Mega Man Unlimited

Download Mega Man Unlimited (V1.3.1)

IMPORTANT: If you use a XBox One controller, download the Options file below. Replace the options.xopts file in the root folder to have the XBox One controller already set up.

Download XBox One Controller Config

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Mega Man Unlimited is a Mega Man fan-game made to replicate the style of the Mega Man games from the NES era.
Designed by Philippe Poulin and developed by Jean-Simon Brochu and Gabriel Leblanc, the game features original boss and enemy designs as well as an original series made to deepen the classic Mega Man lore.
Mega Man Unlimited features music composed by Kevin Phetsomphou.



  • Multiple difficulty settings
    • Original
    • Easy
    • Insta-Death
  • 2 Playable Characters
    • Mega Man
    • Beat the game on Original Mode to unlock a secret playable character
  • Controller Support
  • 13 challenging stages
    • 8 original Robot Masters and unique weapons to obtain
  • 1 secret stage
    • Find all the YOKU letters to play a challenging stage and try to defeat YokuMan, the Master of Illusions
    • Obtain YokuMan's weapon after defeating him
  • 1 extra stage
    • Fight WhirlpoolMan, Master of the Tides; a Robot Master added to the game after release
    • Obtain WhirlpoolMan's weapon for use in the main game after defeating him
  • Endless Attack Mode
    • Play through stages randomly selected among 70 possible ones
    • Complete as many screens as possible without dying
  • Endless Boss Attack Mode
    • Fight random bosses one after another
    • Defeat as many bosses as possible without dying
  • Endurance Attack
    • Play through 70 stages in a preset order without dying
  • Special Challenges
    • Can you defeat all the Robot Masters without taking damage?
    • Can you defeat the Omega Robot Masters?