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DmC: Devil May Cry Review


What is DmC: Devil May Cry?

DmC: Devil May Cry DmC Devil May Cry is a reboot of the Devil May Cry series. It is a 3D action hack & slash game in which you fight enemies with swords and guns.  The game is divided in missions that are rated according to your performance. You are rewarded for fighting with style. In DmC Devil May Cry, Dante is a Nephilim (Half Demon - Half Angel) joining The Order, a secret organisation fighting the demons who are hiding in Limbo, a parallel world. In DmC Devil May Cry's world, the demons controls every aspect of society without people knowing it. DmC Devil May Cry is a PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and PC game. DLC also came out for this game, allowing you to play a separate set of missions as Vergil (Dante's brother) and adding the Bloody Palace survival mode to the game. This game is rated M for mature. It contains a lot of violence and swearing.

Who made it?

DmC Devil May Cry was made by Ninja Theory with supervision and publishing by CAPCOM. CAPCOM also made Resident Evil, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Ghost and Goblins, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Breath of Fire, Strider, Bionic Commando, etc. CAPCOM is a good company for action games which require quick reflexes and often releases games with iconic characters. CAPCOM has been notorious recently for releasing multiple versions of the same games (Mostly Street Fighter) as well as getting you to buy a lot of DLC that is locked from the game you bought. Be careful about that. CAPCOM has also been recently known for changing a few established franchises in a controversial way and for cancelling all new Mega Man games it had in production. Ninja Theory has made Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Usually, their games are focused on story and graphics.

What is great about it?

What is not so good about it?

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