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Stage Maps & Hints

Here are the maps of the stages in the game along with a couple of tips for each one. Warning: Spoilers ahead!  

NailMan Stage Map


TankMan Stage Map


JetMan Stage Map


GlueMan Stage Map


TrinitroMan Stage Map


RainbowMan Stage Map


Yo-yoMan Stage Map


CometWoman Stage Map


YokuMan Stage Map


WhirlpoolMan Stage Map


Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 1 Map


Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 2 Map


Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 3 Map


Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 4 Map


Occupied Wily Fortress Stage 5 Map


Ω Robot Masters Challenges Tips and Tactics

NailMan Ω - Remember that two falling nails won't fall in the same spot.

TankMan Ω - Sometimes, getting close to TankMan might not be such a bad idea...

JetMan Ω - When bombs are falling, use the ground patterns to remember where to position yourself to dodge. Or you can go to the side from which JetMan is coming from.

GlueMan Ω - Move as little as possible and only move when needed. Don't panic.

TrinitroMan Ω - Only shoot when he is standing to avoid shooting his vial by mistake.

RainbowMan Ω - Jump forward in anticipation of an attack after a Rainbow Laser Spread. Storm Attack sparks can easily be dodged by standing and jumping in a specific spot.

Yo-yoMan Ω - Keep moving to give yourself some room to dodge the yo-yo cutters.

CometWoman Ω - Try to always keep an eye on the Orbit Shots so that you are prepared when the time comes to dodge them. Try to slide under CometWoman's comet dash.

YokuMan Ω - When you are at the top row of blocks, jumping down while hugging the walls might be a better idea than trying to jump down on the blocks in the middle of the room...

WhirlpoolMan Ω - Focus on taking out the Diffusion Mines near the ground. The difficulty of the shots patterns thrown by the mines depends on the height at which WhirlpoolMan is when he sucks them in.



1. Litdude32 - July 12, 2013

IM the first!

2. ZeDragon - July 14, 2013

Shame that there’s nothing to comment about. YET.

3. ServantofCygnus - July 20, 2013

Rainbow’s is quite.. vertical. I figured the stage would arch up then arch down like a rainbow.

4. Litdude32 - August 5, 2013


5. NemZ - August 5, 2013

Yes, I’m wondering what the hold up on these is.

6. NemZ - August 5, 2013

…and when you post them, will you also make available a few drafts of each somewhere? Seeing the design refinement process at work would be quite interesting.

7. HertzDevil - August 10, 2013

How does it feel to have one room in Glue Man take up more space than the PNGs of all maps?

8. Splash - August 10, 2013

I like the fact that Yo-Yo Man’s stage moves up and down. Like a yo-yo.

9. BackspaceJohnson - August 13, 2013

Man, I’m tempted to go through these maps with a pen in hand and start marking things out. There were a lot of great ideas in these stages, but some screens and obstacles were just not needed at all. It’s even crazier when you can see everything in relation to the checkpoints.

10. MegaPhilX - August 16, 2013

@ BackspaceJohnson
Marking what?

11. BackspaceJohnson - August 17, 2013

Oh, various stuff Phil. Spike traps that I think weren’t really needed ((EX. that one spike on the ceiling right in front of Yo-Yo Man’s door))…gaps that could have been sliiightly more narrow ((EX. Glue Man Stage, the bottom level of the screen before the first Platypus, where you already have to deal with the sticky floor to space the jump))…and other little things.

Mind you I’ve beaten the game a couple of times now on normal difficulty, and I really enjoyed it. However, I can understand when some people say it’s almost too difficult for a Classic MM game. I feel with a few adjustments it could have been at the PERFECT difficulty level for a professional Capcom title, without really the need for an Easy Mode. I thought Yoku Man’s stage was fine btw.

Just my two cents, but obviously it’s been a pleasure playing either way.

12. Don - August 25, 2013

man…so many lazy people out there… no wonder video game companies have lost their passion… i anyone wants a perfect game… learn programming and do it yourselves! Awesome work Phill! Every savory detail was very enjoyable! as for the maps, great work! HUGE, but still cool!

13. dragonmaster - August 27, 2014

we need a whirlpool man stage map