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Videos – TOP 35 MegaMan X Stage Music

As you may know, my favorite MegaMan series is the X one. So, following my Top 30 Classic MegaMan Stage Music list, here is the MegaMan X list. Rule #1: Only Stage music. Including intro & final stages. Rule #2: At least 1 song from each game. (From MMX1 to MMX8) Rule #3: This is my opinion. Post comments and feel free to make your own list. ^_^ Since the X series has my favorite music, it was insanely hard to choose a limited number of songs. Keep in mind I had to eliminate some of them to make the list. It took a while to really set up the list. Anyway, enjoy the video and don't take it too seriously. It's just for fun. ^_^ I don't own MegaMan X or any of the characters/music in the series. They belong to CAPCOM. This is all footage of me playing the games. Nothing was stolen. If you like the picture of X shown in the intro, check out my deviantart! ^_^ megaphilx.deviantart.com

Part 1 (#35 to #29):

Part 2 (#28 to #22):

Part 3 (#21 to #16):

Part 4 (#15 to #6):

Part 5 (#5 to #1):