If you are interested in commissioning artwork you can contact me through Twitter or Discord. Here are my rules and prices. Everything is in USD.

Emote, Small Avatar or Logo

A low resolution small image for Twitch emotes or for an avatar on Youtube for example.
I will send you many different sizes of the image you bought if you need them. For example with Twitch emotes, 112×112, 56×56 and 28×28 versions are needed.

  • Sketch: $20 USD
  • Line Art: $25 USD
  • Flat Colors: $30 USD
  • Full Color: $35 USD

Character Art

This means a high-resolution image of a single character in a full body or close to full body pose.
You will get high resolution .png and .jpg files of your image.

  • Sketch: $45 USD
  • Line Art: $60 USD
  • Flat Colors: $70 USD
  • Full Color: $80 USD

  • If you need to add a background or you want multiple characters in the same image, depending on the complexity, I might charge more. We will have to discuss.
  • If you want to have a separate “edit” of your image. For example if you want a nude version, I might charge more depending on the complexity.

Other Rules

  • Payment must be made at least 50% upfront ideally through paypal.
  • As soon as we start the process and I have sent you the first sketches, no full refund can be made.
  • Because I have a full-time job at the moment, I can’t work on a deadline. So I can’t promise you the work will be done quickly. It depends on how busy I am.
  • I might refuse to draw certain things. I draw nudity and sexy characters but I always want to keep things tasteful.
  • I expect you to have references and a clear idea of what you want. I can’t afford to always do changes to images.
  • I will usually show you at least 1 sketch to ask for your approval before I progress to line art and color. But we won’t go through more than 3 sketches.
  • If you only want a sketch, specify if you want a digital one or a scanned physical sketchbook page.