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Videos – Stuff with Hands

"Hands" videos, as some of my fans call them are basically me using my hands to  mimic stuff that happens in a game or movie. So, a person would be represented by just my hand walking on its index and middle finger. or an explosion would just be my whole hand unfolding very quickly for example. Remember that those videos require you to have a lot of imagination and they are mostly just for fun so you should NEVER take them seriously.  ( :

Metal Gear Solid 2 Introduction with Hands

The first "hands" video. I remember my roommate and best friend was laughing his ass off when I shown him this. he called me crazy many times. lol

MegaMan 2 with Hands

Ok, I don't have a blue screen. I just wanted to try this and see what it would look like. It's stupid I know. But it's funny! ^_^

Final Fantasy VIII with Hands

Well, it's just like the title says ( : lol Consider it a little tribute to my favorite Final Fantasy game. It took a while to put together because I didn't have the sound effects. : P Yeah, I know this is pretty crazy... Or is "crazy" the right word for this? i don't know ( :

Duck Hunt with Hands

Just what the title says ( :  Enjoy!