Mega Man 4 Opening [Remake]

This is an animation made to re-make the second part of the Mega Man 4 opening. Symfonikev made the music.

Shampoo Animation Making

A video showcasing how I made a particular Shampoo animation. This video features voice acting by Waka and thus very special to me. She can imitate Shampoo’s voice perfectly. It took 3 to 4 weeks in my spare time to make just the animation for the special intro.

Shampoo All Around

I wanted to make a reference sheet for drawing Shampoo and I went a little overboard drawing 16 images showing here from 16 angles.

Happy and Excited

Inspired by a scene from the first Ranma 1/2 movie. A chibi Shampoo just being super excited. ^_^ (Photoshop)
Featured in this Youtube video I made.

Shampoo Happy Surprise

Animation by me
Voiced by わか@固ツイ声真似 @waka_BANDhammer
Making-of on Youtube

Shampoo Animated Model Sheet

Shampoo 1/2 Eyecatch

I had this idea of a twist on the classic TV series season one eyecatch but with only Shampoo and Ranma. A random hot water pour turns Ranma back into a guy… and Shampoo back in to a girl…

Shampoo Jump & Flip

This is a remake of a scene from Shampoo’ second episode in the Ranma 1/2 TV series. A very cute and cool moment for Shampoo. She jumps high in the air and flip over to land in front of Ranma. I took the images from the original animation and remade them with better colors and resolution.

Ranma X Shampoo Love

I have always been a fan of the RanmaXShampoo pairing. This animation is a simple scene where Shampoo and Ranma confess their love to each other. Again featuring Waka as the voice of Shampoo and with Kappa as the voice of Ranma. Waka wrote the script and translation. Both did a phenomenal job. I was very lucky to get this opportunity, especially considering I didn’t even plan to have Ranma voiced, let alone have voice acting at all for this simply notebook sketch I made.

Shampoo Running

Made from a scene from the anime. It only had 6 images originally. I double the amount of images and improved the colors. (Photoshop)

Hiryu Shoten Ha!

A scene from a RanmaXShampoo fanfic I read that inspired me a lot. Shampoo unleashes the Hiryu Shoten Ha attack after going through a brutal fight leaving her wounded. (Photoshop)
I added a few new shots before the final attack in a Youtube video with Waka’s voice added too.

Wind in your Hair

A simple standing pose of which I decided to try and animate her hair flowing in the wind with the added twist of using a more realistic shading style. (Photoshop)

Shampoo Shower [Remaster]

This is a remaster of a shot from the Ranma 1/2 OVA1 shower scene. I re-drew everything & almost re-made the entire water animation.
Voiced by Waka.

Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide!

I really like these warning signs from Mega Man 8. They are so iconic and popular in the Mega Man community. And I like how they work. I can imagine that’s how road signs look like when you drive around in the Mega Man world. I simply felt like animating a high resolution version of them. It was surprisingly more difficult than I thought.

Look! 2

I remade my animated Shampoo avatar using my model sheet.

Sword Storm

Another scene from A Midsummer Night’s Beauty Part 2. Shampoo jumps in the air wielding a sword. A thunderstorm is coming. (Photoshop)

Dressed for the Night

This was supposed to be a static image but since it was my first time using Clip Studio Paint EX, I wanted to test its animation features.