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    Me [Tharathon] and my friend [Alberto Dolci] are gamers who have always loved classic 2D style games and a passion for “speed run” challenges. We wanted to create a game that exhibits these qualities and many more. You may notice some similarities to popular classic games such as Megaman, Sonic, and Turrican. We borrowed the mechanics and gameplay style from these and a few other games of that era to get what we present to you today, Metaloid: Origin. In Metaloid: Origin you play as 1 of the 5 Metaloid Resistance members who try to protect your world from the Lucias Corporation Empire, who has seized control to harvest all the resources from the planet. We primarily plan to release our game for mobile devices as of now, but we are also working towards a PC version as well.



    The demo version of our game currently features 2 playable characters, Erika and Zeta. Each character is armed with a different set of weapons and have their own unique special power. We also offer 2 levels to play that should allow about 15 minutes of gameplay. We do apologize for any bugs or glitches you may encounter and the lack of options available within the demo. Since the game was not originally designed for PC and we work under a static deadline, certain fixes and changes are still in the working. We will try to get a patch for the demo out later, but until then please enjoy the game.

    Download Game Demo Here.

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