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MegaMan 4 - How to KILL Dr. Wily, literally

MegaMan gets his revenge at last and KILLS Dr Wily. But his teleportation unit seems to stop functioning... It's a bug in MM4 that gets you stuck. You kill Dr Wily when in fact you shouldn't; and the next level doesn't start. So you're stuck there... Pretty huge glitch if you ask me, since it's just before the last level and you have to reboot the system. ( : TIME PARADOX!!!

Devil May Cry 4 - Nero Mr Trouble Maker Music Video

SPOILERS - As much as I like Dante, I think Nero is great new addition to his already awesome series. I love this song from Janne Da Arc and I couldn't stop visualizing a music video xanax with Nero and this song so, here it is! ^_^ DMC4 rules!

My Little Tribute to James Rolfe's AVGN - MegaMan Style

I've been thinking about making this for a while. Here it is... ( : Hope you enjoy! ^_^ I love the AVGN videos and Kyle's song. I've got immense respect for James talent. I even have the AVGN DVDs. ^_^Original AVGN song composed by Kyle Justin. Music made in Famitracker. Animation made with Flash.  

Dancing Dude VS Kid - Instant K.O.

We've got two supreme fighters lined up! This is going to be one hell of a show!  

Driver VS Gate - Instant K.O.

This is the first of the VS series. I use the Street Fighter Winning Sequences to recreate epic battle between good and evil, life and death... ( :