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Mighty No. 9


1. Raymond Borrero - February 18, 2014

hi my name is Raymond and I am interest in to do a games like the one you have done mega man unlimited can you teach me or send me a tutorial really if I have the opportunity to do a fan made mega man x or mega man and if I have the tools I would do it I just need some with the tools and the experience to teach me I really want to keep mega man alive because Capcom apparently doesn’t take care about the fans of mega man any more or the character that’s what it looks like from the comments of reviews of what happened with the creator of mega man with Capcom

2. Raymond Borrero - February 18, 2014

Other things is that in mega man unlimited it would de nice to have mega man with the charge buster don’t do the same mistake that Capcom did with mega man 9 and 10

3. xman1331@gmail.com - April 5, 2014

Megaman unlimited is awesome! I love it! The soundtrack is great everything is great! I wish you could charge up though.

4. Alder613 - April 19, 2014

Great Job! Next, Do a Sonic or Ristar Game!

5. Mitchell - May 23, 2014


You and your team have done an AMAZING job with Mega Man Unlimited. I followed this site for a couple years and wondered if it would get to see the light of day. Now that it is out and Mega Man is not really anywhere on the horizon (at least we will get Might No. 9
soon), you have given the series the send-off it absolutely deserves.

What your game does well:
a. Your team understands how to construct a level in the Mega Man style where the difficulty is balanced. The game teaches you in real time how to deal with obstacles without tutorials and gradually ramps up the difficulty without being ridiculous about it.

b. The art and music are well done. I was ecstatic to see the soundtrack available for download. I will be humming this music for a long time. My favorite part is that it has the feeling of a Mega Man game without actually using any pieces of music from the series. If I did not know it was an independent game, your team could have fooled me.

c. The story: Mega Man 9 and 10 have rather throwaway stories that make the series seem episodic without any general direction. Your team’s story does something else. Without giving anything away, I appreciate the continuity.

d. The saving and shop mechanics are easy to use and very forgiving. Ask anybody who has played a Mega Man game and had to start over the final levels because they had to leave. Thank you for this!

Other Thoughts:
This game appears to be intended for gamers who grew up with or currently play Mega Man (such as myself!). I fear that I do not see gamers who have never played the series entering from here. That being said, I do notice there is an easy mode, which I did not touch, so this may be addressed. However, there is always a risk associated with using retro styles that may alienate outsiders. I guess the same can be said for games of other genres without tutorials.

This game is worth the time and the money for anybody who is a fan of the franchise or retro gaming in general. I donated $15, seeing that this is a free game that will eventually have additional modes in place (did I see an Endless Attack coming like in MM9/10?), and there is a free soundtrack available to download. I just completed my
first playthrough and am planning a second playthrough in my head as I write this review.

I spent approximately 6-8 hours (My game file notes 5 hours approximately, but there were some times when I did not get an opportunity to save or intentionally reset to try again) on my first playthrough. The elapsed time will increase with multiple playthroughs and modes.

Thank you Phil and Team!