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Videos – Tips & Tricks

Devil May Cry 4 - How to Defeat Dante (Dante-Must-Die difficulty) Risk-Free

This video is not meant to be stylish. It is just to provide a good strategy to beat Dante without taking risks. Note that the Story Mode DMD Dante has the same AI but much more health. But this strategy still works great even if he has more health. I'm not the best DMC player out there but I finished all modes with "S" and got all the achievements. This is the footage from the first time I beat the Bloody Palace. So keep in mind I was quite nervous, even if I tested the strategy before. Enjoy ^_^ Thanks to H_Scorpio and the DMC4 guys from the GameFAQs message boards for some tips and strategy. And thanks to Mikadok and his Bloody Palace FAQ.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - How to Defeat Screaming Mantis (The Boss Extreme difficulty)

SPOILERS - As some of you might know, Screaming Mantis can be a pain on The Boss Extreme difficulty. So here are a few tips to help make your life easier when fighting her. This is especially useful for a Big Boss Emblem playthrough and a life saver if you are out of Tranquilizer bullets. ^_^ You can get the Solar Gun by collecting all 5 figures (Frog, Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, Screaming Mantis) through out the game by tranquilizing all frogs in the Advent Palace and all the Beasts. Collect the figures in the area where you fight the Beauties before defeating them. Have fun! Oh and MGS4 rules! Enjoy! ^_^

Adobe PhotoShop - How to Recolor an Entire Sprite Sheet in seconds

Actually GETTING PhotoShop is more work than doing this. ; ) I don't own Ronic the Hedgehog. It belongs to DarknesstheCurse. I don't own the "Sonic the Hedghog" series. It belongs to SEGA.