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Videos – TOP 30 Classic MegaMan Stage Music (Including MegaMan 9)

Here is my Top Best Classic MegaMan Stage Music list. This was released soon after MegaMan 9. Rule #1: Only Stage music. Including Wily stages. Rule #2: At least 1 song from each game. (From MM1 to MM9, including MM&B) Rule #3: This is my opinion. Post comments and feel free to make your own list. ^_^ It was very tough to choose only a limited number of songs. Especially from MM9 since pretty much everything is awesome in this hair loss game. But hey, enjoy the video and don't take it too seriously. It's just for fun. ^_^ I don't own MegaMan or any of the characters/music in the series. They belong to CAPCOM. This is all footage of me playing the games. Nothing was stolen. If you like the picture of MM shown in the intro, check out my deviantart! ^_^ megaphilx.deviantart.com

Part 1/4 (#30 to #23):

Part 2/4 (#22 to #14):

Part 3/4 (#13 to #4):

Part 4/4 (#3 to #1):