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Links are displayed to the right of this page but just in case, here are the essential for all you need to know and where we hang out if you want to ask us questions:

The MegaMan Unlimited Facebook Page

My Youtube Channel

My Deviantart gallery

My Capcom Unity Blog

Kevvviiinnn's awesome music on Youtube

ThunderThouin's awesome music on Youtube

What are the requirements to play the game? At least 500 Mb of free RAM and a decent processor. If you don't already play lots of games, you might have to download and install this redistributable package. On what platform will this game be released? PC. For now, we are not planning on making other versions. Will this game be released on WiiWare, PSN or XBLA? No. I can't sell CAPCOM products because I'm not CAPCOM. I'd get sued if I sold the game. Will this game be playable on an emulator? No. Sorry, no save states for you!  ( : Will HammerMan be featured in the game? He will appear as a sub-boss in NailMan's stage. Will MegaMan be able to get a weapon from HammerMan? No. He's a sub-boss. How can I learn to use Famitracker? Use the help file which lists many useful things in the software. Go to the Famitracker forums: http://famitracker.shoodot.net/ Where can I download the MegaMan Unlimited songs? You can download Kevvviiinnn's songs by visiting his Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/kevvviiinnn You can also visit the Megaman Unlimited Soundtrack Page. I want to help with the project, can I contribute in any way? At this point, most of the graphics and music are done. I'm sorry but I can't accept your offer. Also, I want to keep the number of people creatively involved in the game low because I want to keep the game going in the same direction and not add too many different things from different people. Besides, it's really hard to manage many people when you can only chat or e-mail them  : P  What you can do to help however is support the project with comments, criticism, fan art, music remixes and answering questions asked by people who are new to the project. Because if I spend all my time answering everybody's questions, I won't have time to work on the project itself. Thank you for your support! ^_^ Will you change NitroMan's name because there is already a NitroMan in CAPCOM's MegaMan 10 game? Yes, his name has been changed to TrinitroMan. There are not enough updates on this website! What's going on? Updating takes time. Once things settle down, I'll post more stuff on the website. It will also have a better look and layout. Where can I look for more detailed updates? On the MMU Facebook page. I'll post bite-sized updates there whenever something is happening. Why don't you release videos of the status of the game? I want to keep the surprise for when the game is ready. If I always show everything, you guys won't have anything new to look forward to when the game is released. I already feel bad that almost all the music is already online.  : P Will I be able to use the MMU engine to develop my own game? Probably not. Right now, the game and engine are developed at the same time and the engine isn't developed with other games in mind. This saves us time and allows us to focus on the game itself. Which means it will be completed sooner.