’s a kinght. megaphilx you should get those 3 robot masters from the fake megaman 10 you will like them they are cool. just don’t make hammer man a mini boss keep him a robot master. and you know double from megaman x4 double turns into jello man. maybe you should make a new robot master called jello man for your project not the other jello man from megaman x4. i’am so excited for megaman 11 or megaman unlimied game to come out for the wii,xbox 360 and ps3 and ps2 and also the pc. and i’am proud of you for puting hammer man back to your project. thank you megaphilx…

80. Jake - January 13, 2010

So far this game looks pretty good. I listened to the soundtrack online, and it is fantabulastical! (BLATANT SPONGEBOB JOKE) I myself am creating a fangame, and you partially inspired me! Thanks, and good luck with your game!

81. Marshmallo - January 14, 2010

Yo, dude… when and where can I get this game?!? IT LOOKS AWESOME! I am a HUGE Mega Man fan, and I don’t really care if it’s FAN-MADE… I JUST WANNA PLAY!

82. nitemaric - January 15, 2010

i cant wait

83. payson - January 15, 2010

to megaphilx

is megaman unlmited a fan game?

84. Tayo - January 16, 2010

You know, you people should learn to be patient. <_< Look, why in the world would he have a release date? It's a fan game! He doesn't have any idea when he'll finish it. <_< Also, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE ON WIIWARE, XBOX, OR WHATEVER. It's a FANGAME, he even says it'll be a normal EXE file.

@Payson: Yes, it's a fan game. Also, the reason it wouldn't be a good idea is because there is a great chance Capcom WILL make a Mega Man 11. If it's a fan game, it should stick to more of a name that doesn't fit directly in the storyline.

@Everyone: Are you serious? You're not going to get your hands on this for quite a while. Probably another year or 2 before it's actually completed. In fact, most if not all fan games are never finished. I have seen a few, but it's rare. However, I have a much confidence in you, MegaPhilX. I believe you WILL finish this, but it won't take another month people. Do you realize how hard something like this is to do?

85. payson - January 17, 2010

why it wont be on the wiiware, xbox 360, and play station 3?

86. Tayo - January 17, 2010

It’s a FANGAME. We can’t make it for an actual videogame console. That’s for official games.

87. payson - January 17, 2010

very well then…. well try pc in stead.

88. Anonymous - January 17, 2010

I don’t see what the problem is. He isn’t charging anyone and it will be an awesome fangame.

89. payson - January 17, 2010

i am going to talk to megaphilx SO don’t disterb us please…….

90. payson - January 17, 2010

to megaphilx

megaphilx your work is doing good?

91. SeixaoKaura - January 17, 2010

Do you will change Nitro Man name because Capcom has created an official Nitro Man(motorcycle) in official Megaman 10 game?

92. payson - January 17, 2010

no lets change the other nitro man in to motorcycle man in megaman 10 and the other nitro man stays in megaman unlimited and it stays the same. better?

93. MegaPhilX - January 18, 2010

Thanks Tayo for your support and for bringing up those things I,ve told people a while ago. But since there are always new people being introduced to the project, I can’t really keep up and tell everyone everything all the time.
Yes, I know that fan-games usually don’t get finished. it’s because yes, it’s really long and tough to do. But I intend on seeing this through to the end. ^_^ So all I need for now is support ( :

94. MegaPhilX - January 18, 2010

Yeah, things are moving along. It’s far from finished but N64Mario has started to put the game together. We still have a long way to go but the most difficult part is over…

95. payson - January 18, 2010

to megaphilx

megaphilx there is megaman 11 that i saw in the google images that had 8 robot masters. i think it’s coming out next year. megaphilx i think you should call it megaman 12 it is your storyline fan game and by the way. your nitro man is geting changed by capcom that i took care of it. that i sad you shoud change it to motorcycle man. and thats it. now your nitro man is safe….. : )

96. payson - January 18, 2010

to megaphilx


97. Tayo - January 18, 2010

@Payson: Ok, first, what makes you think you can do something like that. <_< Capcom's not going to change their official game, especially it's pretty much done, just because you want them to change their names.Also, that "Mega Man 11" is just another fan project. Look, MegaPhilX or any other fan projects have no effect on the official series. (Hehe, well except since Capcom stole some of your images, I can't really dodge that. It's really obvious they did.)

98. payson - January 18, 2010

to tayo

tayo i feel sorry for my salf : ( and megaphilx……. : (

99. Tayo - January 18, 2010

… I suppose it’s not your fault. It’s no problem, you just didn’t know. Sorry for the ranting.

100. payson - January 18, 2010

ok feel better now : )

101. payson - January 18, 2010

and by the way can hammer man be a robot master again?
i promis megaphilx and will be friends. : )

102. payson - January 18, 2010

to megaphilx

megaphilx i am sorry for yelling at you about hammer man that can’t be a robot master..can you forgive me? and can you fix the way it is that hammer man will be a robot master. : )

103. payson - January 18, 2010

to megaphilx

and can you make a picter of hammer man that he will be with the 9 robot masters. put hammer man picter betwen comet woman and yo-yo man? and you should make a stage a wepon and a theme music for hammer man?

104. Autobotproductions12 - January 18, 2010

Phil,Thought i ask if you would love to join my boards….

105. payson - January 18, 2010

you know hammer man is a robot master.

106. Anonymous - January 18, 2010

this game is coooooooooool , i like to play this
and the music is good
please release soon

and a question, you no acept donations

107. payson - January 18, 2010

to megaphilx

hay megaphilx did you get the 3 robot masters from the fake megamam 10?

108. Tayo - January 20, 2010

What fake Mega Man 10?

109. payson - January 20, 2010

to tayo

i was talking to megaphilx to get 3 robot masters are hunt man, mask man, and dark knight man he can get those for free so he can create a better project. and yes this the fake megaman 10. thats all

110. payson - January 20, 2010

to tayo

and i also tell megaphilx to create jello man for his game project. so 3 new robot masters from the fake megaman 10 and 1 new robot master to create. whould that be a good idea?

111. Tayo - January 20, 2010

Well, I’m sure he’s already got everything planned and he’s already working on them. I don’t think he wants a bunch suggestions, especially robot masters since he’s got them all set.

112. payson - January 21, 2010

to tayo

yes he’s geting the robot masters ready that inclueds hammer man.

113. Tayo - January 21, 2010

I mean he already has them set. No more robot masters or changes. Plus, Hammer Man WILL be a mid-boss. He’s too similar to Nail Man and he’s already got 9 Robot Masters.

114. payson - January 21, 2010

to tayo

WHAAAAT!!? : (

115. payson - January 21, 2010

to tayo

NO!! it’s Wrong hammer man is a robot master not a mid-boss you i am going to fire megaphilx RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! : (

116. payson - January 21, 2010

to megaphilx


117. payson - January 22, 2010

to tayo

TAYO! i have fired megaphilx! i ‘am going to take over his project right NOW! : (

118. Tayo - January 23, 2010

You’re kidding me? Are you serious? Ugh, I’m not even going to say what’s wrong with all this, but I will anyway. Ugh, fire MegaPhilX from what? <_< He's not working for an official company, this is his fangame, you can't take over it. <_______<

119. Tayo - January 23, 2010

And it’s official. MegaPhilX has said Hammer Man will be his mid-boss for Nail Man’s stage.


120. coper - January 24, 2010

pasyon you act like a 8 year old and you cant take over the project because your not even working for him and whats the words your fired giong to do you sure do like hammer man why not make your own fangame and its not a offical capcom game

121. payson - January 24, 2010

ya he has to be a robot master….understand

122. payson - January 24, 2010

to coper

but he’s a sub-boss

123. payson - January 24, 2010

he is suppsed to be a robot master

124. payson - January 24, 2010

and we half to wate after megaman 10 and 11 we are going to change megaman unlimited to megaman 12..understand

125. Tayo - January 24, 2010

He’s not changing anything… <_< This is madness…

126. payson - January 24, 2010

to tayo and megaphilx

(crying) please tayo and megaphilx i want hammer man to be a robot master not a mid/sub-boss….. and want megaman unlimited to be megaman 12… and i am sorry i can’t play your game when hammer man is a sub -boss and i saw megaman 11 with 8 new robot masters i saw it…. so change it to megaman 12 please i’m sorry i won’t do it again…. please …. : (

127. MegaPhilX - January 25, 2010

@ Payson
I’m sorry I haven’t really been posting here since I’m so busy with all the other stuff : P
I didn’t know HammerMan had such hardcore fans ( :
I’m sorry but I,m not going to change the game at this point. Even NitroMan is staying as he is (Except his name)
Why wouldn’t you play the game if it’s not called MegaMan 12 or has HammerMan?
I’m just curious: what is so cool about HammerMan?
Anyway, I hope you’ll still get to enjoy the game anyway ^_^

128. Nilakantha - January 25, 2010

Wow, you already got a fanboy that quick. Took Inafune-san three years.

129. payson - January 25, 2010

to megaphilx

so…. if hammer man was a robot master i would be happy and megaphilx at the robot masters i said to the people on the website that we were going to get 8 new robot masters for you the day before and i am sorry i fired megaphilx you and i made the meeting about the new game called megaman 12 aka megaman unlimited the game of yours megaphilx. and renember i saw hammer man was a robot master in the select stage i just saw it megaphilx. and make hammer man a music theme and a wepon for hammer man and also a stage for hammer man in the middle of commet woman and yo-yo man so…megaphilx i am sorry i’ve made the madness can you forgive me? so can we be friends? : )

130. Tayo - January 25, 2010

I know you like Hammer Man, Payson, but this isn’t something to go crazy about. He’s still in the game, so you still get to at least fight him.

Also, there is no such thing as Mega Man 11, yet. Capcom just recently announced Mega Man 10, so there is no confirmed official Mega Man 11 yet. What you saw is obviously a fangame. Honestly, do you even know what a fangame is? Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man 11 are both fangames, NOT official games made by Capcom. They are just for the enjoyment of fans, etc…

131. payson - January 25, 2010

to tayo

i see.. i understand

132. RockMan64 - January 26, 2010

to payson
Why do you keep bothering MegaPhilX? I’ve seen Hammer Man screenshots. It’s confirmed that he is a mini-boss. Also, it is not possible for him to make it for Xbox, because:
1. He doesn’t have the rights to market something he doesn’t own
2. He doesn’t have the technology
3. Fan-games are meant to be played on the PC
4. Don’t keep pestering people compulsively, it comes across as annoying. Patience is a better way to get answers, because then the people will be more likely to want to answer you
Keep that in mind

133. payson - January 26, 2010

to megaphilx and tayo

you guys know i am makeing my own megaman game i put hammer man in my project.

134. Tayo - January 26, 2010

Eh not really, do you have a name?

135. payson - January 27, 2010

to tayo and megaphilx

megaman power battle fighters

136. Tayo - January 27, 2010

Uh, that’s just a mix of the name of the arcade games Mega Man: The Power Battles and Mega Man: The Power Fighters 2.

137. payson - January 27, 2010

to megaphilx

megaphilx hammer man is a robot master is he?

138. Tayo - January 27, 2010

1. A million times, Hammer Man will be a mid-boss in Nail Man’s stage.
2. You can’t use Hammer Man in your game unless you have permission from Megaphilx first.

139. payson - January 28, 2010

what! no fair! no fair!

140. coper - January 28, 2010

its fair or else you are copying him and that is illegal

141. payson - January 28, 2010

(crying) why is it fair if you two say that to me i quit

142. payson - January 28, 2010

to megaphilx and tayo and yumei19

( crying )dear megaphilx and tayo and yumei19 i am going to quit your project because you three keeping up with me about hammer man i want hammer man to be a robot master in megaman 12/unlimited not a sub/mini boss so i am quiting this website and by the way. YOU DIDN’T GET 8 NEW ROBOT MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys worry about your own I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

143. RockMan64 - January 28, 2010

to payson
Leave them alone!
Look man, you can’t steal someone’s idea without permission

to tayo
If there is a way to block people on this site, by all means dude

144. payson - January 28, 2010

i quit forever good bye everyone on this website : (

145. payson - January 28, 2010

and he won’t call it megaman 12 goodbye megaphilx..

146. Tayo - January 28, 2010

Quitting what? <_< Honestly, you haven't made much sense with all this. What new 8 robot masters? I mean, he's already got 9. Why would he have to worry about them anyway? They're solid, and fans are totally fine with them. Please, your opinion is not the only one that matters. There are many fans that Megaphilx is trying to please, but we're not stopping you from making your own fangame. That's totally your choice, but you just can't use Megaphilx's stuff without asking first.

147. payson - January 28, 2010

to megaphilx

megaphilx can you put hammer man as a robot master please?

148. Tayo - January 28, 2010

Please payson, you have made numerous comments about the exact same question, and Megaphilx has told you that he won’t be a Robot Master. But if it helps at all, here’s a screenshot of Hammer Man as the mid-boss of Nail Man’s stage.


149. payson - January 28, 2010

but tayo i want him to be a robot master

150. Tayo - January 28, 2010

Again, we all know that, but you must understand that your opinion is not the only one that matters. Think of the others, and MegaPhilX himself.

151. payson - January 28, 2010

(crying) its not fair i saw hammer man was a robot master i swair : (

152. Tayo - January 28, 2010

He was planned to be a Robot Master, but Megaphilx changed that later on. You’ll probably see what I mean in some of his earliest videos and pictures.

153. payson - January 28, 2010

WHAT! tayo! he can’t change a robot master in to a mini boss! i am going to tell him right now…

154. payson - January 28, 2010

to megaphilx only

megaphilx can you change hammer man back into a robot master please i saw it in your select stage and google images so change back please it will make me happy..

155. payson - January 28, 2010

to megaphilx only

and make a tank instaed of hammer man in nail man’s stage make like a nail tank for nail man’s stage.

156. MegaPhilX - January 29, 2010

@ Payson

I won’t be changing HammerMan back to robot master status because:

1: There are already 9 robot masters. 1 more than the original games have.
2: Stages are already designed and graphics are already made.
3: Adding another robot master is a lot of work and I must get this game done.
4: The whole reason I removed HammerMan from the line up is because the line up needed more variety. It was too much about tools and vehicles. Now we have CometWoman and YokuMan in, who add a nice different touch to the line up of characters.

I’m sure you’ll like HammerMan as a sub-boss. He is bigger (Because it’s better to have a sub-boss be big than small), he shakes the ground when jumping, throws hammers and even tries to crush MegaMan with his head. ^_^
Please be patient.

157. Tayo - January 29, 2010

Well, I’m really looking forward to this! That screen looks awesome of Hammer Man.

158. payson - January 29, 2010

but it’s all wrong thats it i quit

159. payson - January 29, 2010

to evreyone from this website

(crying) goodbye evreyone from this website i can’t take it anymore of this man called megaphilx i’am going to quit this website because megaphilx won’t change hammer man back into a robot master he is still a mini-boss so thair can be 10 robot masters and he won’t change megaman unlimited to megaman 12 thats why i’m quiting this website i won’t like this game because hammer man is staying a mini-boss i’am not happy with megaphilx and new robot masters coming soon in megaman 11 and capcom is not going to be happy at megaphilx’s work because 1 robot master i missing and when they find it thay will be mad that hammer man robot master is a sub-boss forever… : (


tayo goodbye…… i’am going to quit megaphilx.com because megaphilx is not changeing hammer man back into a robot master it’s going to stay a sub-boss forever and capcom will not be happy… you were a great friend tayo but i’am going to quit megaphilx.com because megaphilx is not listening to me he whant’s to keep it a sub boss forever and i’am not happy goodbye tayo……. : (

160. Tayo - January 29, 2010

Uh, Capcom has nothing to do with this. It’s a fangame. Capcom couldn’t really care less about how well it does.

161. payson - January 29, 2010

to tayo

tayo what are you talking about?

162. Nilakantha - January 29, 2010

Payson must really get friendly with hammers.

163. payson - January 29, 2010


164. payson - January 30, 2010

to nilakantha

way you want me to like hammers?

165. payson - January 30, 2010

to megaphilx

you know keiji inafune created megaman

166. payson - January 30, 2010

to capcom

can you change nitro man that you all made to motorcycle man but not the other nitro man that megaphilx made.

167. Mr. Z - January 31, 2010

two things:
1. Phil is one of the biggest Megaman fans on the internet. I think he knows that Keiji Inafune created Megaman.
2. I don’t think Capcom really cares about this site.

Are you stupid?

168. payson - January 31, 2010

to mr.z


169. Tayo - January 31, 2010

Look, no one is changing anything, not Capcom, not MegaPhilX. Capcom is an official game company, they’re most likely not even going to hear from anyone let alone change something, especially when it’s being release in just a month. Why in the world would they change?

170. payson - January 31, 2010

grrrr! i can’t take it any more you wory about your own hide i quit

171. payson - February 1, 2010

look at that new poster

172. payson - February 1, 2010

i can’t what for it to come

173. payson - February 1, 2010

can som one help me how to put a pictuer in please

174. payson - February 1, 2010

….i hope hammer man will be a robot master again….

175. Yumei19 - February 1, 2010

Ugh, i can’t take it anymore!

Payson, Hammer Man is a SUB-BOSS, gonna stay a SUB-BOSS, and if I have my way he’s gonna die a SUB-BOSS! This is a fangame so Capcom won’t give two s&/@s about this game, so the name’s not gonna change EVER!

176. payson - February 1, 2010


177. payson - February 1, 2010


178. coper - February 1, 2010

You are really freaking me out dude send in death threats out because of this you should be kicked off if possible seriously get some help and what are you gonna do you don’t even have the file for it so no good and besides you have to give the idea to Microsoft for them to put it on the system you are really crazy taylo or megaphil please stop him before he comes up with more useless rants

179. Tayo - February 1, 2010

@coper: I’ve found no way out of this. I don’t know how to get through anymore.

180. Yumei19 - February 3, 2010

There’s only one person who can (hopefully) sort this mess out. MegaphilX!!! HELP US NORMAL PEOPLE!

181. a kewly guy - February 5, 2010

@ Payson
internet tough guy much?

182. Tayo - February 5, 2010

I think things have been solved…

183. Yumei19 - February 5, 2010

what’d I miss

184. JeremiahZero - February 5, 2010

New here; been following the game’s progress for a couple of months. Just wanted to pop in and say hi and keep up the good work.

@Payson (in case he’s still lurking out there):
HammerMan doesn’t love you anymore. He’s scared of you. He told me so. In fact, he’s getting a restraining order. The romance is dead. Your psychotic, obsessive behavior killed it. Stop calling and hanging up (he knows it’s you, by the way; he’s not stupid). Stop sending flowers. Stop standing outside his window holding a boombox over your head, blaring “In Your Eyes” across the neighborhood. It’s really, really time to move on, buddy.

185. Megaman and Lumine fan - February 7, 2010

Dear MegaphilX
When will the game be ready? When is it possible to try it then? From where it is possible to download the game? You are the demo possibly game? Since I am on tenterhooks in order to try it.

186. R3nj1 - February 7, 2010

Man, you are simply AMAZING !!! Can`t wait for the game … the stages look so epic ;D

187. Tayo - February 8, 2010

@Megaman and Lumine fan: Please read the faqs.

188. Megaman and Lumine fan - February 8, 2010

Excuse me, how I did not read FAQ. I did not know that this is game for FAQ.

189. Tayo - February 8, 2010

Uh, I don’t really understand, but here’s the FAQ page.


190. Sangus - February 11, 2010

Cheer Up!!! You are best.

191. Mr. Awesome - February 19, 2010

So, when is the release date looking like?

192. Tayo - February 21, 2010

Well, if he can get everything done, I’d guess another year or less IF everything goes well.

193. OrpheusX - February 23, 2010

umm… and hammer man? o_oU

194. Tayo - February 25, 2010

Hammer Man is the mid boss of Nail Man’s stage.

195. random guy - February 27, 2010

hey today my friend told megaman 10 demo come today for playstadion 3

196. Tayo - March 1, 2010

Today, Mega Man 10 came out for WiiWare in the U.S. I just beat it actually. lol :P Amazing game, I really love the music and the fresh new ideas.

197. Marshmallo - March 4, 2010

Hey, MPX! I’m making a Mega Man fangame called Mega Man Galaxy, and I was wondering if you could help me with some sprites. I already came up with a Robot Master: Sharpie Man!
So, please email me some sprites, but they have to be separate attachments, not sprite sheets.

198. hisworldSA2 - March 5, 2010

I’m gonna guess the weakness order, so e-mail when the game comes out to tell me how close I was

Tank against Jet
Jet against Nitro
Nitro against Comet
Comet against Rainbow
Rainbow against Yo-Yo
Yo-Yo against Glue
Glue against Nail
Nail against Tank (hey, if Commando Man is weak to wheel cutters, than Tank Man can be weak to nails!)

199. Yunei19 - March 5, 2010


you’re already wrong on one,
Glue beats Rainbow (Not sure how but it does)

200. juan - March 6, 2010

iam no speak english but iam speak spanish

como descargo (download) el megaman unlimited y (and) megaman 9 porfavor(please)

201. Anonymous - March 7, 2010

My ideas for Wily Bosses:
1. Red Devil
2. Cannon 56
3. Red Devil Revisited
4. Tumbler 54000
5. Wily Machine Mk. Infinity

202. RealAnime1995 - March 10, 2010

MMU es incompleto. Tu no puedes descargar,hasta Phil completar de juego.

203. Tayo - March 11, 2010

@Juan: Puedes hablar español aquí. Unas personas aquí saben un poco español. Mega Man Unlimited es un fangame de MegaPhilX, no es un juego oficial, pero ahora puedes comprar Mega Man 10. Pero, es en inglés. Puedes jugar Mega Man Unlimited cuándo MegaPhilX lo completa.

204. Tayo - March 11, 2010

Casi olvidé. Mega Man 9 es un juego oficial también. Puedes comprarlo también.

205. Relaxxxni - March 12, 2010

Нашел много интересного в этом блоге, очень доволен.

206. Tayo - March 12, 2010

Ты русский оратора? Я не знаю русского языка, но это интересно видеть разные люди проявляют интерес к игре вентилятор.

207. RealAnime1995 - March 15, 2010

Хе…. Tayo.. I’m speak russian too.. But I’m lithuanian… Relaxxxni said, that he found on this blog many interesting things….но у меня английский хреновый.

208. Softozilla - March 19, 2010

Подскажите как ссылки индаксируются при ранжировании. через какой срок.

209. Hikoderip - March 20, 2010

Отличный ресурс и тематика то что надо, буду пользоваться.

210. Chaft - March 29, 2010

C”est d’la bonne ton jeu ^^

franchement j’espere que tu le sortira sans emcombres

et ptet un ptit mode online lol ^^

211. Senjen - March 31, 2010

looks awesome dude ^^

i think a robot master called GasMan should be in the megaman series …

Gasman hello im the new robot master GasMan!

FireMan oh dear god get away from me!

212. Marshmallo - April 2, 2010

Hey, does any body have any ideas for my robot master:
like weapons or stages or something!

213. Tayo - April 3, 2010

@Marshmallo: Hm, maybe put in one of the more obvious designs, like the interchanging light panels, similar to a disco floor.

214. A guy - April 3, 2010

he kind of scared me

215. A guy - April 3, 2010

hey mega philx do you know any fan games that need ideas because i have 4 robot master sprite sheets they are:
petal woman
pyro man
toixc man
cyber man

ps did capcom realy use mega man unlimited pictures for mega man 10 because i cant find them and i want to see them

216. A guy - April 3, 2010

megaphilx you’ve inspired me to make my own game. it’s going to be mainly about proto man.so far there’s going to be the four robot masters that i listed up there + point man,mirror man,twister man, and snow man. the story goes like this: wily bulids a time machine to take mega man from the futer and bring him back to make quint,but what wily doesnt know is that proto man has been watching him and checking on him to see if hes up to no good. so proto man fallows him into the futer to save his bro once wily reilzes this he bulids new robot mastersand proto man must take them on!
its going to be proto man 300X.

217. Tayo - April 4, 2010

Well, I’m not sure if Quint can be considered canon. Besides the fact that he’s said to be Mega Man far in the far future, well, that wouldn’t make sense because sometime when X was built, Mega Man was gone. (Of course, it’s never been revealed yet what happened to all those characters.)

218. A guy - April 10, 2010

so ive got a web site now. It’s called hyrulehome. you see this yoused to be a zelda website but i cant change the name or the back round for the home page :(. and i tried to put as much up as i could last night. type this in on the browser not google: http://hyrule home.webs.com/

219. R5h - April 11, 2010

I like the M.C. Escher vibe in the background of YokuMan’s stage. He’s my favorite MC.

220. Dataman - April 16, 2010

Are you still there MegaPhil, I don’t know if I got your name right. I have a great multiplayer online game, but I think I try to get a team to help me make a game, but forget about what I said just now. I can’t wait for this game to come out.

221. azuma - April 17, 2010

hey megaghilx when you finally release the game are you going to have previews for it?you know like a commercial or posters or something like that ya know.

222. A guy - April 17, 2010

he cant make a commerical because its a fan game

223. Personman - April 20, 2010

MegaPhilX can still make a youtube video, it doesn’t have to be a commercial.

224. jonathan - April 20, 2010

i want to play megaman unlimted so badly and megaman 10

225. evilmax - April 20, 2010

this game must be realese or else

226. Tayo - April 21, 2010

@jonathan: MegaMan 10 is already out, you can get it now. :) As for MegaMan Unlimited, it’s a fangame, so no one will know when it is finished.

Hehe, I feel like I’m basically speaking on MegaPhilX’s behalf.

227. Azuma - April 23, 2010

Hey megaphil why don’t you just ask capcom for permission to sell the game?You never know they might say yeah.

228. A guy - April 24, 2010

hey M.P.X. is this going to be for windows, because my computer runs on ubuntu so i won’t be able to play it

229. Tayo - April 24, 2010

@Azuma: I really doubt it, but I’m sure he’s gotten that same suggestion several times, so I’m not sure.

@A guy: It’s an .exe file, so if your OS cannot use executable files, then it won’t work. That’s why I always prefer PC over Mac.

230. A guy - April 25, 2010

that sucks i was really looking forward to playing it

231. Azuma - April 26, 2010

don’t be so sure.i mean who knows they might just give him the ok to put it on the market:wiiware,xbox,ps3 you never know capcom can be pretty generous at times.

232. Personman - April 26, 2010

Are you going to put the screenshots of the robot master battles on here? I would want to see them here in case some people can’t get on to deviantart for some reason.

233. Travis ze rabbid - May 2, 2010

Yo! howz the Progress, is this going on newgrounds Dude?…

234. Travis ze rabbid - May 2, 2010

I am rooting 4 u plus I shall download this if I can Or play it if you put it on newgrounds.

235. Azuma - May 5, 2010

hey megaphil or tayo think 1 of you could fill me in on the boss weaknesses ya know who’s weak against who?

236. A guy - May 7, 2010

wrote my first program, 1 step closer to being a game designer

237. A guy - May 7, 2010

To Azuma:

Doesnt that kind of spoil it?

238. A guy - May 7, 2010

o but gule man is rainbow mans weekness i know that

239. A guy - May 7, 2010

hey mega phil my bro and i play piano do you think u could get some sheet music for the songs

240. A guy - May 7, 2010

tayo do you know mega phil x

241. a kid with a rash - May 7, 2010


242. gazongmk - May 8, 2010

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I advise to you to try to look in google.com
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I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I am assured. Write to me in PM, we will talk.
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243. Tayo - May 8, 2010

@Azuma and A guy: Actually, I don’t know MegaPhilX personally, but I’m just a fan who uses the info that’s been given already to answer other fans’ questions. At this point, I guess that’s good enough since MegaPhilX is unable to answer all of them. :) Anyway, to answer some questions, unless Newgrounds supports uploading .exe files, then he couldn’t put it on there. I’m pretty sure Newgrounds supports Flash games, am I correct? No need to worry, anyone can simply download and play the game when it is released. Also, to A guy, at this point, I think you could try playing the themes from ear. You know, listen to it and try to mimic it. I’m really unsure whether or not MegaPhilX has made sheet music, but I doubt it.

244. Tayo - May 8, 2010

Also, I don’t know the weaknesses, but as far we know, I think we can be sure that Rainbow Man will be weak against Glue Man’s weapon. You can make your own speculations if you’d like, maybe even say why you think it would make sense.

245. a guy - May 8, 2010

well that kind of sucks because im really bad at learning by ear but my bro (a kid with a rash) is super good at it so maby he could learn it and then teache me

246. Azuma - May 8, 2010

i already knew rainbow was weak to glue but thanks anyway tayo i appritiate it.

247. Azuma - May 8, 2010

ya know tayo if i didn’t know any better i’d say you were like megaphil’s secretary or something.

248. Tayo - May 8, 2010

lol Yeah. Though, I don’t think he knows I’m helping out most of the time. I’m usually only answering questions on this page.

249. Azuma - May 8, 2010

have you ever wondered how it always says the year 20XX at the start of every classic or X megaman game ? there is no way all that madness and destruction could have happened in the same year. am i right ?

250. Tayo - May 8, 2010

@Azuma: I thought the same for the longest time, until I found out that they’re not refering to Roman numerals. Like 200X can refer to either 2000 – 2009, and 20XX can refer to 2000 – 2099. You see where I’m getting at? X can stand for any numeral 0-9. XX can refer to 00 – 99. Understand?

251. a guy - May 8, 2010

i used to have mega man and bass but i sold it and now i want it back

252. Azuma - May 9, 2010

that would explain why they use it over and over again.

253. Azuma - May 9, 2010

@A guy: try play n trade,gamestop,or ebay. they’ll have your game especially ebay,but there is it’s been used so can’t guarantee it will work properly or at all for that matter.

254. ??? - May 9, 2010

for those of you who can guess what tayo is thinking you’ll win a cookie!! hahahahahahaha!!!

Note:if you want that cookie you have to send in $30 via pay buddy.

255. Tayo - May 10, 2010

Can I can guess what I’m thinking? XD

256. Azuma - May 11, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS TAYO!!! you figured out what was on your mind!! now i got good news and bad news good news you don’t really have to send $30,bad news i don’t know where you live so i can’t send you the cookie sorry. but thanks for playing!!

257. Azuma - May 11, 2010

as a consolation prize i can tell some cheats and hints to any of the classic or x megaman games just let me know dude.

258. Tayo - May 12, 2010

I probably know most of them anyway. I’m a Rockman Maniac. XD

259. BigDaddyAxl - May 13, 2010

I just read this and I seriously lol’d at Payson. Anyways good luck on the game ;) can’t wait to play it

260. Azuma - May 13, 2010

know how to get the ultimate armor in x4,x5 and x6 ?

261. Tayo - May 13, 2010

Yup, in X4, you input that code at the beginning when selecting X, then go to Web Spider’s stage.
In X5, put in the code when selecting X.
In X6, put in the code while highlighting Game Start.

Love Nova Strike, especially the one in X Command Mission since it’s way different.

262. Anonymous - May 13, 2010

has any one here played the mega man game hard hat because if you havent then you should

263. Azuma - May 14, 2010

i here you dude with the nova strike armor the nova strike is pretty worthless,but if you have it with the ultimate armor all other weapons are put to shame. BEST UPGRADE EVER!!!

264. Azuma - May 14, 2010


265. Tayo - May 15, 2010

Yeah, because it’s unlimited.

266. Tayo - May 15, 2010

I’m starting to think we’ve turned MegaPhilX’s comments box into a chatobox. lol

267. Azuma - May 17, 2010

and what’s wrong with that?

268. Tayo - May 17, 2010

Well, there’s this guy on youtube whose comment box is filled over 100,000 comments because a lot of people use it as a chatbox, even when he’s not there. lol

269. Captain James Hook - May 20, 2010

Ow, I’m a bit embarassed but here we go ….

Hi there. I’m an italian fan of rockman in all of his aspects and I’m following the MMU project since 3 months. This is the fisrt time I leave a comment, and I would like to congratuleta to megaphilX for all of his fantastic work!

As a rockman fan, I’ve always liked to draw megaman styled character and robot masters.So i was thinking if some of my drawings could interest you for similar projects.I’ve created of bunch of robot masters and some other are on schedule so if you are interested let me know^^

Just one question: More or less when is mega man unlimited going to be released?

Thanks from Italy!

270. Tayo - May 20, 2010

@Captain James Hook: Well, since it is a fangame, we won’t know until it’s finished. He does have a life, too. ;) But I’m sure you can show him your artwork. There’s no harm in that. I think the best way to get a hold of him is PMing him on his Youtube Account.

271. Azuma - May 21, 2010

which one of the master bots is the weakest ? watcing the demo on youtube i have a pretty good idea it’s tankman,but i just wanna be sure.what do you think tayo ?

272. Tayo - May 22, 2010

Well, seeing the screenshots… I have a bit of a feeling it’s Glue Man.

273. Azuma - May 22, 2010

glue man? its worth a shot thanks.

274. Tayo - May 23, 2010

Of course, I only know as much as you do. That’s only my guess.

275. Azuma - May 25, 2010

you think rockphilx (megaphilx) might teach me how to make my own megaman game ?

276. Tayo - May 26, 2010

I don’t see why not, but if you want him to finish the game sooner, you might want to wait. I use Game Maker for my games though. He’s using multimediafusion.

277. aquasmams - May 28, 2010

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278. someone - May 29, 2010

what the hell is that supossed to mean

279. Iuri Fiedoruk - June 2, 2010

Hey PhilX, one quick question:
I am developing a Megaman like game (http://rockbot.upperland.net), but it does come with an editor, allowing you to create your own megaman games.
So, the question is: will be possible to use your data (stage, graphics and music) in other projects, or there are some restriction of use?

280. Tayo - June 3, 2010

Well, because it’s a fangame, he doesn’t technically have copyright over his material. I guess it’s just being curtious and asking for permission.

281. A guy - June 4, 2010

wow i like it. im farily impressed.BUT when i tried todownload it it warned me a bout it could destory every thing i have

282. Tayo - June 7, 2010

What did you download?

283. A guy - June 8, 2010

i tried to downlaod Rock bot

284. A guy - June 15, 2010

what do you think the worst mega man game is id have to say 5

285. Tayo - June 16, 2010

I’m not good with worsts. I love all Rockman games. So it’s hard to choose, but maybe I’d guess Mega Man 4 or 5.

286. Azuma - June 19, 2010

a lot of people say its X6,especially clementJ642 he really hates that game.

287. A guy - June 21, 2010

4 is the best one!

288. Azuma - June 23, 2010

it looks like that payson dude finally left you guys alone.he was really crazy about hammer man wasn’t he? and that wasn’t too cool when he threatened megaphil just cause he wouldn’t change hammer man back to a robot master.why do you think he likes that bot so much any ways?

289. Jih of disarmament - June 24, 2010

you people just don’t realize that ROBOT MASTER DOES NOT MEAN BOSS!!!!!
Roll is a robot master for cryin’ out loud!

290. Azuma - June 26, 2010

i already knew that,they know what i’m talking about.anyway don’t interrupt me.

291. Travis ze rabbid - June 29, 2010


292. Travis ze rabbid - June 29, 2010


293. Travis ze rabbid - June 29, 2010

so confermed a release date yet megaphil X? And after your done with megaman ulimted I have a request for you and your buddys…
and I’ll try to help as much as I can with you It will be kinda tough because I have NO E MAIL please dont laff ok I try to get E mail ok? your newset fan: Travis ze raveing Rabbid. p.s. I like your pics on D.A.! ^_^ also teh requset may have Mario and some others But defently megaman! I am a fan too! ^_^

294. Travis ze rabbid - June 29, 2010


295. Cyper Tech - June 30, 2010

megaphilX instead of making fanmade games are you gonna join capcom and make a real game console game?anyway i hope everything turns good and you suceed.and it is cyper not cyber

296. Travis ze rabbid - June 30, 2010


297. Travis ze rabbid - June 30, 2010


298. Azuma - June 30, 2010


299. Tayo - June 30, 2010

@Everyone: CALM DOWN, EVERYONE! Especially you Travis ze rabbid. Please type real English, most of us can barely understand you, and everyone, stop spewing nonsense.
@Jih of disarmament: I don’t think you realize it either, but a Robot Master is a robot (orginally) made to be smarter and more customly made to lead a group of robots. For example, Guts Man was a construction robot and he was made to lead other robots aiding in construction. Rock and Roll are NOT considered Robot Masters. They were originally made to be house-keeping robots or helper robots for around the house and lab.

300. Azuma - July 1, 2010

now your pretending to be me?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU DEMENTED LITTLE PERVERT!! AS LEROY BROWN SAID STOP BEING NASTY!!! Tayo is there any way to block her from this site?! if there is BY ALL MEANS PLEASE DO SO!!!!!!!! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!! SERIOUSLY I DON’T FEEL SAFE WITH HER AROUND!!!!

301. Azuma - July 1, 2010


302. Azuma - July 2, 2010

help me tayo.

303. Azuma - July 2, 2010

this girl is out of her mind.did you see all of the stuff she wrote about the x series?

304. Tayo - July 3, 2010

O_O Yeah, I did. That last comment wasn’t me either. <_< Sorry, I don't have mod powers, so I cannot do anything. I'll seriously have to ask Megaphilx to give me some power so I can take care of the the things going on in this comment box. You'll know it's not me if the user uses a bunch of bad grammar, spam, language, or talks about inappropriate things. Simple as that.

305. Tayo - July 5, 2010

Alright guys, MegaPhilX has given me mod powers, so if anyone acts up here, I can delete your posts or change if necessary. This comment box is to ask questions about the game and/or discuss it.

306. Azuma - July 5, 2010

YES!!! thank god.tayo you think you can do something about that stuff she wrote pretending to me? you’ll know it when you see it. seriously i don’t want people thinking i’m a perverted nut case like her.

307. Tayo - July 5, 2010

Ok, I got rid of them.

308. Azuma - July 6, 2010

thank you tayo and thank you MPX.

309. Azuma - July 6, 2010

as a token of gratitude i’m gonna tell the names of these videos i saw on youtube: megaman vs.hardhat, megaman x maverick market, dr.wily fails at life.

seriously tayo checkout these you’ll get a good laugh out of them.especially the third one.

310. Tayo - July 7, 2010

Lol I’ve seen those before, and yes, they’re really funny. Here’s a really good one for you.

311. Azuma - July 7, 2010

wow wily is a very very very very sad old man. but that video got me thinking when megaphilx finally releases the game how hard do you think the difficulty will be? i know that there will be those instant kill lasers and the one thing everyone hates the most:SPIKES!!! oh how i hate spikes.

312. Tayo - July 7, 2010

Well, I’d like it to be challenging, but not insanely impossible. It may be a little boring if it’s not very difficult.

313. Azuma - July 8, 2010

do you believe wily is innocent? i know i don’t he’s punked us over too many times i don’t trust him.

314. AquaHedge93 - July 8, 2010

According to Ctrl+F, payson is mentioned 108 times.
The guy broke a record.

315. Tayo - July 8, 2010

@Azuma: Well, of course not. He’s tried to take over the world well over too many times.
@AquaHedge93: lol Sure did.

316. Tayo - July 8, 2010

Oh, but I counted 109. :P

317. Azuma - July 9, 2010

what happened to payson anyway? one minute he’s crying about hammer man being turned into a sub boss and threatening to kill megaphil then the next he’s gone.

318. Tayo - July 9, 2010


319. Azuma - July 9, 2010

do you think he was probably a 5 year old? or maybe he had a lot of issues he really really REALLY needed to work out?

320. Tayo - July 10, 2010

I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s in our right to judge him.

321. Azuma - July 10, 2010

just being curious

322. Azuma - July 10, 2010

i have a message for you all from zero….

zero: the first victim of the robot apocalypse says what?

323. Tayo - July 11, 2010

Wily: Eh, what?
*Bass facepalms himself*
Wily: Ah-
*Ah it’s Guts Man’s butt!”

324. Azuma - July 12, 2010

the great clement said wily put the evil energy from megaman 8 inside of zero because zero was like x so that means he could think for himself and he decided
zero: why should i destroy megaman? he’s trying to save the world if anyone should die it should be you wily.

its only a thery but it makes more sense when you think about it. WILY WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING?!!!

325. Fighting robots - July 12, 2010

the x series should have its own show.the day of sigma has alot of potential.and should axl have a series?it would make him more important.he should have lazer guns that can shoot both ways at the same time,instead of those pistols.

326. someone - July 12, 2010

Oh my gosh!!!! I just relized some thing!!!! Capcom stole mega phil x’s comet women back round!! oh ya and if any one wants to see another cool fan mega man game google Mega Man 72

327. a guy - July 12, 2010

i finaly beat all the DLC bosses of mega man 10

328. Tayo - July 12, 2010

@Azuma: That’s a, um, interesting theory. lol I’m probably as much of a X series nerd as MegaPhilX, so from what we know, it goes like this. Many years later after what we’ve seen so far from the original series, Dr. Wily and Dr. Light were getting very old. (Ironically enough, Wily lives longer than Dr. Light) Dr. Light, being a true genius of any time, created something that could never be recreated for many centuries, possibly forever. He created X, a robot closest to a human being as physically possible. Being able to fully think like a human and make his own decisions. At the same time, Wily created Zero, a robot made similar to X from Wily’s own genius as well. Zero, on the other hand, did not originally have complete free will. He had been created solely by Wily to get his revenge. The one most important thing we know about Wily is, he absolutely HATES Mega Man. He created Zero to do exactly that, “Go… Destroy him… Destroy Light’s creation!” He wasn’t satisfied with destroying X while he was in the capsule, he wanted Zero to face him and fight him, so that he could finally do it, Wily could finally beat Light. So, Zero originally was evil, set to wake up around the same time as X. Oops! Sorry for the long paragraph. :S Anyway.

@Fighting robots: I don’t know why that haven’t already made an Rockman X anime, or any other Rockman anime besides EXE and Star Force.

@someone: Yeah, we found that quite awhile ago when Capcom first put up their Mega Man 10 website. I couldn’t believe, apparently, MegaPhilX is so good that even Capcom recognizes his talent. There’s not just Comet Woman, but check out the borders. ;)

329. a guy - July 12, 2010

so what ever happendd to mega man in the x series how come hes gone im preety sure robots live for ever and atuo makes a camo in X6 how come hes still alive and mega man isnt?

330. a guy - July 12, 2010

i got super far in mega man battle net work 3 white but i accedently bumped the cartridge in my ds and my save flies gone :'(

331. Azuma - July 12, 2010

@Tayo:like i said i heard it from the great clement. and a lot of people seem to think zero really dif killed megaman,this one guy on youtube said wily built zero out of parts from protoman but thats not true play megaman 2: the power fighters. and when zero killed megaman light used his parts to make x. i read somewhere in MKB that zero was built to destroy megaman,bass and possibly x hinting light was working on x when mega was still kicking around. its still a mystery capcom has yet to give us the full story.

332. Tayo - July 12, 2010

@Azuma: None of that stuff is confirmed. We still don’t know what happened to Mega Man or anyone else, but we do know that X was built several years later after current classic Mega Man games. Mega Man the Power Fighters 2 can’t be considered very canon though. Wily did not have plans to create Zero that early, it wasn’t until much much later.

@a guy: In the Rockman ZX series, reploids are given a life span of about 100 years in which they must die. It was to make them as fair to humans as possible. Other than that, they could technically live until they are destroyed, like X, even though he wasn’t a reploid. When was Auto shown in X6? I don’t recall that. If he was, that was probably just a cameo for show, not canon. Also, that stinks about MMBN3. I love that game.

333. Azuma - July 13, 2010

@Tayo:hold on in zero’s ending of X6 when goes into hibernation for whatever reason this scientist goes you will wake up 102 years from now. being that zero and x aren’t reploids i can understand them lasting that long but what about signas,alia,douglass and all them? their reploids its 102 years in the future i’m looking at X7.

334. Azuma - July 13, 2010

and who was that scientist anyways?

335. Tayo - July 13, 2010

@Azuma: X6 was originally supposed to be the last X series game, so they were preparing Zero for his sleep in which he wakes up in Rockman Zero 1, 100 years later. The thing to note is that because they decided to continue the X series, that scene can be counted as something that happens later. Ok, this is the timeline.

Sometime after X8, Zero realized that the world would be better off without him because his virus is basically what fueled the Sigma Virus. So, he originally sealed himself, with the help from an unknown scientist. Sometime later, Ciel’s ancestor had finally created the Mother Elf, which had the power to finally destroy the Sigma Virus once and for all. Thus, X, using the power of the Mother Elf, destroyed Sigma for good. Dr. Weil, though, worked with Ciel’s ancestor, it wasn’t until later that he started the Elf Wars due to an uprise with people becoming power hungry using the new cyber elves. This started a 4 year war in which was the deadliest war the world had ever seen. In the aftermath, I think 60% of all humans on earth were wiped out, and 90% of all reploids on earth were wiped out. During the war, Weil created Omega, and he stole Zero’s body while he was in his sleep. At the end of the war, they were able to find Zero, put him into a copied body, and wake him up. An unknown amount of time had passed since he’d gone missing (sealed himself). He rushed to the battlefield, and X and Zero finished off Omega. They finally ended the terrible war. Omega was sealed and sent away into space, and Weil was to suffer greatly for his crimes. They modified his body so that he couldn’t die, and they sent him away to a dark miserable place for all eternity. It was a punishment worse than death. Zero then sealed himself for good this time, hoping to never cause the same blood-stained history, that he’d be better off gone forever. X then founded Neo Arcadia, a refuge for peace between humans and reploids. Oh, almost forgot, during the Elf Wars, Weil stole the Mother Elf and turned her into the Dark Elf. Almost 100 years after X had founded Neo Arcadia, the only way for him to get rid of the Dark Elf was to seal it in his own body. He then became a Cyber Elf himself, and his body was sealed at the top of a tower in Neo Arcadia where in Zero 2, Elpizo destroys his body.
Phew, sorry, but I just love the history of the games. Hope this clears up some of your questions. (Also, it’s unknown about anything about Axl)
Here’s a video using the audio of the Elf Wars from Rockman Zero: Telos. It shows the final battle against Omega and Zero’s final sealing. For some reason, Zero was found by Ciel, but he was almost dead, something must have happened in that lab while he was sealed.

336. Tayo - July 13, 2010

@Azuma: Also, X7 doesn’t happen 102 years after X6, and I didn’t say reploids couldn’t live that long. It’s just that reploids are the robots that are based off of X’s design, but no one could ever recreate X exactly, thus Copy X could be in no wise just like X. X is close to human mentally than any other artificial being.

337. Azuma - July 13, 2010

i saw lps of the zero series but dang i didn’t know went that deep.

338. Azuma - July 13, 2010

good freaking god….

and another thing:dr.isoc from X6 i think we all know who that really was.

Note:for those of you who don’t know what i’m talking about, beat up highmax in the secret passage way with zero or beat up gate with zero.you’ll see what i mean.

339. a guy - July 13, 2010

thanks for the answers and autos apperince in X6 was a camo he was in back round watcing TV or some thing like that

340. a guy - July 13, 2010

oops i was wrong mega man wiki says Auto makes a small cameo in Volt Catfish’s introduction scene in the PlayStation and Mega Man X Collection versions of Mega Man X3.

341. Tayo - July 13, 2010

@a guy: Oh yeah, I remember that. lol Yeah, it was just a cameo, it doesn’t have a bearing on the story.

@Azuma: I could go into a lot more about the Zero series too. :P That’s just the tip of the iceberg, the veeeeeerrrrrrryyyy tip. lol Also, it’s really hard to say about it, but check out the character analysis on this page for info on that.

342. Azuma - July 14, 2010

thats exactly what i saw in the game.when i first got that cut scene with him going all dr.psycho and laughing like a nutbag it creeped me out a little.and then i got the other cut scene.

Isoc:g…go zero your the strongest robot.

i know that there are others who will agree when i say if that isn’t proof enough that isoc was wily then i don’t know what man.

343. Azuma - July 14, 2010

hey tayo is there a possibility that megaman might go crazy like he did at the end of megaman 7?

344. a guy - July 14, 2010

whats better the x series or mega man series

345. Azuma - July 15, 2010

megaman:I don’t trust you wily i gonna do what i should have done years ago.
wily:*gulp* you forget megaman robots can’t harm humans.



(laughing)i gotta say the american translaters went a little overboard with that dialog.were any of you guys scared by this?

346. Azuma - July 15, 2010

hahahahahaha DIE WILY!!! seriously though did it scare any of you guys when megaman said that? if it did i wouldn’t blame you it kinda creeped me out a little at first.

347. a guy - July 15, 2010

http://higure-san.deviantart.com/gallery/ <- check out theses awesome fake net navis

348. a guy - July 15, 2010

this net navi looks exactly like comet women

349. a guy - July 15, 2010

is the star force a good series because i might buy one

350. Azuma - July 15, 2010

huh that does look kinda like comet woman.

351. Tayo - July 18, 2010

@a guy: If you like the EXE series, you will definitely like Star Force. Or if you’re like me, you’ll love all the series, and yes, maybe MegaPhilX got design ideas for Comet Woman by looking at Star Man.

@Azuma: Yeah, I was actually shocked he’d say that. In Mega Man V, you really see Mega Man’s personality, that he really only fights for justice and that he doesn’t want to harm anyone, human or reploid.

352. a guy - July 19, 2010

has any one seen the mega man movie its fan made but its still really good

353. a guy - July 19, 2010

going to make a giant picture with evrey singel robot masters mugshot

354. Azuma - July 20, 2010

yeah i tried to watch that movie on youtube but they didn’t upload the whole thing and that peeved me off a little cause it was getting good.

355. a guy - July 21, 2010

that sucks

356. Anonymous - July 26, 2010

4 wily stages? there should be a few more. two more is all i ask.
PLEASE consider adding just two more wily stages, and ill be happy.

357. Azuma - July 28, 2010

@Anonymous: what are nuts?! if he does that it’ll take even longer to get the game done.

358. تننننننننننننننننن - July 29, 2010


359. Tayo - July 29, 2010

@a guy: Yeah, and I thought it was a good fan film. I was entertained and like the special details that he added, and I liked the new stuff he added such as Dr. Light’s reason for building Rock and Roll. The whole story with his wife and such, it gave a good reason as to why Rock and Roll look Japanese for instance.

360. a guy - July 31, 2010

hey is their such thing as saw man? i have a cheat code book that says in mega man 3 for the game boy if type in this password it will let you pass saw man but im pretty sure that theirs no saw man i think its just a typo but my brother says its not. can someone confirm this for me

361. BCP - August 2, 2010

a guy – That’s actually a reference to “Punk”, who is like a rotating saw blade when he folds himself up and charges you. Punk is one of the four Gameboy-exclusive Mega Man Killers (Enker, Quint, Punk and Ballade).

362. Marshmallo - August 3, 2010

Be4 I omment…

@ Tayo: Tnx 4 the Strobe Woman idea! That wuz pretty clever. Unfortunatly, I had 2 cancel my fangame. You were right, most fangames are cancelled. :(

So, by the looks of the calender it shouldn’t be TOO long before a demo is released. Who’s with me?

363. Tayo - August 7, 2010

@Marshmallo: Well, I thought that he said he wasn’t going to release it until it was done.

364. Azuma - August 10, 2010

hes still not done?! dang it.how long does it take to make a fan game anyway?

365. Tayo - August 11, 2010

@Azuma: Have you ever tried to make one? For one, only a very few people will ever actually finish one. Many try, but it’s very hard. We’re not professionals making an official game. Plus, he’s doing most of this himself along with N64Mario. If you look at the credits of ANY videogame, you see many many names. So yeah, we’re VERY lucky that MegaPhilX is so dedicated and actually finishing it. I’ve quit a bunch of times on my own fangames. The point is, it’s very time consuming. For one, he’s doing this for no profit. So, it’s not even his job. He’s making an entire game for free, so he’s not working on it all day everyday.

366. Azuma - August 11, 2010

Tayo: ah yeah i forgot about that.and even with alot of people it can still take about a year to make a game so i can only imagine how long megaphil has been working on this by himself. too bad we don’t live in his neighborhood we might have been able to help him. when exactly did he start working on this again?

367. Azuma - August 12, 2010

@Tayo: what do you make of: IMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!!!!!

368. Tayo - August 16, 2010

@Azuma: I find Shoop Da Whoop’s LAZAH power to be… OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

369. Azuma - August 16, 2010

@Tayo: HAHAHAHAHAHA dang…..or as ride boarski would say…..
ride boarski: HOLY MOLEY!!!!!

370. Azuma - August 16, 2010

by the way for those of who don’t have any ideas for robot masters i’ve got some ideas just let me know if you want them.

371. Som - August 18, 2010

Looks like its going to be complete soon Phil! Can’t wait to try my hands on this!!! Congrats and WOW, I must admit this was a bigger project than I thought.

372. Tayo - August 19, 2010

@Som: Oh, trust me, fangames are VERY big projects. This is actually one of the easier ones since it is all in 8-bit. Imagine the projects that are made up of 16 or 32 bit sprites and backgrounds. Along side other factors, it would be much more difficult. I guess not very many people have seen the reality of making a video game. Even with very large teams (as compared to MegaPhilX’s team of himself, N64Mario, and maybe a few others), it will take a long time to make a fully custom game.

Anyway, it’s very unpredictable when this will finish since when he works on it and when he doesn’t varies greatly. (He has a life too you know) On my opinion, I don’t see this finishing before the end of 2010. But I’m VERY excited by how much progress this has made since most (almost all) fangames never finish.

373. Azuma - August 20, 2010

@Tayo: wanna be youtube buddies? if you do just tell me the name of your channel and i’ll send you an invite or should i tell you mine and you’ll send me an invite? whatever works.

374. Tayo - August 20, 2010

@Azuma: Sure, but my old channel was deleted. (I’m extremely mad at Youtube. I had over 60 videos and several favs and subs.) Anyway, my new channel I’m afraid to post anything at the moment, but I love making videos. Anyway, it’s TayoEXE.

375. Azuma - August 21, 2010

for those you who can’t come up with any ideas for robots here are a few ideas:

Robot Masters:

Power Drill
Power Surge
Burning Blaze
Sand Trap
Typhoon Storm
Hydro Cannon
Steel Saber
Tickle Feather
Breeze Blast
Plasma Pulse.

376. a guy - August 21, 2010

hey how about these

snow man
toxic man
glacier man
tidal man
mud man
wheel man
pyro man
audio man
petal woman
cyber man
point man (or spike man)
copy man
thunder man
sting man
rocket man
barrier woman
dash man
laser man
sand man

377. Azuma - August 22, 2010

@a guy: those are some nice ideas. BUT SAND MAN WAS MY IDEA. and some of those were already used in other fan games:

hardhat 3: laser man
megaman rocks: snow man
megaman 11(fan made): thunder man
though i forget which one pyro man was in……..hey you didn’t name any of their weapons. what are there weapons?!

378. ORIGINAL THE CHARACTER - August 23, 2010


379. Azuma - August 23, 2010


380. Carbon man - August 24, 2010

i think you should put every single mega man boss from all the classic games (1-10) and then add fan created bosses!

381. Bas1996 - September 3, 2010

@a guy

copy man IS copy bot ya know….

Oh, and Dash Man is my idea! Same goes for Blaze woman, except mine’s a guy….Hydro Man was already used…..Spike Man was used in Hard Hat 3….

382. Tayo - September 6, 2010

Well, technically, because they’re not Copyrighted, they’re not anyone’s.

383. Guest - September 8, 2010

This looks interesting! I have some suggestions for the game though. Maybe like in Mega Man 8, you can add in older Robot Masters for
a rematch. Like Needle Man and Toad Man. One easy, and one hard.
I hope this will catch Capcom’s attenion (as it did with YOUR artwork! What a privelige!), and maybe they could make it into the real deal! I’m looking forward to seeing this, and I shall wait patiently untill the time is ready. Untill then, good luck.

384. Azuma - October 2, 2010

@a guy: did you ever get your game?

385. The Boss - October 6, 2010

I’m hoping so much to play a demo of Megaman Unlimited soon, but hey, it could be cool to have Ra Thor (like one said before) as one of the fortress bosses.

386. motoya - October 8, 2010

rockman wall

387. a guy - October 9, 2010

finaly my computer broke down for like a month but now its fixed

@ like every one on this: sorry if i took your ideas i had know idea that you made those or any one else did

388. MegaPhilX - November 9, 2010

Payson, I appreciate you’re dedication toward my project but you will have to understand that making a game isn’t simple.
You can’t really help me just like that because adding a robot master is a lot of work.
Hammer man is not going to become a robot master because it is how things are.
I already decided to make him a sub boss a long time for people like you that liked his design, he was not even supposed to be in the game before that, so you should appreciate the fact that he is in the game at all…
MegaMan Unlimited is not an official game from CAPCOM so the name is going to remain as it is.
This is also the reason why MMUnlimited is not going to be released on XBox360, PS3 or Wii.
Because it would be violating copyright laws. Just be grateful CAPCOM is letting us release the game at all.
Not to mention it’s already a lot of work just to release the game on 1 platform.
So please, stop spamming the comment sections with requests.
Your messages are blocked until you stop spamming about hammer man or other changes for the game and you behave in a mature way.

389. a guy - November 11, 2010

ha sorry your a little late megaphilx but i think payson left the site he hasnt said any thing for like 10 months but still a good thing you blocked him any way

390. ChuChu_Rina - November 11, 2010

Yeah, I’ve been following for a while, and I think this is totally awesome, anyway I can see Payson’s comments? I think they were hysterical.

391. MegaPhilX - November 12, 2010

Hum… I’ve blocked him. That’s why you don’t see his messages… They’ve been blocked for months.

392. R5h - November 12, 2010

You know that stage of Yo-Yo man’s, with the spikes all along the ceiling (http://megaphilx.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2024dd – that’s what I’m referring to)? You know what would make it diabolical (even if only in Hard mode)?

The spikes in the ceiling spinning and rolling down to hit you, then rolling back up. Very yo-yo themed, and incredibly evil – in other words, perfect for any Megaman game. Just saying.

393. ChuChu_Rina - November 13, 2010

Yes Phil, I’m aware you’ve blocked Payson. Although I just recently realized he was actually blocked. He said he was leaving, and I saw none of his posts, so I thought he actually left.

394. a guy - November 13, 2010

@MegaPhilX: Oh wow he must be pretty p.o. right now

395. ChuChu_Rina - November 17, 2010

-pokes the site-

396. ChuChu_Rina - November 18, 2010

-kicks the site-

397. a guy - November 19, 2010

@ChuChu_Rina:What are you doing?

398. Tayo - November 20, 2010

@Everyone: Payson has been off the site for quite awhile, so no use in talking about past issues.

399. copy machine - November 22, 2010

the game have been finlish ?

400. a guy - November 24, 2010

@copy machine and every one else wating for the game:i dont know if youve ever written a program but even a simple program could take 3 days but a whole video game could take 300 times longer than that, especially a mega man game. writting a program is like a whole different language and if even one thing in it is wrong it could mess up the entire thing so give him some time its not as easy as it looks.

401. MegaPhilX - November 25, 2010



402. Travis ze rabbid - November 27, 2010

Ok megaphil I AM NOT PAYSON, I am a Mario, Pokemon, Mega Man and Rabbids fan, I am not the crazy dude who goes like HAMMER MAN DERP HAMMER MAN, I am someone else who has a gift that allows me to smartly think different from others, some say its a gift some say its a curse, but in any way I can help with your project I would be happy to, like finding Mega man sprites just comement on your page what I can do wish you luck! (note : I have no e mail, but I will give where you can get things, Like a game spriteing website)

403. Lucas Witthoeft - November 30, 2010

Hey man I love all your Playlists on Youtube, they rock (lol pun) , And I am so psyched for this game! I am a huge MegaMan fan and from what I’ve seen you’ve stayed true to the Capcom Formula. Good Luck!

404. Tommy - December 3, 2010

Can’t wait for this game to come out. I’m gonna stream the hell out of it when it’s out on justin.tv

405. Brick_Man - December 6, 2010

Hey, MegaPhilX, your project is awesome. But why you create only one castle? In my opinion there should be two castles: MegaMan goes to Captured Wily Castle and saves Dr. Wily from captivity of a mysterious robot. A mysterious robot (now revealed his name) said that now do without the help of Dr. Wily, and then he goes to his own castle.
How you think about this idea?
(Sorry, if I do some grammar mistakes, because I’m not from America or any English-speaking countries and only learning English language.)

406. Azuma - December 6, 2010

There is still so much for him to do as it is.You want him to finish this game or not?

407. Brick_Man - December 6, 2010

Yes, I want. :D
I don’t want to burden him extra work, but I think it would be better…

408. Azuma - December 8, 2010

you have a point there.

409. Tayo - December 8, 2010

Look everyone, I don’t think there’s room for changes. I think MegaPhilX has gotten pretty far into the project, so now’s just the time to wait, and maybe sprite if he needs help.

410. a guy - December 18, 2010

you know i really love the mega man x series but the mavericks start to get really lame around the end because, seriously who thought optic sunflower was a good idea

411. Devilman337 - December 20, 2010

After this game is finished, will there be a second Megaman Unlimited?
Also, what would you do if Capcom makes Megaman 11 or 12 and creates a Robot Master using a name you’ve already used?

412. a guy - December 20, 2010

i don’t think there going to use one of his robot master names because this project is know widely across the internet and people would probably accuse them for stealing and not coming up with there own idea. the only reason they probably used nitro man was because capcoms nitro man was already far into production before they found out there was another nitro man and they didn’t want to scrap that idea and come up with a whole new just because some programmer on the internet had the same name.

413. a guy - December 20, 2010

how come ive never scene a fan made mega man x game? i know there a little more complicated than a mega man game but still i think someone could pull it off.

414. MegaPhilX - December 21, 2010

The only reason I don’t want to make a MegaMan X game is because I couldn’t possibly make all the graphics on my own. Too much work for 1 person. : P At least NES graphics are simpler and easier to make. For SNES graphics, I would need a bigger team and it’s just not something I think I can manage in my free time.

415. MegaPhilX - December 21, 2010

Answer to Question #1: No.
Answer to Question #2: I don’t know I guess I’d have to see and decide what to do then if it happens.

416. a guy - December 22, 2010

got the Hadouken in mega man maverick hunter x but i cant figure out how to use it!

417. devilman337 - December 25, 2010

Have you played the homemade, 8-bit version of Mega Man 7? It kicks much ass! A rare moment where an unofficial retooling outshines the original

418. MegaPhilX FAN - December 27, 2010

we want game demo :)

419. a guy - December 30, 2010

@megaphilX FAN
umm i think when you say we want a demo you mean you want a demo because your the only one who has ever posted that.that is a good idea but weather or not it happens all depends on how far into the project he is and none of us know that but i would say (i dont have a whole lot of knowledge on programing so i might most likely be wrong) he could probably release at least one or two playable stage and remember im probably wrong. it all really depends how much work he puts into this

420. Alcvalle - July 30, 2012

Hola a todos y disculpen por el idioma (no hablo inglés) pero no saben cuando será la publicacion de este tema. gracias.

421. daniel - August 8, 2012

what is the name for the forklift miniboss?

422. daniel - August 8, 2012

what is the nape for the forklift miniboss?

423. daniel - August 8, 2012

megaphilx, what is the name for the forklift miniboss and the tank joe miniboss?

424. master higgins - August 21, 2012

Hi Megaphilx!, I’ve read all the posts in this page and I must say it’s a collosal work you’ve done (and your team). I see you’ve made the graphics and artwork respecting the same style shown in another Megaman Games.

I’m a information technologies engineer and as everyone has mentioned, making a fangame is a lot of work since you’ve to deal with programming, level design, character design, testing, AI (artificial intelligence), difficulty curves and a lot of other stuff. Not to mention that the game was made in VC++ so all the engine had to be programmed from scratch. I’ve said this so eveyone can measure how much time and effort has been made on this.

I must say you’re lucky that you have people that can make a inter-disciplinary team covering all those tasks. I’m saying this because I’m also making a fangame alone but as I don’t have enough time because of my job (we work 45 hours a week here in Chile, South America, but believe or not, we got 1st place scored 2118 average working hours in 2011 according to OCDE, see this chart -> http://stats.oecd.org/Index.aspx?DatasetCode=ANHRS …. so that’s basically exploting the workers)

The fangame I was making is based on Futurama and it’s gonna be a 2.5D beat’em up with basic graphics (similar to the Simpsons Arcade Game by Konami). I’ve done 5 stages so far but it’s far from done. I’ve to make 8 more stages and add many more features (more player movements, more playable characters, non playable characters appearances, etc.). I’ve made a playthrough of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXYjMzCmtGI

I’m developing that game with Game Maker 8.1 since making an engine from scratch consumes too much time which I don’t have.

Well, all I can say is good luck with your project and I hope this sees the light some time and It’s not cancelled by capcom or anothers (ceist and desist stuff). I consider this a gift by me and every Megaman fan to have a new Megaman release and with the old school style

Thanks for your effort.

PS: I don’t know if this may bother you, but the only suggestion I’m making is that the game could support fullscreen modes (resolutions) with integer scaling (with black borders so no streching artifact appear), so we can see the game with custom resolutions. Have you heard of winmodelines? That app can insert 15Khz modes on nvidia and ati gfx cards and you can connect it to a CRT TV and see arcade and console games just like the original with scanlines and such. I hope you can consider this feature (low priority of course). Thanks again!

425. daniel - September 6, 2012

Megaphilx, can you make a artwork for the forklift miniboss, the scorpion enemy, the met with the plasma cannon and the lepercaun enemy?

426. daniel - September 6, 2012


427. Sonicfangamer2 - October 13, 2012

Waiwaiwait… You need to beat the game and enter a cheat to get the MEGA BUSTER?! What the hey?!

Also, your Post Comment layout is broken. You might want to check up on it.

428. Veitch - October 21, 2012

Wow,what a great fan game… Love that jetman…
I think u must make megaman unlimited 2 after this… With a nature element robot master(like an original megaman)…
Some of my robot master idea:
-glacier man
-lightning man
-explode man
-cyclone man
-water man
-sun man
-smoke man
-gear man
And their weapon is:
-glacier stopper
-lightning chaser
-explode charge
-cyclone rampage
-water striker
-sun blazer
-smoke storm
-gear guarder

429. phestevez@hotmail.com - February 8, 2013

Rique Phoenix – February 08, 2013

430. Loxagon - February 22, 2013

When will you Release it?!

431. Shingettsu-Haduken - March 7, 2013

Please, please include Bass & Tremble fights in the game. Bass & Tremble are my favorites….Besides the blue bomber himself..

432. iLL wiLL - March 13, 2013

how much longer… i mean jeeze its a 8BIT GAME FOR GOD SAKES it shouldnt take that long to finish with the technology available today.

433. Fin - March 26, 2013

@ill will – any game , no matter what the graphics look like, takes a huge amount of time to program and CREATE. It does not come without a lot of work. I’d suggest you learn how to program in C++ (this isn’t gamemaker) and I challenge you to even try to make one original mega man stage. Heck, I challenge you to make any kind of game ha ha ha.

434. kylegerardanddominic@gmail.com - April 10, 2013

Doc Blader

435. Philip Elthorpe - May 4, 2013

Suggestion – If you allow other playable characters, I would like for you to possibly have Roll playable, similar to Megaman Powered Up, since she very rarely is playable, and often, annoyingly, is a massive joke compared to Megaman, Blues and Bass.

A proper Roll version would be better than the slew of jokes we’ve had at her expense.

436. Virdict Valentine - May 5, 2013

Charge Mega Buster – Hold down the ATTACK Button to charge up the Mega Buster and release to shoot. (Unlocked by beating the game once and entering a cheat at the title screen)
The game avoids including the charge shot feature from the beginning to remain true to the early MegaMan games and force the player to use his weapons in a clever way. The charge shot makes many special weapons useless since it is so powerful.

This is a bad idea! You should tone it down or beef up the specials, not take out the charge shot. That is a game ruiner for me.

437. Threxx - June 3, 2013

I don’t see how we should have the charge shot, we’ve had 5 MM games where he didn’t have it, so I don’t see how that changes much. I agree with this decision.

438. fin - June 5, 2013

A Mega Man game without the charged shot is a real Mega Man game.

439. dragosblu - June 18, 2013

i might just be god

440. dragosblu - June 18, 2013

do well to remember me boys!

441. Threxx - June 28, 2013

Reading some very old comments, it seems that there was some controversy over HammerMan… considering his relationship with Nail Man, having him as a sub boss makes sense. And anyways, it made room for Comet Woman…

442. George - June 30, 2013

Looks great. I hope you didn’t have to cut Yoku Man. I really like the idea of that character. Almost as if he was behind the scenes throughout the entire series and that the disappearing blocks were not Wily’s doing in all of the past games, but his. Maybe even making him the villain? I suppose my only question that I’m curious about is, where within a time line are you wanting this game to be focused toward? After Mega Man 10? Between games within the series? I look forward to downloading it July 14th. Thanks for all the hard work guys. You are true Mega Man fans. Oh, but I would still like for you to reconsider and make a Mega Man X: Corrupted game. Sounds cool. And your pics for the concept look great.

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446. Dragon Master Fangar says - July 11, 2013


447. Supersmashbrosfan101 - July 11, 2013

One of the robot masers helmets reminds me of the great saiyaman`s helmet.

448. Litdude32 - July 12, 2013

Is this your first and last project of Megaman game?

449. df. - July 13, 2013

Celebrating the release of Mega Man Unlimited, there will be a free unofficial remix album out of the game’s soundtrack.

Stay tuned for the first remix which will be available soon.

450. Omega ZX - July 13, 2013

soo cooll :D

451. migueldsgn - July 14, 2013

Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? :D

452. Ivan Zanotti (MyMadness Works) - July 14, 2013

Oh God I can’t wait Oh God

453. Flame Spine - July 14, 2013

Must Play!!!

454. Threxx - July 14, 2013

I made a countdown guys… and there’s still about an hour and 45 minutes left… but still exited though!

455. Flatwoods Robot - July 14, 2013

Where’s dat download link nigga :3

456. Centaurman.exe - July 14, 2013

I am so excited, three in the making and it’s finally here! I cannot wait to play but….30min as of the time of this posting and counting. I got excited by the use of Comet Woman’s background in Capcom’s website (honest mistake I know) but afterwards I saw the mock up videos and I just wanted to play against Rainbow Man soooo bad, his level looked (at the mock up time) like Quick Man’s, Cloud Man’s, and a dash of Sheep Man’s stages all rolled into one. The they reveled Nail Man and I was sold!

457. Threxx - July 14, 2013

11:00… where’s my download lol?

458. MoriyaMug - July 14, 2013

What? This cover art looks semi-decent, ergo I hate it. ;)

459. SilverStar - July 14, 2013

Nicely done. That was very excellent gameplay ideas. I like the game so much. Good job, MegaphilX.

460. ForteDS - July 15, 2013

I love the game, but let me just say, this is the hardest Megaman game I have ever played. Just full of beginner’s traps and areas you need to just rush through or you are just dead. It’s fun though, just wish it was a bit more lenient in the level design.

461. Eric - July 16, 2013

I would love an update that would allow for diagonal controls for the D-Pad. It’s a bit too difficult to grab on to ladders at the moment.

I really enjoy the difficulty, but the punishing controls are taking some of the fun out of the game for me.

462. TerrorByte - July 16, 2013

WOW, this game is very punishing. I’ve finally made it to the final part of last mission…

And here I thought the rest of the game was hard!

463. bruceky07@yahoo.com - July 16, 2013


464. bruceky07@yahoo.com - July 16, 2013

Great game. I was very surprised by the quailty of this fan game. To me this should have been the game that capcom picked up. MMvsSF was fun but didn’t truely scartch that mega man iche. This game does seem to be a little too hard though. A few too many instant death traps.

I will save a lot of people some headache get a ps3 controller download MotionJoy and JoyToKey. 360 controller with gamepad input was not cutting it.

465. TheMartianGeek - July 16, 2013

…Okay, you know what? Maybe I won’t finish this game after all. I’m sorry, but the first fortress stage is just bullcrap. Explain why exactly you not only had to include TWO Rush Jet segments (which I hated in Mega Man 3, by the way), but also didn’t put a checkpoint before the boss, a boss that can insta-kill you, mind you. (This game does seem to overuse instant death hazards…and I’m sure it only gets nastier in the later fortress stages.) Both times I tried the stage, I ended up making it essentially unwinnable by dying to the boss, ending up before the second Rush Jet area, and running out of energy. I got used to the main 8 stages after a while…I got used to Rainbow Man’s force beams and Yo-Yo Man’s dangerous spiky jumps, and I even made it through Yoku Man’s death trap of a stage. Most of that is hard, but generally fair. But this? This is not fair difficulty; that’s just bad design. Please, for the sake of your players’ sanity, do something about the checkpoint problems! Add more of them, place them better, or something! And I don’t know whether or not you can access the menu (including saving the game) between fortress stages, but if not, it would sure be a nice feature to have.

*deletes MMU off his computer, hopefully in anticipation of an update*

466. Slink - July 18, 2013

Howdy. I Just finished the game and I must say it’s fucking amazing.

Honestly its ten times harder than any megaman game I’ve played before, but so what, I like challenges. You shoulda named it “I wanna be the Megaman” or something just because of the punishing nature of it. So many instadeath traps, pits and spikes to fall on. To be fair, none of the stages proved to be too difficult to frustrate me to the point that I wanted to stop playing, but then again, I liked “I wanna be the guy”. Only the second last stage got me a bit annoyed because I couldn’t kill some of the robot masters without using e-tanks and therefore having no e-tanks left on Dr.Wily made it extra hard. Also the final form of Dr.Wily has no clues where to shoot him so I died like four times there without doing any damage to him at all. After a while I got around it with one of the robot master guns and that was game for me.

Oh and I used xbox 360 controller d-pad and not being able to shoot diagonally made the second form of Dr.Wily a bit iffy. It’s a bit weird because it lets me shoot north west but not north east.

All in all it was a solid 5-6 hours of joyful playing experience for me. The music was awesome, gameplay is undeniably very megaman like(duh) and the controls are tight just what you would expect from a megaman game. So thanks again for the superb game and good work MegaPhilX and the rest of your crew.


467. dias - July 18, 2013

Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying
your blog and look forward to new updates.

468. ochigawa2002 - July 19, 2013

dman graves

469. dman graves - July 19, 2013

I like the music, the stage design, the bosses, and the work put into the game. Now, what I dislike is the difficulty. I am not complaining because of the enemy placement or the pit placement, I’m complaining about the damage received and the lack of checkpoints. Go back to Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 9. Those are considered the two hardest games in the Mega Man franchise. They were hard, but not impossible or enough to get pissed off and not come back to playing it. Those games were fair and if you died, it was due to your own fault. I went so far in Nail Man’s stage and when I died I literally screamed because it put me back to the beginning. There needs to be a checkpoint after an extremely difficult part (such as after the vertical platforms that move in Nail Man’s stage). I do love all the work you have put into this game and I have been following this project for a few years now, but it’s not fair that I won’t come back to this beautiful piece of art because the game is too grueling of task instead of being the fun homage game it was supposed to be. Please add checkpoints and if there are checkpoints, either add more than one or switch the checkpoint to an earlier spot.

470. Terrato - July 19, 2013

Dman Graves (467) complaining about Nailman’s stage is just wrong… I cleared that stage on my first try… maybe you guys just need to practice more, the game is not easy, but it’s not “rage quit” hard by any means… but to be fair, this is a guy that cleared Megaman 9, bought Hero mode, cleared Hero mode, bought Super Hero mode and cried tears of joy as he played through it because he was having so much fun he couldn’t possibly believe it… man… that was heaven for me… too bad it had to end… thankfully we have Megaman Unlimited now! *¬*

And speaking of it: I’m having a blast! I’ve seen only 4 stages so far, TrinitroMan defeated me before I could clear the stage, but next time I’ll get him! This game is WAAAAAY better than Megaman 10 in -almost- every aspect, music, graphics, fun factor… man… what a beauty… the only thing that I believe could be improved are the big display pictures of the characters, I don’t know why but they look kinda weird, just like funny angles and such, I believe that with some minor tweaks they would be spot on, like official Capcom-made Megaman pixel art :D

I don’t like the people that just criticize and never help, so I’m here to offer my help with that in case you guys are planning on releasing an update or something and you have your hands full with some other stuff. I’m no expert but I am a BIG TIME Megaman fan and I wouldn’t mind at all working for free in this awesome project, so please let me know if I can be of assistance with anything :D I’d really, really love to!

You can check out some of my work here in case you’re wondering about what kind of stuff I do :P http://www.lordterrato.deviantart.com

Thanks for such a GREAT game, if only Megaman 10 had been half this good… man…

471. AquaNinja - July 20, 2013

Hey MegaPhilX

The game is awesome, bot is it possible for you to add mouse functionality? I would love it if I could use the mouse wheel to scroll through items!

472. Ahitherea@yahoo.com - July 20, 2013


473. DexterMike - July 21, 2013

Wow… I just beat the game, it’s AWESOME! Loved the music, the stage design is amazing and dat difficulty! I loved it! And what an ending. You sure know how to give fan service! Is there going to be a sequel sir? haha thank you for this amazing game!! Cheers from Mexico, keep up the good work!!

474. DexterMike - July 21, 2013

And please don’t, DON’T listen to fans who are complaining about the difficulty. Seriously, it’s awesome the way it is. Cheers.

475. Gen-Kun - July 22, 2013

I knew about Unlimited for a while now, and seeing how it’s finally out after 5 years of development, the true question is: Was it worth 5 years of development?
More than worth it. Unlimited is a true love letter to the awesomeness that is the Classic Mega Man series. The stages are wonderfully crafted, the music is just simply marvelous, and the difficulty is well-balanced for the most part. I do really wish that this was official, because from both a story and gameplay perspective, this is just amazing. While it may not beat Mega Man 3 as the best Mega Man game that I’ve played, it’s worthy of being a Classic series game, and one of the best that I’ve played. :)

476. Gen-Kun - July 22, 2013

While I did have a lot of moments of rage (Some of Yoku Man, and the final boss, as well as Rainbow Man’s stage,) that didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment. I love this game, and is deserves all of its praise. Thank you for this wonderful game.

477. JeanLucAwesome - July 23, 2013

Dude the game was well worth the wait, it’s awesome. One of the best MM games actually. You got really creative with the level designs and enemy patterns, they can be tricky which is a great thing.

And you pulled off one thing that I’ve ALWAYS wanted the MM games to start doing and that’s having the enemy powers actually be really useful during the stages, including the robot master stages. One example is how useful C.Dash is in Glue Man’s stage, with some proper timing it really helps you maneuver through those tricky stage hazards.

As for the difficulty, as a diehard MM fan, I don’t find any of them challenging anymore but you provided that challenge so I would implore you, if you do make any changes that the challenge in any way.. you should at least keep the original version up as well because I think it’s fine just the way it is. When you try to appeal to both the casuals and the diehards, even with difficulty settings.. you end up going down the middle of the road and the casuals think it’s still too hard while the diehards say it’s not hard enough. It’s better to find the niche than to appeal to everyone, especially when it’s a free game.. The only thing I’d say it could use is having a check point at 1/4th and 3/4ths of each stage instead of only one, in the middle.

Anyways awesome work! Loving the game!

478. filipe prevot - July 26, 2013

filipe prevot

good day megaphilx downloaded your game and found it very good and well done.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing this with all of your project.
I’m also developing a fan of megaman game may want to do this project with you if interested.

479. Gabriel Coombs - July 29, 2013

Dear MegaPhilX,
I love this game. I have played Megaman Unlimited and it is amazing. I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the Megaman Unlimited game. I was hoping to make a game myself. If you could tell me this, it would be greatly appreciated.

480. dman graves - August 9, 2013

So I commented about how the game was too hard a month ago stating it was a beautiful piece of art that was too impossible to complete. I came back here after downloading the new version and I want to say thank you. The game is now perfect and in my eyes is the true successor to Mega Man 10. I hope that this project is not complete and there will be more content added such as additional characters as well as the ability to use the charge buster.

481. rekless - August 22, 2013

all i have to say is remake PULSEMAN…i know this is capcom but i dont know how to contact gamefreak about it.For those of you who dont know about the game i suggest you look into it.The game was a gem but it had so much potential its like sonic and megaman fused into one and it inspired pokemon PLEASEHERE OUT MY REQUEST OF REBOOTING THE PULSEMAN FRANCHISE

482. Hope to see you some day! - August 22, 2013

dear mehamanphil,

Thanks for the virus pal!

483. wrestleingman88@gmail.com - August 25, 2013

Just wondering could u get in trouble for using megaman
(capcom’s idea) in your own game? what if you put it on the market place for phones? Ive been wondering because i want to remake all the megaman battle networks and put it in one game, i want to also make it available for phones and computer but idk if i would be stealing there ideas. please email me at wrestleingman88@gmail.com with the topic as megaman and i know i spelled wrestling wrong onpurpose when i made it.

484. Tanner - August 25, 2013

Just wondering could u get in trouble for using megaman
(capcom’s idea) in your own game? what if you put it on the market place for phones? Ive been wondering because i want to remake all the megaman battle networks and put it in one game, i want to also make it available for phones and computer but idk if i would be stealing there ideas. please email me at wrestleingman88@gmail.com with the topic as megaman and i know i spelled wrestling wrong on purpose when i made it.

485. omartelo69 - September 11, 2013

THANK u Phill you are how deserves to continúe megaman sagas capcom should contract you,,,,please continúe doing another megaman Games

486. yokuconfusion321 - September 25, 2013

Phil I’m a new guy around here but i do know the game. I have some problems about it. When I pass the miniboss in rainbow man’s stage and die, the moment I resurrect I fall through the hole below and keep dying. But when I have Beat he saves me but then a glitch makes all lasers and enemies missing. The same goes with the first wily stage boss. The area where you’re supposed to go across that’s full of the Nitro liquid, when I die I resurrect at the start of that area but fall beyond the screen and die.

487. Rockman fan - November 12, 2013

I’m a Japanese, so if I made grammatical mistakes, please forgive me.
I completed Megaman Unlimited the other day. This game is amazing! This is one of the most fantastic game I’ve ever played!
Many “Rockman” fans in Japan know and love this game too!

488. kevin_ibujes94@hotmail.com - November 14, 2013

Excelente juegazo amigo en verdad fue lo mejor que haya jugado en estos tiempos!! mis agradecimientos eternos a todos. Los felicito. :D
Saludos desde Ecuador!! Me gustaria aprender eso que hacen uds. En especial a componer musicas Gacias!

489. ericp@lariennalibrary.com - November 16, 2013

I am a huge fan on megaman, finished all games and beat almost all the bosses with the arm cannon. So I consider myself to be a megaman expert. My comments about the game could be summarised as the following:

— Pro —
Very innovative and interesting new concepts. Almost a perfect simulation of the original engine, and the quality makes it look like a real mega man.

Also, most weapons are useful. That is a feature they sometime forget in the original series.

— Con —
The stages are way too long. Count the average length in screen of other megaman stages, and I am sure that they exceed 150% the original average length.

On the top of that, the mini stage before the boss revisited is just a complete turn off (even if innovative). Not only it’s hard to defeat 9 bosses in a row + the final boss. But you must also do those mini stages that can kill you instantly. Seriously? Why not making this a bush rush mode instead of being part of the base game. Give the player 9 lives and see how he performs.

I am playing at easy and I cannot even finish the game and it’s not like if I was a newbie.

So my first suggestion is to shorten those stages to reasonable size and remove the mini stage (or set an option in the menu to remove them).

Second off-topic suggestions, why not have more permanent powerups like the “energy balancer” instead of mostly expandables. For example:

Flip Top/Eddie: Once bought, he appears at certain locations in the stage like in mega man 4.
Spike Proof: Instead of instantly dying, you lose half of your HP (14 bars) when touching spikes.
Beat: Not sure about this one, maybe he can save you once per stage.

490. MegaPhilX - November 17, 2013

@ Rockman fan – Thank you! I’m glad we have fans in Japan! ^_^ That’s where Rockman came from. ( :

491. phil check it out - November 17, 2013

this game is pretty cool I spent so much time trying to download this easy very easy in instant death should be 1 thingy but tons of lifes oh and robot masters gets more moves like glueman (my favorite robot master)gets to sumon a glue wall that goes half way though the room and then the other side.Jet man gets dives in like storm eagle in instante death megaman should be able to charge his buster! and nail man gets a huge nail and falls some where (in the middle)and no shops!

492. Kid243 - November 21, 2013

I really love the game. I have to congratulate the all team behind it, the work is extraordinary. I have a question though even though I beat the game once, doing a second run on my free time now. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option for a charge shot later in the line. I have beat all the megaman in the classic series except MM8 (haven’t played yet, and certainly will), and liked the little improvement they made in graphics and other area continuously with each title. Despite wanting MM9 and 10 to have better graphics in order to compete with the likes of Mario and Sonic, I liked the nostalgia effect in those titles. Still I found it kinda harsh not to have included the charge shot and the slide. I really love the game, it’s just that I miss the charge shot even though it’s a really tiny step back for me. Congratulation again, this is really a piece of art that you made.

493. vistaprint coupons on magnets - November 29, 2013

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494. Cyklopz - December 10, 2013

I wouldn’t change a thing. The game is fantastic the way it is. The stages are long but that adds to the challenge. The game is harder than most classic Mega Man games but that makes me want to play it even more. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to beat the game which is great as a time killer. I downloaded it 3 days ago and have beaten it twice and tried all difficulties. Insta-death is HARD but it’s a challenge I’m willing to face! I love what you did with it and cannot think of any way to improve upon it. I own every Capcom Mega Man title released on a console to date and I must say that this one has climbed to the top of my list almost instantly. In my 20 years of enjoying the blue bomber, I have never enjoyed a title as much as I have this one. My hats off to you!

495. Rockdude200 - December 15, 2013

To everyone commenting on the stage length being too long: have you not played mega man 8? The stages in mm8 were a little long as well compared to previous games especially the NES titles. Just sayin’…

496. rockmanmeego - December 21, 2013

port for meego please

497. ekolis - December 30, 2013

Great game (if insanely hard due to the marathon-length stages), but the diagonals don’t work on my gamepad. Not much of an issue, except when controlling Beat. Any way to fix this?

498. Bodomfreak - January 6, 2014

Is there anywhere to get the mega buster code without beating the game, as I have no interest in playing a mega man game if I can’t charge the buster

499. Bodomfreak - January 7, 2014

no charge shot out of spite i say! I’ll just play megaman 8 until it’s added back in. then i’ll play it…

500. ekolis - January 13, 2014

I found a weird glitch… somehow I got 5 Eddie calls without buying them! Do you get free Eddie calls when you beat a boss or something? Or does using a W tank refill them? (That would be totally overpowered, though, since the W tank is cheaper than the Eddie call!)

501. ekolis - January 15, 2014

I think I was able to fix my diagonals – my gamepad has a button to swap the analog stick and dpad, and pressing this button then remapping my controls seems to have fixed it!

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515. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 14, 2014

Someone knows the Gameboy Megaman,
maybe they should do a remake of one of them.
But the stages are more elaborate, larger, more robot masters .. hard, you know that spark of unlimited.

516. cano_ned96@hotmail.com - May 14, 2014

Above the Megaman II (GB), has much
potential, good music, good plot, the worst was the graph, and the stages
but other than that is not so bad game, it would be worth doing a great remake.
A real challenge.

517. meganinten1@gmail.com - May 17, 2014

MegaPhilx, my congratulations for the game. It was pretty amazing, his team work very well, I hope it’s not the last project. I hope I can do more Megaman games.

518. meganinten1@hotmail.com - May 19, 2014

MegaPhil, I would like for the next Megaman, gives fans chance for new Robot Master, as did Capcom. His first Robot Masters are great! I hope you think well …
My idea for a Robot Master, Jumper Man is a good jump high or long robot, the speed of her jumps may change, and your weapon is Slow Shot, shot makes slower Megaman.

519. PatrickRoido - May 19, 2014

Greetings! Your team is amazing, the effort they put into this work, now we do not need big companies to make games, I have many questions, but for now just tell them that their work is well recognized by many people, keep it up.
PS: My Robot Master would … Alva Man ​​(by Thomas “Alva” Edison), would have a buster in his right arm, which fires a beam tracker, on his left arm shoot a very quick sharp arrow, her legs would be covered with a metal that makes it immune to spikes, can produce a temporary breakable shield, and your “backpack” mini bombs would fall.

520. Shiny Clash - May 22, 2014

Este juego fue genial, sobretodo la musica, me ha gustado la musica de los stage de los Robot Master, felicitaciones a Kevin por su trabajo.
Me gustaron los escenarios, y las batallas con los Bosses, pues bien se que el proximo juego sera excelente, aunque se tarde dos años o más porfa, haganlo. Me gusto la idea de crear Fan Games de Megaman. A Capcom ya no se le ocurren ideas… Pues bien felicidades al equipo desarrollador.
Solo tengo una idea para un robot Master: Shiny Man

521. hello - May 23, 2014

Otra idea para un robot master,llamado Katana Man, un robot con el estilo de combate de Tengu Man, pero sin su habilidad de vuelo, pues seria como su copia. Su Special Weapon seria Katana Blade.

522. hello I am here - June 7, 2014

Oye esto de crear tus propios robot masters es genial pero muy dificil, anyways. Sugerencia porque no hacen un fan game en donde aparecieran los antiguos robot masters again con una trama distinta obviamente pero con uno o two new bosses. Como Megaman de Gameboy

523. Patrick Roido - June 7, 2014

More ideas for robots master:
Mechanic Man
A mechanical robot, built to repair motor vehicles. Dr. Wily was missing masters robots, so what kidnapping. They have been modified to fight. His “Mechanic Search” are not lethal but are thrown at high speed and precision

Crush Man
Robot made for demolition, his big body is your weapon. Originally abandoned buildings destroyed, Wily was attracted to his great onslaught. To do better, Dr. Wily installed a battle suit filled with thorns.

Garden Man
A robot gardener, as Hornet Man, only that specified in the pruned shrubs. He is very happy with his work. It has a cutter in his right hand, and you can change it in a watering can. Finally a vacuum cleaner on his chest. Wily
became the vacuum in a barrel.

524. Patrick Roido (after a long time) - August 11, 2014

First, congratulations to the team MegaPhil X, the new version of MMU is great!
Second, here I have more ideas for Robot Master:

Alva Man
Robot Master, made by Wily to be his assistant. He is very smart, trying to prove that he can also be a great inventor, Wily obviously did not please that.
Although technically is not made to fight, has many gadgets made ​​by the same.
Like any inventor he likes failures (his inventions) that can improve their designs so and try again.
He does not like to be unremarkable.

525. Patrick Roido - August 12, 2014

Team Robot Masters (made for me):
Shiny Woman (Sub-Leader)
Boost Man (The Star Player)
Alva Man ​​(Tenzai)
Crush Man (Demolition Boy)
Mechanic Man (Leader)
Jumper Man (Heart Team)
Katana Man ​​(Mystery)
Garden Man (Happy)

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527. Patrick Roido - August 18, 2014

HEY !!
It occurred to me to rename two of my Robot Masters
Boost Man to “Breeze Man”
“Alva Man” to “Gadget Man”

If someone reads this message, I hope you consider taking one of my ideas for a next-Game Megaman Fan:) …

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530. Patrick Roido - August 30, 2014

Hello PatrickRoido here! First of all I apologize to everyone for writing much in this blog, the reason is because I would like some of my ideas that can be used, if anyone reads this and wants to contact me just write in this blog. :)

MegaPhilX, Keviiiiiiinnn and others, thanks for making this blog !!

531. Patrick Roido - September 1, 2014

Hello Everybody here describe the Robot Master missing:

Jumper Man:
Robot made ​​to jump skyscrapers and save people who are there in case of an earthquake or fire, but after it was stolen by Dr. Wily. I add a propeller so you can stay in the air after a jump. Your Jump Bounce is not an offensive weapon, but is quick and fast, useful when you want to avoid problems.

Katana Man.
Mysterious robot attacks using his fencing skills. There is a rumor that he was a copy of another Robot Master, but was modified to himself. With his teammates are not very prominent, but when you say a mission always ends. He does not like being compared to anyone.

Boost Man (“Breeze Man)”
Robot made ​​of lightweight and flexible materials, drafts fail to run both on the ground and in the air. He likes challenges … a lot, does not like overconfident. In their team is the most fast and, according to his friends, the most powerful. Your only weapon is the Slow Ray, a ray that has slows the opponent.

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536. Sangus - March 8, 2015

There a bug with “Whirlpoolman Challenge”.
When i clear “Perfect” and “Omega” challenge, The game was out like push ESC button.
But savefile still working, Maybe you should know.
I just want to tell you.
(PS. I love this game so much, You the best.)

537. Andrew Castellucci - March 27, 2015

Hey man! I love Mega Man games, and I thought Mega Man Unlimited’s gameplay was easily some of the most concise and challenging I’d ever seen in a Mega Man game or in any game, actually. Due in part to the draught of Mega Man titles and the general misuse of the franchise itself, I’m making my own 8-bit shooter that shares similarities to the Mega Man series, largely in its core platforming/shooting gameplay and nonlinear nature. In order to make it, though, I’m gonna need help from as many people as possible (especially fellow Mega Man fans), so please help fund me on Kickstarter!


538. Sangus - April 29, 2015

I hear about 1.3.0 version, That was so Exciting.!!!
Maybe you add alternate robot master music too, I likes it.!!!!
(PS. Maybe you add protoman and bass to playable too, But it’s your choice.)

539. Tropical Buster - May 5, 2015

I just turn 31 last month, Megaman still rocks! jeje

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541. Jordan - June 6, 2015

Hey MegaPhilX, would you like to assist me with my MegaMan project? I`m calling it: MegaMan Autogenesis. Only if you want to.

542. Jordan - June 6, 2015

It`s perfectly alright if you don`t want to.

543. Lucashpm - August 22, 2015

This game…why is it so bad?

544. Andy P. Scott - September 6, 2015

Hey MegaPhil, will this ever be ported to Mac OS X? Thanks

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