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About Me

Welcome to my website! Here you will be able to look at my pictures, listen to the music I made, watch my videos and (eventually) play a game I'm making.

I'm a gamer who also works in the videogame industry as a game designer. I'm also an artist. I love to draw, I like to make 8-bit NES music and I also love film-making and editing videos.

I have a lot of crazy ideas and I love making people laugh or go "Wow!" with the stuff I make. I particularly love clever humor and flashy over-the-top stuff. You'll see why in my videogames and movies tastes.

You can follow my work here but I also have a Youtube Channel and Deviant Art Gallery.

I'll be posting all kinds of stuff here. Pictures, Music, Videos, Rants, Videogame Reviews, etc...

I hope you enjoy my stuff and will remember what you saw. Oh and don't be afraid of commenting or saying your opinion! ^_^

"All I want is to be remembered by other people. By history. Unlike an intron of history, I will be remembered as an exon!" - mans health Solidus Snake

My favorite videogame series are:

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