Mega Man Unlimited 2 (Working Title)

Mega Man Unlimited 2 is a Mega Man fan-game made to replicate the style of the classic NES games of the same name. It is a sequel to Mega Man Unlimited. It is currently in development.
Mega Man Unlimited 2 is designed and developed by Philippe Poulin using the same engine developed by Jean-Simon Brochu and Gabriel Leblanc as the previous game. It features original music composed by Otokiwa.


  • 8 new original Robot Masters and weapons
  • The all-new Overdrive system adds a new layer of strategy to the classic Mega Man gameplay by allowing the player to store energy in a separate meter to increase Mega Man’s attack output for any weapons or avoid damage at critical times
  • All stages have multiple paths to explore
  • Collect 8 upgrades as you explore stages to improve Mega Man’s Overdrive abilities
  • Find 8 keys to unlock another 9th secret Robot Master


    Coming soon

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